Anastasia heats up the sauna beyond the boiling point

March 11, 2016 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Anastasia Lux spends another day at her favorite spa.

This is the spa where she went to get a massage and wound up in a threesome. This is Anastasia’s fifth XXX scene at SCORELAND.

Today is sauna day for the busty, beautiful brunette. She changes from a body-clinging dress to a bikini (with very strong straps to support her big natural tits) and enters the sauna. Except there’s someone else inside. Oily banging follows!

“I love watching porn and I love playing with sex toys,” says Anastasia, who’s currently third on the Top Rated list of the Model Directory at SCORELAND, behind Samantha Lily and Alexya.  “My favorite positions are doggie style and being held against a wall. I like to take my time and make sex last, do it all night.”

“Coming home every day to a busty beauty like her would be any man’s fantasy,” R.D. wrote to Voluptuous magazine. “Who cares if she has dinner on the table?”

The kind of dress all big-titted girls should wear.

Anastasia does that bikini justice.

They heat up the sauna more than the hot rocks.

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Anastasia heats up the sauna beyond the boiling point, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  • seth

    the dress and bikini shot are outstandingly beautiful….especially the bikini…she is radiant and everything clicks photographically…her curves are tremendous and her hips really kick my butt…it is simply a gorgeous image that has me captivated.

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  • Rooster9

    Unbelievable. Possibly the best body in the history of women!

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  • Jack Purcell

    Anastasia is entirely TOO hot!
    Everything about her is top notch — her OUTSTANDING curves, her delightfully dubious ethnicity, her eyes, her complexion… just… wow.
    She is definitely one of the marquee attractions her at SCORE currently.
    If this is her 5th h/c scene, I hope she gets to #10 by the end of 2016!!!

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  • Obi1

    She is number 1 for me right now because unlike these other girls she fucks for real and loves it!
    *On a side note – where is Allie Pearson?! where the hell is Anna Beck?! please don’t tell me she already quit! you still haven’t made a great facial scene with her. where is Jennica Lynn?! i thought for sure 2016 will be the year will see her do professional hardcore porn on SCORE because she already produces hardcore material on her own.
    2016 is not looking good so far for hardcore XLGirls content. PLEASE listen to the fans, too much content recycling goin’ on right now.

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  • ca united kingdom

    Yes she does look incredible I that bikini

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  • Treku

    Anastasia is a dream come true. #1 adult model over the world.

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  • BoB

    What a woman!

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