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Do get carried away: Rita Daniels is going to be air-tight this week

August 11, 2019 by Dave 5 Comments

Rita Daniels, one of the greatest mature models ever, turned 69 this past June. There’s something very appropriate about a woman who loves to 69 turning 69.

And this year, she’s celebrating another special anniversary: 10 years as a SCORE Group model.

“I probably would’ve just laughed,” Rita told me when I asked her how she would have reacted if somebody had told her back in 2009 that she’d still be a star in 2019. “I really didn’t know it was going to be such a fun adventure. I’ve had guys in airports come up to me and say, ‘Oh my god, you’re Rita Daniels.’ I’ve had a lot of firsts with the SCORE Group, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for 10 years of all these firsts.”

Wednesday and Thursday at, Rita will celebrate her 10th anniversary at TSG with another first: her first air-tight scene. In fact, the first air-tight scene we’ve ever shot: one in her mouth, one in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time.

Meanwhile at, we’ve already started the celebration with re-postings of some of Rita’s greatest scenes: first fuck, first interracial anal, first DP. members who want to see Rita’s air-tight scene will get a special membership rate to and

Rita has not only been a great model for us. She’s also been a great spokesperson, spreading the good word about TSG. She’s also been a great scout of mature models, including, most recently, Melissa Johnson at

She’s a woman worth celebrating. And one more thing: She has big tits.


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Bush. It’s what’s for dinner

July 27, 2019 by Dave 8 Comments

Codi ventures through the bush.

Okay, that headline was just ridiculous. It’s a play on the old “Beef: It’s what’s for dinner” TV ads from the early 1990s. If you’ve forgotten about them, I don’t blame you.

But bush is on the menu today at SCORELAND. Codi Vore’s bush. Codi hasn’t always had hair on her pussy. When she first started with us, she was completely shaved. The bush showed up in mid-2017. She shaved it for one scene, but it’s been growing out ever since. Big boobs and big bush is a combination we don’t see a lot of these days, and its rarity has compelled us to start working on our first big tits/hairy pussy movie (coming soon; I’ll let you know).

Bush is often one of those love it or leave it things. I prefer a woman to be completely shaved down there, but I’m not against the occasional hairy pussy, either. Actually, I don’t know why more busty babes don’t have big bushes; it’s gotta be hard for a busty girl to look down over tits and shave. Gya Roberts does it in one of my favorite SCORELAND scenes. And I really love when a girl gets her ass fucked while the guy is shaving her pussy. We’ve done that just a few times.

Anyway, Codi, her big naturals and her big tits, today at SCORELAND. Enjoy.

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Victoria Lobov: Prelude to anal

July 25, 2019 by Dave 5 Comments

Victoria is extremely fuckable.

Today at SCORELAND, busty wife Victoria Lobov shows off her sexy body and fucks her tight pussy with a dildo in brand-new photos and a video.

And next week at, as hinted to here last week, Victoria is going to get her tight, wifey ass fucked every which way by a hung porn stud for all the world to see. I’ve seen clips of the scene, and it’s super-hot. Victoria really enjoys herself.

“People think I’m 32,” said Victoria, who, astoundingly, is 47. “I take care of myself. I exercise. I watch what I eat. But I also don’t starve myself; we like our barbecue once in a while. I used to run five miles or more. I used to bike. I used to have a road bike. Nowadays I have to be careful. I can’t run because of the size of my breasts. I’m not allowed to run at all, so I just walk. Sometimes I ride my bike, and that’s it.”

Amazing. Some women are just gifted. Of course, Victoria gifted herself with a pair of big melons, but the rest of her body comes naturally.

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! The print version of the 25th anniversary issue of Voluptuous is now available at It includes 25 full-length bonus videos, from Chloe Vevrier hardcore and vintage video of Devon Daniels and Lisa Phillips to Codi Vore and Milly Marks going tit-to-tit.

But don’t delay. Our magazine manager ordered extra copies of this one, but it’s sure to sell out.

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What’s the Fourth of July got to do with it?

July 3, 2019 by Dave 8 Comments

Sofia Deluxe is the first girl from our most-recent week of photo shoots in Colombia. Another new Colombian babe is coming to SCORELAND Saturday.

Let’s see if my reasoning makes any sense:

• Christopher Columbus discovered America when he sailed the ocean blue in fourteen-hundred and ninety-two.

• Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, Independence Day in the United States.

• If not for Columbus, there might not be a United States as we know it. Therefore, no Fourth of July as we know it.

• Newcomer Sofia Deluxe is from the Caldas region of Colombia. She has huge, natural tits. That second sentence has nothing to do with Colombus.

• According to Lonely Planet, one of my favorite travel resources, “Colombia is named after Christopher Columbus, even though he never set foot on Colombian soil. It was Alonso de Ojeda, one of Columbus’ companions on his second voyage, who was the first European to set foot on the land in 1499. He briefly explored the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and was astonished by the wealth of the local Indians and the big tits of the local girls.”

I made up that last part.

Anyway, since Columbus discovered America and Colombia is named after Columbus, even though he never went to Colombia, and Sofia Deluxe is from Colombia, it seems symbolic that Sofia should make her debut at today, the day before the Fourth of July.

Got it?

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Big tits, no waiting: newcomer Lissa Hope’s first XXX scene!

June 7, 2019 by Dave 10 Comments

Lissa is ready. The guy is definitely ready.

Just this morning, I was writing in Voluptuous magazine about the upcoming new hardcore DVD Fuckin’ Naturals 3. What I wrote was, “With V-mag celebrating its 25th anniversary, we’re reminded of the old days, when it would often take years for a special girl to go all the way on-camera. More often than not, there was that long, slow tease that culminated in the big event. Sure, it was always worth waiting for, but the wait…it could be agonizing! Times have changed.”

Of course, they haven’t changed completely. We waited about a year and a half for Codi Vore’s first XXX and over seven years for Angela White’s. Some girls–I’m thinking Vanessa Y., Joana–have been with us for a long time and will probably never go all-the-way on-camera.

But the girls who have it on their minds, such as 19-year-old newcomer Lissa Hope, don’t wait long. Just two weeks ago, we were ogling Lissa’s big, fat naturals and hairy pussy for the first time, and today, they’re already getting fucked.

I asked Lissa, who grew up in a strict Mormon household, “How does a 19-year-old Mormon girl with big boobs find out she likes sex?”

And she said, “I had a boyfriend all through high school. I was breaking rules early. I wouldn’t allow myself to do anything else. I didn’t drink or do drugs, but I had sex with my boyfriends. But not on Sundays. Only on weekdays.”

I said to her, “You know what we call Sundays? Blow job Sundays.”

And she said, “That’s what he said, too!”

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“Hello. My name is Anna, and these are my tits!”

May 24, 2019 by Dave 14 Comments

Anna is coming to SCORELAND in more ways than one.

Continuing yet another great run of newcomers, Anna is just two weeks away from her SCORELAND debut.

Anna is only 20 years old and hails from Tacoma, Washington.

She lives in Los Angeles.

Her tits are DDD-cup naturals.

She enjoys art and music and is a talented singer.

She sucks cock and fucks.

She doesn’t mind if you watch her do it.

Coming June 8 to SCORELAND.

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Meet our next natural star

May 16, 2019 by Dave 33 Comments

Just the facts, jackers:

Name: Lissa Hope

Age: 19

Tits: 36G, all-natural

Pussy hair: Yes

Date of upcoming SCORELAND debut: May 25

Answer to your other question: Yes

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She’s a very special girl

May 5, 2019 by Dave 17 Comments

This is what a voluptuous body looks like.

This has been a very good year for Karina Hart, which might be surprising considering she hasn’t modeled in years.

She was the covergirl of SCORE Vol. 28 No. 1 with 10 pages of her greatest photos.

And when we were deciding on a covergirl for the 25th anniversary issue of Voluptuous (Vol. 26 No. 3), we knew we had to go with either a multi-girl collage or just Karina. After all, Karina is the epitome of a V-Girl with her big, natural tits, shapely body and award-winning ass.

We went with Karina.

I’d love to show you the cover. We’re really proud of it. But if I did at this early date (the issue doesn’t go on-sale until mid-July), I’d probably get bounced out of here on my ass.

Maybe soon.

Remastered photos and video of Karina go live every Sunday this month at SCORELAND. She’s certainly one of the greats.

Will 2020 be Karina’s Hall of Fame year?

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