Another trip down mammary lane: Remembering Laura Bailey and Sarah Mercury

November 19, 2016 by Dave 4 Comments

Laura Bailey

Sarah Mercury

Back in the early 2000’s, we had a couple of tried-and-true formulas for Voluptuous and XL Girls magazines.

If we wanted to turn an issue of Vmag into a guaranteed newsstand sellout, we put Sarah Mercury on the cover. Sarah was from Boston, Massachusetts, she only shot for us, she never shot hardcore and she was as sure a sure thing as there ever was for Vmag. Of course, we couldn’t put Sarah on the cover of every issue. That would’ve caused the formula to lose its effectiveness…at least we thought it would have. Maybe not.

For XL Girls, the go-to girl was the great British babe Laura Bailey. I’ll never forget the time Laura was planning to get married but called off the wedding when her groom-to-be asked her to lose weight. What a jerk. We told the story in the magazines, and never have we received more letters. Our readers were absolutely pillorying Laura’s ex-fiance. The line of guys ready to step up and marry Laura could’ve wound through all of England.

There are lots of photos and videos of Laura Bailey deep inside and SCORELAND. Sarah, who visited our studio twice in 2000, never shot video, but she has plenty of photos at SCORELAND and, too.

That guy made the biggest mistake of his life by not loving Laura for who she is. I hope he’s married to a skinny chick with no tits.

Isn’t there some famous guy who said a flat-chested girl can’t be a 10?

Okay, don’t get me started.


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  • Nick

    At the time I commented that there was some guy in England slowing wanking with tears running down his face saying “why did I say that? WHY?!?!” I’d have pity on him, but I’d lose my place in that line winding through England.

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  • Rooster9

    I love Sarah Mercury! Great face and body. Don’t forget Annie Swanson, Julia Miles or Chaz. Great work!

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  • seth

    I love the retrospective…each of these beautiful models had my attention back then…both were beautiful and deliciously curvy dreams….Sarah was particularly hot in a couple sweater shots (just to recollect a few) if I recall correctly…..I wish I had run into her in ‘the hub’ as it is/was called back in the day…

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  • cvn

    God, I do remember Sarah Mercury, and you’re not exaggerating when you say that her presence in the magazine in any given month was a major event. She had a body that would make your jaw drop, topped by the sweetest smile.

    And I also agree that a walk through the Scoreland archives can renkindle a lot of happy memories. It’s easy to fall into the habit of just checking what’s been newly posted, but there are so many wonderful photo sets of so many amazing models posted just below the surface that I’ll often build a directory off the “Our Models” tab and see what fantastic women from the past I might come across.

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