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On tattooed tits

August 5, 2009 by Dave 4 Comments
Is Carmen Hayes a slut because she has a tattoo on her tit? No, she has a tattoo on her slit because she's a slut.

Is Carmen Hayes a slut because she has a tattoo on her tit? No, she has a tattoo on her tit because she's a slut.

Candy Connelly: Sexy tattooed babe of the ’90s.

Candy Connelly: Sexy tattooed babe of the ’90s.

So I’m at lunch yesterday, and on my way out, I notice this girl (probably 25 or so) sitting in a booth, talking to her friend. She’s built and wearing a scoop-necked top that shows a reasonable amount of natural cleavage. And, right there on her left breast, clear as day, is a tattoo.


If Goldie looks down, she can see her tattoo and a cock.

If Goldie looks down, she can see her tattoo and a cock.

Comment 1: Any chick who has a tattoo on her tit is screaming, “Please look at my tits!” She put it there to draw attention to her rack. Now, this babe, if asked, might feed you some bullshit about the tattoo having special meaning or liking its design, but the fact is she could’ve put it anywhere, and she put it on her tits. It’s a tittoo.

Jamaica's tattoo is making me crazy!

Jamaica''s tits and tat are making me crazy!

Comment 2: Going through the SCORELAND Model Directory, I didn’t find a lot of babes with tattoos on their tits. Why? Because if a girl puts a tattoo on her tits, she might as well walk around saying, “I am a slut.” And although that’s an admirable quality, most girls don’t have the courage to say it.

The trick, of course, is to find one that does. For fucking purposes only, of course.

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A former Boob Cruiser, our first guest blogger!

August 3, 2009 by Elliot James 4 Comments
DJ with Lorna Morgan & Brittany Love, Boob Cruise 2000.

DJ with Lorna Morgan & Brittany Love, Boob Cruise 2000.

DJ is a four-time Boob Cruiser, sailing with SCORE on the1995, 1997, 1998 and 2000 Cruises. He’s also a charter subscriber to SCORE magazine. DJ was in South Florida for the first time in nine years and visited the SCORE building. While we gave him the guided tour, we asked him if he’d like to guest blog, and he accepted. The floor is yours, DJ:

It’s been over ten years since I last visited SCORE Land (not the web site SCORELAND but the real, honest-to-God location in Miami). Since then, SCORE headquarters has moved from its modest offices just off the highway in Southwest Miami to a very impressive, spacious building on a tree-lined boulevard in the city of Doral. For folks not familiar with southern Florida, that’s code for an upscale, recently-developed mini-city near the airport. It was easy to find on my cab ride from the hotel.

A few folks are still around since my last visit: John Fox, SCORE’s publisher, editors Elliot James and Bruce Smith, photographer Peter Wall, art director Steve and Internet genius E. A couple of those folks remember the early days of SCORE as fondly as I do as a charter subscriber. Nowadays, when I pick up SCORE or Voluptuous at the newsstand, they come with a DVD. Back in the old pre-Internet days, the magazine came with a newsletter.

I first heard about Peter from one of those pack-in newsletters, when he did his first layout for SCORE magazine with SaRenna Lee. Peter and I became friends later on the 1995 Boob Cruise, when I was a brand new amateur photographer, and I enjoyed watching him at work and learning a few things from the master on that and later Cruises. Last time I came to South Florida, I visited Peter at his old studio in Fort Lauderdale, where he was a freelancer. Now he’s a SCORE Studio employee at the SCORE building with lots of sets and lights and a big make-up room next door. I couldn’t spend much time poking around in there because they’re busy shooting…as usual, I’m sure.

I met Elliot on the Cruise, too, and used to see him from time to time at the big events in Las Vegas. We’ve stayed in touch over the years. Elliot moved from Vegas to Miami a long time ago to stay closer to the heart of the SCORE operation. Bruce and I haven’t stayed in touch, but we remember each other from the many Cruises together. I remember Steve because he was the art director of a photo shoot from the 2000 Boob Cruise that I actually appeared in as a guest model with Ariana and Tanya Danielle.

There are a couple of girls here modeling on different projects. During my visit, I got to meet Persia Monir as she was on her way to a conference room. She’s a MILF but much more than that. She has an incredibly tight little ass and long gorgeous legs. She placed her hand over her tush as she walked away from me, but I got a decent look anyway.

Later I got to meet Renee Ross as she was getting ready for a photo shoot with Peter, and she blew me away. I’m an old-time SCORE man, and Renee is a Voluptuous model, but she would appeal to any SCORE fan. Renee let me hold her breasts for a bit while Elliot took some photos so I’d have a memento of my visit. Her boobs are big and heavy and feel very much like Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s (you’ll have to take my word for this, but I really do know; one of the advantages of being a multi-year Boob Cruiser). They tell me Renee has just appeared in the issue of Voluptuous that’s on the stands now (October ’09), but I can already predict that she’ll be back in many more. She’s gorgeous.

Before I leave today, I need to poke my head into John Fox’s office and plead: One more time, John. One more Boob Cruise, for old time’s sake!–DJ

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“She makes me feel kinda funny…” Part Two

August 1, 2009 by Maria 3 Comments


I just checked out the video below (which is a snippet of a GREAT XXX video we have on SCORELAND), and I was pretty much rendered speechless. Gianna Rossi. Chains. All sorts of tit swinging and bouncing. Dripping sweat. Nasty, hardcore pussy pounding. Wild screams. Dirty talk. This video is why the words Gianna Rossi have to be, like, Italian for, “Fucktastic Lay.” It’s so good, I watched it twice, and then I called over a few guys from the web department and we watched it again. We stood there in a horny and silent awe, sort of lost in the splendor of all of the intense banging that was going on.

Why is Gianna so fucking amazing?

I can sum it up in this one sentence, uttered by one of our webmasters, Alex, when the video was over.

“You don’t fuck Gianna Rossi. Gianna Rossi fucks YOU.”

All I can say is, “Yes, please. Thank you.”


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The Peaks of perfection!

July 26, 2009 by Maria 4 Comments
Peaks we'd love to climb!

Peaks we'd love to climb!

Sometimes I think back on my first day here at SCORE. That was five years ago. I started as an assistant in our cavernous photo archive, filing slides and images all day. Who would have thought that I’d end up scoring my dream gig as an editor and typing to all of you boob-lovers out there today, eh? Proof that big-tit dreams come true!

I came across one particular photo set on my first day, and I can recall falling in love right then and there. (This was the first time I uttered the words that would become my catchphrase: I LOVE MY JOB!) Who was this dream woman? Blonde and beautiful, she was the epitome of what I imagined a SCORE girl to be. She was everything I loved about a big-boobed gal: a stripper, tiny and all curves! Standing only five-feet tall, her 42-26-36 measurements were incredible!

Who was this goddess that rocked my socks? The legendary and stunning Tawny Peaks, of course. Tawny Peaks, my first SCORE Girl crush. (And let me just say that I’ve had many since then…) To me, Tawny is a perfect 10. Maybe even an 11.

Tawny Peaks: A perfect 10!

Tawny Peaks: A perfect 10!

Sure, she would go on to have lots of drama in her life, (She was involved in a lawsuit in which a man claimed he suffered from whiplash because she swung her breasts into his face while stripping at a club), but Tawny will always be my No. 1 girl. Every so often, I visit her many postings on SCORELAND and fantasize about what it would have been like to witness her hotness in person.

What can I say? If loving Tawny’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right!


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What is it about this photo? Part 2

July 25, 2009 by Elliot James 2 Comments
My colleague Dave posted one of his favorite shots of Chloe Vevrier earlier in the week, which got me thinking about one of my all-time favorite poses/photos: these pictures of the great Linsey Dawn McKenzie. This pose tells the whole story. Her tits are fully exposed. Her pussy is exposed. Mouth open, she’s self-absorbed in her own girl power. If Linsey had been looking at the camera with a smiley face, the shot wouldn’t be as compelling as it is. Her finger is “flicking the bean,” as she used to say in her videos.
Linsey Dawn McKenzie "flicking the bean."

Linsey Dawn McKenzie "flicking the bean."

Self-examination adds a voyeuristic touch.

Self-examination adds a voyeuristic touch.

I like both the horizontal and vertical versions of this photo. They’re similar yet different. I like the vertical because it shows her boobs better, but the horizontal gets points because it includes her legs and feet.

This pose does it all for me. How about you?

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What is it about this photo?

July 22, 2009 by Dave 2 Comments
SCORE Hall of Famer Chloe Vevrier.

SCORE Hall of Famer Chloe Vevrier.

No hanging tits.

No boobs in your face.

No nipple-sucking.

It’s not even really a tit shot!

But it’s been on SCORELAND for about 10 years, and it gets me off every time I look at it. Why?

You can jack it to first if you’d like. But analyze it afterwards and let me know what you think.

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