Boobs in slow-motion

May 17, 2018 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Last Saturday, SCORELAND posted a nine-minute Bonus video of returning bra-buster Natasha Sweet on a treadmill. (Bonus videos are extras besides the regular video and pictorial.) The treadmill video also included some slow-motion of Natasha’s amazing naturals bouncing up and down. It was great and I appreciated Natasha. She deserves some applause for doing it. Let me rephrase this: I appreciate whatever a girl does on SCORELAND, from mild to wild. On the downside, I was disappointed by the total lack of comments. If you missed it, here’s the trailer.


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  • Josh

    Hey Score, comments don’t mean much ! You’re doing a great job !!
    Some girls like her are so hot, guys like me watch over and over again their video or pictures, without even checking the comment section.
    Comments or not, You know what we (viewers) adore : huge boobs, pretty face, … ! So, she’s freaking amazing !!

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    • Elliot James

      Comments mean a lot and the models read them also.

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  • Danny

    Perhaps the reason for the lack of comments is that Natasha made most of us myself included utterly speechless.

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  • inoteca

    I totally loved it!!!!!
    If I had to comment for the sake of betterment, I would just say the beginning was great but then the slow-mo was too slow and too close up. But I ain’t being picky!
    Natasha is one of most unbelievably hot models you have ever shot and hope to see much more her epic bouncing juggs!!

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  • julian

    Natasha is awesome!

    I am glad she’s back.

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  • brian

    I prefer to post comments here on blog, matter of preference.

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