Brace yourself!

April 13, 2019 by Dave 3 Comments

Braces, youth and big tits…a winning combination.

Back home in Colombia, newcomer Kim Velez is a webcam model.

Today at SCORELAND, she’s where she belongs, making her third appearance.

I chose this photo of Kim for two reasons:

1. Areolae. Ooops. Are areolae one reason or two?

2. Braces.

Okay, there’s a third reason: the look on her face that says, “I’m so happy to be showing off my big tits for all the world to see.”

You can’t fake that look, no way, no how.

Braces…let’s discuss.

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  • Steve

    Kim’s areolae are impressive but have you seen Erin Star’s lately? They are Pancake Size! I hope you feature Erin’s recent developments real soon and make areolae an awards category all its own. Thank You.

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  • Harry

    An important question! B/G?

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  • Rooster 9

    Kim is super hot and the braces add to her hotness. I love Chloe Rose, hope she comes back for new photos and videos.

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