Sometimes it’s hard (nipples) to be a woman…

Posted by Maria on Aug 14, 2011 in Confessions, Life With Big Tits, The Life of an Editor
Minka's hard nipples are distracting.

Minka's hard nipples are distracting.

I want to talk about something that I feel needs to be talked about. I want to talk about hard nipples.

Yeah, I said it.

I am not talking about naked hard nipples because once you have them all out in the open, hard nipples lose their hard edge. They are not as eye-catching or very serious at all once they are naked and in your line of vision or, if you are lucky, your mouth.


What I want to talk about is what I like to refer to as the red flag of all things tit…hard nipples in a shirt. I am a woman and I have big boobs. Clearly, I have nipples. Clearly, they get hard. You would think that this would deter me in some way from staring when confronted by what Dave likes to call “Air-Conditioning Nipples.” It does not.

Nope, when I see a pair of headlights, I am struck stupid by their blinding lure. I stare. Nay, I gawk. I cannot help it. I know I am not alone. I know ALL of you stare, too. How can you not? It’s like two air-traffic control men are waving you in to the bone zone.

I started thinking to myself, “But just HOW distracting can hard nipples be? I mean, can ANYONE resist the lure when a pair of nips are staring you down?”

I decided to be scientific because let’s face it, experiments are fun and everyone secretly wants to be a scientist. I went to one of those gag stores in the mall. You know, the kind that sells everything under the sun that you will never, ever need but probably will buy. It was there that I found a pair of fake nipples. Yes…FAKE NIPPLES. They are rubber pasties with extra-big, extra-hard nipples that when worn over your real nipples and under your bra make your nipples look EXTRA hard. Like, mutant hard nipples.

Armed with these hard nipples, or rather, wearing them, and a very thin, very white tank top (a wife-beater, as they are known to be called), I headed over to the best possible place to conduct my experiment: the supermarket. I wanted to see just how much lure a set of hard nipples had, and I want to publicly state that the findings of my experiment were both epic and quite hilarious.

To say that my super-hard nipples caused quite a stir is an understatement. I didn’t even make it into my grocer’s door before the shenanigans began. Men pushing carts crashing into things. Then I went in and asked clerks questions like, “Do you know what aisle the sugar is in?” and “How can you tell if a melon is ripe?” I asked the butcher in the meat department what cut of meat was the best for grilling. I asked a stranger in the frozen foods section if he knew where the frozen peas were. I can say that NO ONE talked to me. They all talked to my breasts. The men I asked were extra helpful. The guy in the produce section offered to carry my melon for me. The meat department employee asked me about the weather, TWICE. (I think he wanted me to say it was cold.) The guy in the aisle wanted to know if I would like him to push my cart for me. (I think that was innuendo for, “Let me push my dick in you.”) LOL

Hard nipples...distracting, but delicious.

Hard nipples...distracting, but delicious.

And the women in the store? Well, they looked at me like I was the dingo that stole their baby. One woman actually hissed at me. I am not making this up. She HISSED. The cashier, a younger gal, probably in her mid-20s, was so flustered that she couldn’t formulate a sentence. It was like she wanted to tell me off and point out my hard nipples, as if they were offensive. And not one but TWO bag boys needed to help me carry out my three bags of groceries. When I tipped them, one of them asked me for my number. Clearly, he wanted my nips, not my tips.

By the time I got into my car, I had concluded one thing: Hard nipples are a pretty serious force of nature. Their lure is undeniable and, frankly, powerful. So, to all the men reading this blog, I say, it is not your fault that you stare at them. They are a formidable opponent to the eye. And to all the women, I say this…with great power comes great responsibility, so if you know your headlights are on, be careful who you are blinding. You might just cause an accident!



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Yeah, it was a magazine-only contest, but we’ll take any excuse to show pictures of Beshine

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 7, 2011 in Contest, New at Scoreland, New DVD Releases, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites

Germany’s Beshine has the biggest tits in all of Europe as far as I know, measuring over a whopping 59 inches or 150 centimeters at last count. That’s pretty much five feet around! Along with Beshine’s first appearance in May ’11 SCORE, she autographed one of the enormous bras she wears in her pictorial and interview for a magazine-only giveaway contest. This contest drew the most mail since we started the bra giveaways in March ’07′s issue with Denise Derringer. Beshine’s ultra-rare item is a one-of-a-kind collectors’ piece. It’s a 40K Tango 2 made by Panache. (Sounds like a nuclear missile.)

The winner was T.A. from Tennessee, and these shots of Beshine signing the bra he now owns show why you might want to grab a copy of the magazine once in a while (in addition to your SCORELAND membership, of course). Because you gotta be in it to win it! T.A., a SCORE reader since 1995, said he was “really stoked by the news. I entered the contest on a lark. Just a fan of women like Beshine. The more you could put girls like Beshine in the magazine, the better!” We’re stoked by Beshine.

To veteran readers and members like Mr. T.A., Beshine is a reminder of the big 1990s except she goes way beyond the extremes of breast expansion. Beshine is an Otis Sweat fantasy girl painting come to life.

Other SCORE guys say “This is the type of woman that made me a SCORE man in the 90′s and will keep me a SCORE man in the future.” “Please: Beshine and Minka scene and photo set!” “Amazing woman. Bold decision to go that big. Keep Beshine coming back!”

Beshine appears in The Tit-ans, her only DVD to date.

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The bra killers and their deadly weapons

Posted by Elliot James on May 12, 2011 in New DVD Releases, newcomers, swimsuits, Tit Tricks, Tits in Tight Tops
Now at eBoobStore

Now at eBoobStore

During Boob Cruise 2000 in April of that year, Casey James, Maxi Mounds and Minka were nicknamed The Tit-ans. People used to trail our ship in small boats to see these three on deck and on the beach. I never saw anything like it.

In 2001, SCORE brought this trio, plus Plenty UpTopp, SaRenna Lee and Kayla Kleevage, to Florida for a movie called Mega-Boob Olympics. The DVD became one of our biggest hits and continues to sell very well. I’ve seen the DVD in dozens of stores. There’s something about girls stacked like Otis Sweat models brought to life that exerts an hypnotic power on lots of breast-men. Super-sized tits may not be for every man but for a very sizable group, they are.

The Bra-killers and Their Deadly Weapons

The Bra-killers and Their Deadly Weapons

This week, the eBoobStore releases the DVD The Tit-ans, a solo compilation of 16 super-juggy SCORE babes spanning the past 10 years. There’s oiling, creaming,  tight tops, bras, swimsuits and costumes, wet T-shirts, toy fucking and sucking, JO encouragement and more by the greats, both longtime faves and newbies such as Angel Gee, Angelique, Melonie Charm, Kayla Kleevage, Casey, Maxi and the newest fantasy super-titter to bust out into the world, Germany’s Beshine in her only DVD to date.

Boobs beyond belief. The Tit-ans have ‘em. Check out the trailer at eBoobStore.

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Circle of Tits

Posted by Dave on May 11, 2011 in Boob Watch, Deep Inside Scoreland


25921_112The perfect symmetry of the original shot (above), taken in late 2001 during the filming of Mega-Boob Olympics, isn’t quite matched in the updated version (right), but creating a circle with six girls is a lot easier than creating one with four. But whenever I look at either of these shots, the same two things go through my mind:

1. I’d really like to be in the middle of that.

2. It must be nice to be a SCORE photographer.

What goes through your mind?

In the shot above, the girls are (starting at six o’clock and going clockwise): Plenty UpTopp, Casey James, Minka, Maxi Mounds, SaRenna Lee and Kayla Kleevage. This shot is a classic, perhaps the most-famous one we’ve ever taken.

In the shot on the right, taken during the filming of the DVD On Location Grand Bahama, the girls are (starting at the top right): Jenna Valentine, Karla James, Arianna Sinn and Taylor Steele.

Makes you kinda dizzy, doesn’t it?

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Winning! The girls of June ’11 SCORE magazine

Posted by Elliot James on May 9, 2011 in Contest, New at Scoreland

Just to recap, Eva Notty has won Model of the Year, followed by Minka (1st Runner-Up), Karina Hart (2nd Runner-Up), and Christy Marks (3rd Runner-Up). This weekend, the June ’11 SCORE pictorials of Minka and Christy were published on SCORELAND. More to follow this week. Congrats again to Eva. Miosotis won Newcomer of the Year, and now-retired Nicole Peters was voted into the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame.

K.S. notes that, “Eva Notty deserves her win for Model of the Year, and her pictorial in the awards issue proves she is the complete package. I voted for Minka, so Iwas glad to see she made first runner-up.”

Peter The Moon comments on Minka’s pictorial: “Minka, super mega-boobed wonderful girl, Love it!” while Dave comments: “Christy is as fabulous as ever. One incredible woman!”

Our pal V.L. from Brooklyn, New York writes, “I really like, love, admire and adore Miosotis’ nice, beautiful, big, huge, juicy, mouthwatering, gorgeous, luscious tits (boobs) and the rest of her nice, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, luscious, breathtaking body which is a work of art.”

No matter how you vote, online or by paper ballot from the magazine, don’t sit on the sidelines. Make your vote heard. The next contest will be here before we know it.

And happy birthday, Michelle Bond! Two covers in one year. Impressive!

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Winning! June ’11 SCORE is now on sale at your favorite newsstand

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 26, 2011 in Contest, Men's Products
June '11 SCORE. Get it and get it good.

June '11 SCORE. Get it and get it good.

The trucks have rolled across North America with their precious supplies of freshly printed SCORE magazines. The cargo jets have flown to the key cities of Europe and elsewhere, just in time for impatient tit-lovers. The June 2011 SCORE is here, now at your favorite store (or get it direct and fast without leaving your bunker of bazookas at eBoobStore).

June is the edition that traditionally announces the winners of the SCORE Award contests. The voting is a combination of paper ballots, emails, on-line polls, carrier pigeons, couriers and stripper-gram messengers. I didn’t envy the voters this year. Choosing must have been mind-freezing. Who to pick? Each contestant is the cream of wonderfulness in her own individual way. This year, a relative newcomer took the Model of the Year prize. Here are the complete results. Congratulations to the winners. But you know, every girl in SCORE is a winner on film and in life. There are no losers among SCORE Girls.

Model of the Year
Eva Notty Winner
Minka 1st Runner-up
Karina Hart 2nd Runner-up
Christy Marks 3rd Runner-up

Newcomer of the Year
Miosotis Winner
Kelly Christiansen 1st Runner-up
Karla James 2nd Runner-up
Kaytee Carter 3rd Runner-up

Big-Boob Hall of Fame
Nicole Peters

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Hairstylists and tits. Like pancakes and maple syrup.

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 29, 2010 in Interviews, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites
Blake James. A few more cup sizes and she'd be SCORE ready.

Blake James. A few more cup sizes and she'd be SCORE ready.

I usually don’t blog about MILFS from 40something magazine, even if they’ve got big tits. But in Blake James’ case, I’m going to make an exception and not because we’re related, at least by surname. This 40 year-old hairstylist busty hardbody from Arizona is blow-drier hot. I just saw her first videos and set at 40somethingmag.com and I’m more than impressed. They’re hardcore and besides the usual boom-boom action, there’s a pre-game interview conducted by Dave that once again raises the bar.

Between answering questions, Blake sucks on the cock of her booty call whose face I have thoughtfully obscured in this photo. And Ms. James is so smooth and natural at the blow job interview, it makes me sad that she cuts hair so far away from SCORE HQ. Why haven’t we done this before with SCORE Girls? Summer Sinn, Minka, Holly Halston, Eva Notty, Annina…they’d be great at this kind of interview. Something to think about for the future. Anyway, I recommend you check out Blake if you love sultry, well-built, middle-aged brunettes that have two ex-husbands, two kids and boff on camera. Female hairstylists and big jugs in your face just go together. Only now does television understand that with shows like Jerseylicious and Split Ends.

Ivy Dreams born Dec. 28.

Ivy Dreams born Dec. 28.

Our birthday shout-out this week goes to Ivy Dreams (Dec. 28), Erin Ireland aka Bunny Jo Tyler (Dec. 29), Lanea Love (Dec. 29), Melonie Max (Dec. 31) and Holly Halston (Dec. 31). Happy holiday birthdays, ladies.

Lanea Love

Lanea Love born Dec. 29.


Holly Halston

Holly Halston born Dec. 31.

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Make room for Beshine

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 26, 2010 in Interviews, New at Scoreland, newcomers
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SCORE is the magazine that I have always wanted to be in,” XXX-cup Beshine said when our studio peeps finally met her in Berlin, Germany. It took some time to arrange the meeting because girls from other countries can’t model in the United States like they used to.

“I saw SCORELAND on the Internet and said, ‘Oh, that’s very interesting,’ and I noticed that you had very classy and nice, busty women,” Beshine said. “I know Annina. She’s German. And Minka, too. When I saw them and decided I wanted big boobs, I wanted them to be big.” And BIG she got. Beshine debuts on SCORELAND today in her first video.

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The ultimate male fantasy

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 24, 2010 in New at Scoreland, newcomers

What’s the ultimate male fantasy? Surveys, polls, questionaires and more all point to the main event, the threesome fuck party of one man with two hot girls who attend to his every whim and desire. It’s No. 1 on the wish list of the average guy. And that kind of threesome is in store for you in SCORELAND tomorrow. Fresh from their Xmas party in “SCOREtv Holiday Edition,” Kelly Christiansen and Karen Fisher put their bad selves together and jump the bone of a SCORE reader in a XXX three-way boobapalooza. We don’t shoot girl-girl-guy threesomes in SCORELAND that often.  I can think of Kayla and Minka, Linsey and Veronika, Christy Marks and Cassandra Calogera sharing the bone. When Karen and Kelly met and hit it off in the studio, their chemistry made the decision. They really got into it! It must have been that mistletoe.

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And Sunday, Beshine’s first SCORE video introduces us to the pretty German blonde that no bra made by mankind can contain. She’s the talk of the super-sized breast world, especially in Europe. Great looking girls doing nice things to one man-pole and an eager newcomer with super-hooters. The holiday weekend is really shaping up. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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Announcing the finalists for the 2010 SCORE Awards. Don’t cry when you see the names of two of the Hall of Fame nominees.

Posted by Dave on Oct 21, 2010 in Boob Watch, Boobs in the News, newcomers
Is Nicole Peters' rack Hall of Fame worthy?

Is Nicole Peters' rack Hall of Fame worthy?

Crystal is a former Newcomer of the Year and Model of the Year. Is the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame in her future?

Crystal is a former Newcomer of the Year and Model of the Year. Is the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame in her future?

The January ’11 issue of SCORE isn’t officially scheduled to go on sale until November 2, but apparently, the issue has already found its way into several readers’ hands. That’s not surprising. Our subscriber fulfillment department mails out issues as soon as they get them, and many retailers don’t wait until the official on-sale date to put the latest mag on the racks (which is why you sometimes see more than one issue of SCORE or Voluptuous for sale at the same time).

Anyway, the reason I know the January ’11 issue is on-sale is that it’s our annual awards issue, and votes for 2010 Newcomer of the Year, 2010 Model of the Year and the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame are already starting to pour in. Voting will start in the members area of SCORELAND sometime in mid-November.

So, since the proverbial cat is already out of the proverbial bag, here are the finalists in each category.

Newcomer of the Year: Alexa, Angelina Castro, Arianna Sinn, Jenna Valentine, Karla James, Kaytee Carter, Kelly Christiansen, Miosotis, Shione Cooper and Taylor Steele.

Model of the Year: Angel Gee, Annina, Ashley Sage Ellison, Christy Marks, Daphne Rosen, Daylene Rio, Eva Notty, Indianna Jaymes, Janet Jade, Karina Hart, Maggie Green, Merilyn Sakova, Minka, Morgan Leigh and Natalie Fiore.

Big-Boob Hall of Fame: Alyssa Alps, Autumn-Jade, Casey James, Cindy Cupps, Crystal Gunns, Dawn Stone, Diane Poppos, Inesse, Julia Miles and Nicole Peters.

FYI, a model must have appeared in SCORE during the 2010 publishing year to be eligible for the Newcomer and Model awards. A model must have retired to be eligible for the Big-Boob Hall of Fame. So, yes, that’s the bad news regarding Nicole Peters and Crystal Gunns.

One more FYI: Eagle-eyed boob men will realize that Angelina Castro debuted in 2009 and is somehow eligible for 2010 Newcomer of the Year. That’s because the difference between Angelina now (super-sized) and Angelina then is so drastic, by all intents and purposes, she’s a newcomer.

Got a problem with that?

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