New at SCORELAND: The Dolly Fox Report

That sauna's going to get a lot hotter.

It’s the Dolly Fox show at SCORELAND with a new scene plus a second bonus video.

Dolly’s also the covergirl for the new DVD SCORE Girls.

How could a sauna get any hotter than it already is?

Just have Dolly walk into it.

“I like the attention from men and woman and it’s also much fun to do,” Dolly told me. “They always say that you have the best job when it doesn’t feel like working, and that’s what I found in modeling. With the start of my professional modeling, I photograph myself at home, too, just to be naughty.”

Writes Peter, “I would love to see her and Sandra Star in a shoot. It would be like Daphne Rosen and Morgan Leigh all over again.”

And Seth says, “This model kills it. Many have said it very well: She kills clothes, she is arrestingly hot with poses and camera confidence and charisma that is a total turn on…so hot and I am way hopeful she has many amazing shoots with TSG.”


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Dolly Fox is “Foxy & Stacked” at SCORELAND today

Dolly would love to meet many SCORE Girls in person. Now she is a SCORE Girl.

“I’m a longtime fan myself of the SCORE Girls,” says Dolly Fox, a pretty newcomer with a super rack, in her second appearance.

“I like all big-bust models. Minka, Amy Anderssen, Kayla Kleevage and Lisa Lipps are just a few of the girls I have been inspired by and admire. I would love to meet many of them.”

We’re sure you will, Dolly.

Jean Marc from France wrote, “I think we are witnessing a renaissance of the slim-and-stacked models from the ’90s, and you are a great leader! Dolly, I was waiting for you to make it to SCORELAND for a long time.”

I also love Dolly’s accented English. I’m one of those voice-loving guys who enjoys listening to SCORE and V-mag Girls speaking in any kind of video, from interviews to boy-girl scenes. They could recite a grocery list and I’d listen. I tend to have a tough time falling asleep, so if any of these girls made those go-to-sleep recordings that are popular today, I’d play them.

SCORE: What superpower would you like to have for one day?

Dolly: It would be a lot of fun to be invisible.

SCORE: If you could choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be?

Dolly: SCORE. I want a SCORE tank top or T-shirt.

More inside…


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SCORELAND double feature! Cat Bangles and her big coconuts in the Miami sun

Bikini Cat

A purr-fect Cat Bangles double-feature showcasing Cat’s all-natural bouncing 36 triple-D tits and talented twerking butt is on the menu at SCORELAND this weekend.

In the video and photo shoot “Bikini Cat,” Cat is looking sexy and voluptuously vixenish in a bikini at poolside. She’s the kind of girl you want scratching your back.

“I have a nice little rump,” Cat said. She even twerks in the video as well as bounces and jiggles. “I’ve got plenty of ass. I like to smack it.”

In the bonus video and photo shoot, “Cat’s Coconuts,” Cat plays tourist and heads to the Coconut Grove section of Miami for some sightseeing and lunch.

This town was made for Cat, but she’s a Bostonian so her visits to SCORELAND will have to do.

Adding some Boston spice to Miami.

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Winners of SCORE’s signed bra contests: Who are they? What do they do with their trophies? We hear from several of them.

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 27, 2013 in Behind the Scenes, bras, Contest, Deep Inside Scoreland, Letters and comments


SCORE magazine kicked off its bra giveaways in the March ’07 issue. The first bra signed by a SCORE Girl to wind up with a reader belonged to Denise Derringer. Since then, numerous autographed bras have wound up in the hands of a winner chosen at random from mailed-in entries.

While every contest gets a sizable number of entries, the most entries mailed in since the contests started were for bras signed by mega-busters Minka and Beshine.

Not every entrant who wins tells us about his background with SCORE or his plans for this unique trophy but some have. Here’s a sampling.

J.H. won Venera’s red bra. “I subscribe to four of your publications. My favorite models are Karen Fisher, London Andrews, Nicole Peters, Valory Irene, LDM, Cassandra Calogera, Nadine Jansen, Venera and Leanne Crow. I love big tits. Your team does an excellent job with your magazines. The decision to end the pull-out section was great. It was always in the way of the centerfold. I never had the desire to pull it out anyway except to view the centerfold in full. I do like it that your mag isn’t political or shock-raunchy like a few of the others. Now, I can’t tell you how proud I am to be the owner of Venera’s red bra. It’s so damn hot! The thought that the cups really did cradle her awesome naturals is so damn sweet!”

“Believe it or not, when I first received her debut cover issue (December ‘11), I was so impressed with her I went to the newsstand and bought two more copies so I could look at more of her pictures all at once. She’s so damn fine! I left one in the wrapper to preserve it for posterity or maybe her signature one day. If she ever does a scene for Tits and Tugs, I’d love to be the lucky guy laying there. I’d even stop jerking off to your fine publication long enough to give her awesome milkers the creaming they deserve. (I could have done better than the guy you had for Valory!) The thought of her saddled up to me with those big floppies in my face is even better! Thanks for the unique and authentic memorabilia. I plan on sleeping with it draped over my face all damn night!”

Mr. H. won Miosotis’ bra. “I am a SCORE subscriber in addition to Voluptuous, XL Girls and BootyLicious magazines,” “I have been subscribing to SCORE for seven years. My favorite SCORE Girls are Miosotis, of course, Chica, Angel Gee, Daylene Rio, Paola Rios and Karina Hart, just a few. Asking me for the square root of something might be easier than asking me to name my favorites. I watch SCORE videos and they are always amazing. Thanks so much for allowing me to have this momentous treasure.”

Mr. W.F. won Shione Cooper’s bra. “My wife bought me the magazine at Royal Farms. I’ll have to thank my wife for buying me the magazine. She knows I like big breasts. My wife is 120 pounds with 36Ds that keep me happy! I have told her to send in some pics of herself but she just laughs. I will get her to try the bra on, just to see how big Shione is and then frame it! Also I want to thank you and your company for the chance to win the bra and featuring beautiful women every month.”

E.R. won Maserati’s bra. “I purchase SCORE every month, mainly digital these days, from the eBoobStore.com And I’ve been watching SCORE DVDs since you started making them.”

Mr. R.O.  won Gianna’s bra. “I am proud to be chosen the winner of the Gianna Bra contest. Many thanks also for the authenticity certification. Gianna, I feel truly privileged to be the custodian of one of your more intimate articles of clothing.”

E.R. won Catt Green’s bra. “I am so glad I finally won! I have been entering numerous contests in the previous months and am glad to have won this one in particular! I buy SCORE from a store here in San Antonio called MEGAPLEX. My favorite models are Dors Feline, Lorna Morgan, and Karina Hart, plus many more. I buy SCORE DVDS over renting them, because I see no other way. It seems every magazine brings out another beauty. I will cherish this very article and frame it in my gaming room!”

Upcoming bra contests: Angela White (December ’13 SCORE) and Daylene Rio (January ’14 SCORE). You’ve got to be in it to win it.

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Birthday babes this week

Posted by Elliot James on Apr 30, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, birthdays


Of the nine girls celebrating their birthdays this week, five are British, three are Americans and one is Czech.

You know what this means, yet again.

Great Britain is winning the international boobs race.

Let’s go, Americans.

Email SCOREModelswanted.com today and catch up!

Happy birthday, SCORE Girls.

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Your ship has come in. Boobs Ahoy!

A small amount of Boob Cruise 2K issues were just discovered.

The warehouse men were organizing some shelves when one of them found a dusty box tucked away in a forgotten corner high up on a shelf out of sight.

He opened it to find pristine, mint-condition copies of the long-sold out Holiday 2000 SCORE.

This was the Boob Cruise 2000 issue, the chronicle of the fifth and final SCORE sailing, this time on the Windjammer ship, The Legacy, in April, 2000. The ship sailed out of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands and on to such islands as St. Croix, Jost Van Dyke and Sandy Cay.

What a group of passengers!  Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Jessica Turner, Lorna Morgan, Maxi Mounds, Donita, Ariana, Adina, Jessica Justice, Windy Leigh, Melody Foxxe, Tanya Danielle, Dawn Stone, Casey James, Brittany Love and Minka all on one very cool sailing ship. Joining them was Alyssa Alps. Alyssa wrote the ship’s log for the magazine that year.

I was on that ship. My associate E. and I had the job of recording the daily activities on-board and on the islands we visited. He and I didn’t sleep much that week. But sleep could wait until our return to the States. Every day, we would photograph what the girls were up to, day and night, and write the logs, then beam it at night to the SCORE building in Miami.

We had a portable satellite dish that we’d set up on various parts of the ship depending on the time and weather conditions. It was an experiment in the unknown. We didn’t know if it would work, but it did. Every day, SCORELAND members would log in and see the latest pictures and read about what was going on that day. We couldn’t transmit video from the ship, but back then, posted videos on the Net were one-minute clips. Anyone reading this remember the early days of the Web?

That week is still archived at SCORELAND in the “Galleries” section.

Anyway, that 164-page Holiday 2000 SCORE was the most highly anticipated edition of 2000, and when it hit the stores, it had the biggest “sell-through” ever of any SCORE mag. It has full layouts of all of the girls, lots of candid pictures of all of the activities on deck and on the islands and, of course, there’s Alyssa’s daily log of life in the Caribbean with an army of naked SCORE Girls. Double-A was the longtime “On The Road” columnist at SCORE, and she was the perfect scribe for this job.

If you never owned this issue, get one now while we have them. I thought all the copies were long gone, cleaned-out.

I have a copy at home wrapped in plastic and untouched since 2000.

I’ve seen this issue selling at used-magazine websites for 22 bucks.

We’re selling it for $10 postpaid, an unbeatable price.

About to leave for the airport to St. Thomas, USVI.

The wild scene at Miami International Airport.

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Tiny, little, busty fuck toys and why they’re special

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 18, 2012 in DVD, newcomers, Other SCORE Group websites, The Life of an Editor, Tits in Tight Tops

Danielle Derek: superlightweight body, heavy tits.

This is actually’s Dave posting. I’m uploading it for him because his computer blew a fuse while he watched a new, tiny MILF named Cassidy Exe get boned. Having seen Cassidy in the hallway (just walking, not getting boned),  I’m not surprised.-Elliot James

“I’m so tiny, men can pick me up and move me wherever they want,” said Danielle Derek, a busty little fuck bunny who can be seen fucking today in “Triple F Encounter” from the DVD Fun Bag Fuckers at SCOREVideos.com. “Guys are very rough with me because they’re able to toss me around in bed. They can maneuver me. I’m so tiny, they can pick me up and move me wherever they want, like against the wall. I wrap my legs around them, and they fuck me against the wall.”

The funny thing is, Danielle isn’t really tiny. She’s actually 5’5” tall, which is average height for a woman. But she weighs only 102 pounds, she has a 23-inch waist, her mouth is tiny, her pussy is tiny and her asshole is tiny, so she makes small cocks look big and big cocks look huge. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched one of Danielle’s anal scenes, like in Big-Tit Glory Hole and Tits-A-Poppin’ (my personal favorite) and thought, “How is she going to get that cock in that asshole?” But, sure enough, she does.

Just the other day, I was interviewing another short ‘n’ stacked girl, Cassidy Exe, for 50PlusMILFs.com. Cassidy is really tiny at 4’11”, 92 pounds, and when she takes a cock in her ass (which she does at 40SomethingMag.com and will do next week at 50PlusMILFs.com), those cocks look gigantic in her tight little hole.

“I once was having great sex with this guy, and I screamed, ‘Oh, your cock feels so big in my pussy!’” Cassidy told me. “When it was done, he said, ‘That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that.’”

Of course, not all tiny girls have small pussies (and not all big girls have big pussies). So what’s the real story behind why some of us like short ‘n’ stacked girls? Why are they special?

This is why plumbing is a good career. Meet Cassidy Exe.

I think it has to do with the “fuck toy” thing. These girls are like little love dolls that we can pick up and bounce up and down on our cocks. We can wrap our hands around their waists and maneuver them on our hard-ons, and it’s not difficult to stand up and turn a tiny girl upside-down so her legs are wrapped around your face and her pussy is in your mouth while she’s sucking your cock.

And, also, big tits look even bigger on a small frame.

Anyway, I’m probably going to spend some time tonight and tomorrow morning watching Danielle’s scene at SCOREVideos.com. Doing research, you know.


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Tittitude. Daylene & Sara & Stacy & Sabrina & Lanea are loaded with it.

Tittitude [tit-i-tood]

1. bearing, manner, disposition; with regard to taking great pride in having big tits

2012;  < The SCORE Group < English <Latin tittitudini

2. See boobitude

Tittitude. When a girl has tittitude, she should flaunt it. In our faces. And the babes at TSG this weekend have tittitude to spare.

Dave blogged yesterday with Daylene Rio and Sara Jay about their Juggy Adventure. It’s one you’ve gotta see as the girls take on a big woodie in a nasty threesome. Nasty as in good and nasty. The #1 male fantasy of two hot, big-boobed chicks and one guy. This could be the hottest XXX scene SCORELAND‘s ever shown. You tell us.

Sabrina Linn warms up in SCORELAND‘s New Discovery section and she’s a big-titted Texas MILF (a real MILF) to reckon with. In one week, Sabrina opens her butthole for the longhorn. So start your countdown. Now this is someone who has never modeled before.  “Wives scream at their husbands when they turn around to look at me,” Sabrina says in a voice that sounds like it’s coming out of the mouth of a shy girl-next-door. She actually called Dave “Sir.”

This weekend at SCORELAND, Lanea Love tries on different swimsuits–the kind that come with a bodyguard or two–and then it’s birthday suit time, leading to a dripping oil immersion. Lanea’s so hot, you could cook a burger on her spankable ass. I got that from a list of cheesy pick-up lines, so don’t use it.

It’s been a few years since Stacy Adams visited The SCORE Group. This weekend at SCOREVideos.com, Stacy is back and she’s bustier than before. More voluptuously endowed and just as horny as Stacy was when she was pole dancing at BigTitHooker.com and BigBoobsPOV.com. Her blow job technique is terrific with lots of spit and her fuck scene is scorching.  She’s creamed inside her pussy too, oh yeah. Welcome back, Stacy.

Tittitude. They have it. I like it. If you know someone who has it, tell her about BeASCOREModel.com. Your Boob Brothers will thank you.

Look out. They're on the loose!

Look out. They're on the loose!

Sabrina in SCORELAND's New Discovery.

Sabrina in SCORELAND's New Discovery.

He creams inside Stacy Adams at SCOREVideos.com.

He creams inside Stacy Adams at SCOREVideos.com.

Bikini goddess Lanea's having a ball.

Bikini goddess Lanea's having a ball.

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Birthday bliss, plus big-boob debates that never get old

Posted by Elliot James on Dec 8, 2011 in birthdays, Letters and comments

Big birthday shout-outs to Toppsy Curvey (Dec. 9), Kerry Marie (Dec. 9), TracI Topps (Dec. 10),  Casey Cleavage (Dec. 12), Angelina Vallem (Dec 12), Kitty Lynxxx (Dec. 12), Becky Sunshine (Dec. 12), Kellei G. (Dec. 12), Bella Blaze (Dec 13) and Carrie Ashton (Dec. 14). They proved that the earth was not flat.

I was reviewing several older “Scorecard” pages, and when I got to 2002, I found this group of letters that shows no matter the year, some topics have no expiration dates. I’m sure that in 10 years from today, the same issues will be brought up. Some subjects seem to be eternal, and I enjoy reading the different opinions about them.

“As far as I’m concerned, I would rather see all your models without clothing of any kind. Anything that covers up a model’s assets is boring and does not promote the model in any way. I don’t care if other readers think it is ‘sexy’ or not. As I have said, if readers are into models with clothing, they can check out Victoria Secrets or Fredericks of Hollywood or the Sears catalog if they are that hard up. Sears will provide all their needs in the bra and panties section. Please! As for Crystal Gunns seducing me in a tight top, no thanks! She came into this world without a stitch on, and that’s exactly how I want to see her! Why men want to see women back in clothing is beyond me, especially on an Internet site. I mean, it took how long to get them out of clothing? How long did we have to wait for hardcore, then I suppose somebody is going to suggest doing away with that? Let’s go forward, not backwards in our thinking!”-R.D.K.

“I would like to see models posing in more lingerie and sexy clothing like short skirts with hose and garters and cleavage revealing tops. I say that lingerie is incredibly sexy and allows more imagination. Please consider my proposal and keep up the good work!”-Van.

“I have to voice off on recent comments about SCORE models wearing clothing. I enjoyed Kristy’s pictures because of the dress. I like the idea of these busty models wearing tight-fitting clothing and slowly disrobing. Your strip sets are the best! It’s quite titillating to see a woman in provocative, sexy clothing before seeing pink.”-A.G.

“Take a look at photos 11-14 in the set of Ines Cudna [SCORE Studio Gallery 50]. What is missing? Look closely…she is not wearing any shoes! Can you look at that and honestly tell me the shots would’ve been better had you placed a pair of those ridiculous pumps you make the women wear? She looks so sexy and fuckable! The shoes would’ve distracted from the shot as they do in all of the sets in poses like that. Sure, the legs look better in the shoes when they are standing but not lying down or on all fours or on their stomach like Ines is doing. I subscribe to BustyKerryMarie as well, and she also has beautiful feet. Yet every single picture has her wearing some kind of slip-on shoe, even on her back in a bed or on a couch. They distract from the rest of her and need to go. I’m not a foot fetishist, but I love a nice pair of them. I’m suggesting use the shoes for the standing shots, but lose them when lying or doggy-style shots.  Bad enough you apply so much makeup to these women that many would be unrecognizable on the street, but a naked body with just shoes on? It is so unrealistic! Yes, I have had my women prance around a little in heels and nothing else, but when it’s time to hit the bed or couch or kitchen table or wherever, the shoes come off! There is the tendency lately in porn and mags to ‘glam up’ the models with a ton of makeup. Personally, a little more natural look is much more desirable.”–M.G.

“Just read a letter from a guy who’s anti-heels. He’s entitled to his opinion, but, personally, I look at it as an escape from reality and that often involves seeing these fantasy ladies decked out in heels, hose and all manner of trashy lingerie. I’ve always believed that such apparel serves to enhance and accentuate a model’s natural assets. High heels in particular cause a woman’s ass to jut out all the more and who doesn’t love the sight of tits straining against or busting out of tight, sexy tops? I have a particular thing for shoes so I hope you’ll continue to feature them heavily, not that I think you ever wouldn’t.”-K.S.

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The week in busty birthdays

Posted by Elliot James on Oct 18, 2011 in birthdays, Boob Watch
Jana born October 18.

Jana born October 18.

Emily Cartwright born October 20.

Emily Cartwright born October 20.

Busty Dusty born October 20.

Busty Dusty born October 20.

Lori Pleasure born October 21.

Lori Pleasure born October 21.

Summer Leigh born October 22.

Summer Leigh born October 22.

Lisa Lipps born October 22.

Lisa Lipps born October 22.

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