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Posted by Dave on Apr 6, 2014 in Boob Watch, Cummin Soon, Other SCORE Group websites

Sarah Rae, from a pictorial that will be posted on XLGirls.com April 15.

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A sexy bra-buster making a double debut

Saturday at SCORELAND is Alana Lace day.

Alana at XLGirls.com on Monday.

Alana Lace is a new voluptuous SCORELAND Girl appearing Saturday.  While the curvy brunette will be back at SCORELAND in the months ahead, XLGirls.com is getting one photo spread and video, too, so the members there can also enjoy her. That will be posted on Monday.

Of course, if you’re in the Loyalty Program, you get both sites and more.

“Most of the time I wear tight clothes that show a lot of breast when I go out,” says Alana, a 21-year-old Floridian with a girl-next-door and wifey vibe that’s been a hallmark of Voluptuous since 1994. “I’m used to the attention, so it’s normal for me now.” She’ll be making her V-mag debut in the September ’14 edition.

Alana has some interesting hobbies in addition to singing and dancing. “I like to masturbate with a vibrator while watching amateur teen and lesbian porn.” She has some wild sexual fantasies, too.

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Sarah Rae, Jennica Lynn and the art of self-sucking

The other day I was given a mailed-in letter from a fan of models who self-suck their own nipples. He wanted to know who some of the best self-suckers are. You can probably guess who I said were a few he must check out. I told him if he doesn’t know who Jennica Lynn and Sarah Rae are, he needs to know.

Many girls can’t physically do it even if they have really big boobs. Not only can Sarah Rae do it, she makes an art form out of nipple self-sucking. I asked her a few questions (because I love watching girls do this) and she kindly answered (because she is so nice). Thank you, Sarah Rae.

1) How often did you practice getting both nipples in your mouth?

“I tried almost every day for about a year.”

2) Did you use a mirror to practice?

“I didn’t really use a mirror. I practiced a lot on webcam. I get to see a preview of myself while I stream so I guess its kind of like a mirror. The first time I actually got it was on webcam. The person who I was chatting with was super awesome and took a screenshot of it for me.”

3) What is the right technique to get both nipples in your mouth and hold?

“Suck hard. I like to start sucking a little bit before the nipple. It helps me balance the weight.”

4) Have you timed how many seconds you can hold them?

“I can only hold both for a couple minutes. However I can hold one all day. While I’m cooking, taking a shower, tweeting, vacuuming, all day!”

A couple of years ago, we asked in a SCORELAND Poll, “When a model will only show her boobs, what kind of video would you want to see most?” 19% answered they’d like to see a  lot of nipple self-sucking.

Then there’s nipple-self sucking during sex, something I’d like to see more of.

And your thoughts?

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Today at XLGirls: Natalie Fiore and her bigger-than-big big boobs

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 24, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, breast growth, Confessions, Interviews, Life With Big Tits, XLGirls

It takes a few minutes for the male brain to calm down after seeing Natalie’s increasingly growing breasts.

Prepare to be blown away by the sheer weight, size and shape of Miss Fiore’s sweater missiles. Click here.

Natalie says that pregnancy is the biggest event of her life.

The reaction to Natalie’s announcement of her pregnancy and her desire to continue modeling while she’s pregnant set off a boobquake of interest about what’s going to happen next.

Nick comments: “Aside from being supremely sad that I am not the father, I look forward to many many preggo pictorials of Natalie. Congratulations, Sweetheart – now let my jacking begin!”

Natalie's boobs now top 52 inches.


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Angel DeLuca sticks her big boobs in your face in “Angel Face”

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 21, 2014 in Behind the Scenes, Interviews, Life With Big Tits, Other SCORE Group websites

Angel DeLuca is one of those girls with tremendous natural sex appeal. That hit me the first time I saw her. Angel could just stand around in a skimpy outfit and that would satisfy me. I swear it. But that wouldn’t be nearly enough for Angel, who’s got enough wild oats in her to supply a cereal factory.

The world is lucky Angel decided to bare all. Angel is a hottie and expresses her hotness to the highest degree. Hopefully she’ll model for a long, long time.

Last year, Angel graduated from masturbation to XXX at XLGirls.com. Today, she’s back in “Angel Face,” getting fucked by hard cock. It’s a very horny scene. Prepare for lots of hot tit-fucking and blow jobs. It’s tent pitching time!

“It’s actually only very recently that my nipples started getting hard,” Angel said in her new interview. “Before, they would never get hard. It has only been in the past year or two where if I touch them, they instantly get hard.”

It was actually another girl’s sucking and touching that did the trick. “My nipples are very sensitive now. The slightest touch makes them hard.”

Angel’s nipples have awakened, and her sex life will never be the same.

If Angel DeLuca doesn't turn you on, see your urologist.

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Trinety G.’s first tits & tugs now at XLGirls.com

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 20, 2014 in Other SCORE Group websites, Tit Tricks, Tits and Tugs, XLGirls

“I’m gonna bury your dick in my tits,” says Trinety.

And what tits she has to bury your shaft with.

Welcome to Trinety G.’s first Tits & Tugs at XLGirls.com.

It’s more than a Tits & Tugs. Much more.

It’s a Tits, Tugs and Tongue.

Trinety unleashs the tiger with her eye contact, fresh mouth and girl-next-door charms.

Get ready to lose it big time with Trinety G.

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Natalie Fiore approves this message

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And now for a very important announcement from Natalie Fiore.

See Natalie’s latest photo set and video at XLGirls.com.

More on the way!

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Can you guess where Sarah Rae’s JJ-cup tits are going next?

Sarah Rae prepares to accomplish a monumental feat.

Into her mouth, of course. First one, then the other, then both at the same time…hands-free.

When Sarah Rae first visited our studio, she could self-suck both of her giant boobs (they’re JJ-cups) but not hands-free. I challenged her to accomplish that feat. And last August, she accomplished it. But that was back home. In her house. She had the home-court advantage. She had never double self-sucked in our studio.

So, when she returned to our studio, I challenged her to do the hands-free double-suck on-camera. I manned the video camera. I watched. And she came through! I knew she would.

The video of this accomplishment goes live tomorrow at XLGirls.com. Proof that all Mondays aren’t bad. There are also photos.

Sarah Rae, I’m proud of you. I’ve never been so proud of someone I jack to.

Sarah Rae wants to comment also.

“I want to take the time out and thank everyone for liking me and my pictures. It really means a lot to me that you guys take the time out to jack off to me, leave me comments and rate my sets. I really do appreciate it. Getting naked at the SCORE studio is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and flashing you guys my titties has changed my life for the better. This has been such a positive experience for me! I am so stoked that this was my third time back and hope for many more, ‘titties crossed’!”

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Bouncing boobs: Dani Moore

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In this mini-video, bouncing Dani Moore  builds up a good rhythm inside the models’ playroom. She does jumping jacks. I wish I could add something profound to this, but I can’t. When a girl with DDD-cup tits jumps up and down, her boobs bounce a lot. That’s a fact of life.

Dani is a girl-next-door from Texas. I’m very fond of her. She’s very down-to-earth and maybe even a little shy. But, then again, she told me about the time she fucked her pussy piercer. He had just finishing doing the piercing and called her while she was driving home. They hooked up in a video booth at an adult store, and she sucked his cock and fucked him. That doesn’t sound like shy to me.

Dani also has the wettest, squishiest pussy I’ve ever heard. After I interviewed her for SCORELAND, she laid back and finger-fucked her pussy. I’ve never heard so much wetness, and I was sitting about 10-feet away. Wettest pussy ever? Possibly.

She also fucks two guys at XLGirls.com. Hottest scene ever by a Voluptuous newcomer? Maybe, although Elle Flynn would have something to say about that.


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Yes, it’s hard to believe, but Natalie Fiore’s tits have grown again!

Posted by Dave on Feb 23, 2014 in Boob Watch, breast growth, Cummin Soon, Other SCORE Group websites


The weekend is almost over, and for most people, that means a new work week starts tomorrow. Booooo!

But this is one of those Sundays when you might end up looking forward to Monday.

Because on Monday, new photos and video of Natalie Fiore go live at XLGirls.com. And Natalie’s big naturals have gotten bigger.

I didn’t think it was possible. I mean, every time we see her, Natalie is bustier. This has been the case every time we’ve photographed her from that first time in Nassau, the Bahamas in 2006. I figured at some point, this trend would have to stop. A girl can’t keep getting bustier forever, right?

Wrong. Natalie is bustier.

Okay, I’ve said enough. Seeing is believing. See Natalie Monday at XLGirls.com.

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