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The Tigerr, The Angel & The Stud in the ultimate guy fantasy

June 19, 2015 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Angel gets horny watching Tigerr dance.

The ultimate male sex fantasy?

One guy sexing two women.  Two women sexing one guy.

Almost every sex survey I’ve ever read puts male-female-female threesomes at the very top of the top ten of male fantasies.

In a survey we did at SCORELAND,  57% wanted to see threesomes with two girls and a guy while  25% wanted to see threesomes with one busty girl and two guys. Not surprising since two guys-one girl can become a sausage fest. Only 18% didn’t like watching threesomes at all. Three’s not company for them.

Today, big-boobed man-pleasers and all-around sex-vixens Angel Wicky and Tigerr Benson (ya know ’em, ya love ’em) team up to double-hump a dude on a strip club stage. Angel and Tigerr make the perfect tag-team to make this fantasy a hard reality. I really liked the contrast between Asian brunette Tigerr and ivory blonde Angel.

The show begins with Angel and her friend eye-banging Tigerr as she pole dances at a strip club. Angel takes audience participation to heart and wants to join Tigerr on stage and dance too. In a short time, they replace the steel pole with a man-pole, giving new meaning to the term “busty pole dancer.”

Tigerr and Angel make a girl sandwich.


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Joana’s big-tit pussy picnic

September 19, 2014 by Elliot James 3 Comments

It's a punani picnic in the park for Joana, Amorina and Roxanne.

Joana knows Amorina and Roxanne Diamond. They’re close. Real close.

The two novices wanted to model naked at SCORE and Joana made the introductions to the SCORE Studio. That’s what friends are for. Both have debuted at SCORELAND.

Now it’s picnic time at the park for the giggling and happy bicycling babes and their ultimate role model and teacher: the great Joana, goddess of big boobs. She’ll make sure her bosom buds reach bliss.

They set up a blanket, but box lunch is not on the menu. The three girls are on the menu.

See it at SCORELAND.

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Two Busty Girls: Sheridan Love & Holly Brooks

July 21, 2014 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Enhancing their visual pleasures.

The timing was perfect.

Sheridan Love was visiting SCORE.

Holly Brooks was visiting SCORE.

They were eager to get it on after meeting each other in the girls’ dressing room.

Today, every girl has a smart phone. Every girl is on-line, Tweeting, shooting selfies, taking photos of friends and posting on social sites.

Sheridan Love and Holly Brooks don’t take a back seat to anyone in this. They love being photographed and snapping smart phone photos.

Why not have Holly and Sheridan take smart phone selfies of each other kissing, licking, sucking, fingering and playing tongue-hockey while our cameras rolled too?

Two busty girls having horny fun. See it now.

Sheridan and Holly, thanks for being so horny.

That phone is really smart.

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The 10 greatest moments in the history of Voluptuous magazine: Should any of these make the cut?

June 15, 2014 by Dave 2 Comments

The Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling: Annie Swanson, Angela White, Brandy Talore and Cherry Brady

The responses to my posting about the 10 greatest moments in V-mag history jogged my brain enough to start thinking about some other moments. So I’m wondering if you think any of these belong in the top 10:

1. With a hurricane bearing down on Miami in 2004, Cherry Brady, Angela White, Annie Swanson and Brandy Talore complete the filming of Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling with a thrilling series of matches in TSG Arena. Elliot James officiates.

Chloe gets a piece of Linsey.

2.1999’s On Location Portugal with Kerry Marie, Lorna Morgan, Annette Christiansen, Jessica Turner and Jade.

3. The 1999 British Big-Tit Invasion.

4. Renee Ross meets Samantha 38G in K-JUGGS. Both girls fuck.

5. Any of the Linsey Dawn McKenzie-Chloe Vevrier girl-girls. Historic encounters of two of the greatest naturals ever.

6. Jenna Valentine, Leanne Crow, Natalie Fiore, Micky Bells and Hitomi in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

By the way, I can come up with one of the worst moments in the history of big, natural tits: tennis player Simona Halep gets a breast reduction and goes on to the finals of the 2014 French Open. Hopefully, this will not encourage other busty athletes to do the same. Personally, I think Halep might have won the French if she’d kept her tits, which served as great distractions.

Comment below or send your ideas to



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Big boobs in the corner pocket today at SCORELAND

March 14, 2014 by Elliot James 7 Comments

I believe that a milestone in big-boob history was made when Joana and Vanessa met for the first time in the Dominican Republic and decided to shoot a game of pool.

Are they huge-chested pool-hall hustlers?

Huge-chested, yes.

Hustlers, no.

The game falls apart as the two spokeswomen from Romania and Poland forge ahead with their summit meeting on the green felt.

There is a lot to be said for international cooperation, although what they do with their natural big boobs may violate the rules of the World Pool-Billiard Association.

Excuse me while I go play some pocket pool and watch their video again.

Joana and Vanessa rack 'em up.

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Creaming for ice cream and big boobs: Lavina Dream and Roxanne Miller

February 19, 2014 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Roxanne Miller and Lavina Dream are a big-boobed dream team. Dressed in hot schoolgirl outfits, they are studying together, but Roxanne is bored and restless. Naughty girl Roxanne leads good student Lavina away from her book and straight to her boobs.The ice cream cone is an inducement to stray today at See this creamy set and video plus a bonus video of the girls exchanging bras.

No time for stupid books.

Tomorrow at Trinety G. returns!

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What you’re saying about tattoos, eating pussy, watching porn on a smart phone and cock size

November 7, 2013 by Dave 5 Comments

Men aren't the only ones who eat pussy. Here, Charlee Chase goes down on Sheridan Love.

According to the most-recent batch of SCORELAND Blog polls, you:

• Like watching girls having their pussies eaten

• Don’t like tattoos. Shocker.

• Don’t care about the size of the guy’s cock in a XXX scene.

• Watch SCORELAND on your desktop computer.

Women around the world will be happy to learn that 84% of Blog readers like watching a girl having her pussy eaten. I’m going to assume that most, if not all, of those 84% also like eating pussy. I base that on the fact that nobody enjoys watching golf unless they also enjoy playing it.

As for the tattoos question, only 54% of you are firmly against them. A surprising 37% don’t mind them. I like a well-placed tattoo. The tit-too is excellent, as is the pussy tat.

I am a very big fan of Donita Dunes' pussy tattoo. I also approve of Sabrina Linn's.

On the cock question, 44% don’t care about the size of the guy’s cock in a hardcore scene. I think those 44% would change their minds if all porn studs had three-inch dicks. Twenty-nine percent want the stud to have a monster cock. But the voters I’m interested in are the 2% who said, “He should be smaller than me.” Is that because you’re hung like a horse or not hung at all?

And, finally, 52% of you are watching porn on your desktop computer. Only 3% are watching on your smart phone. I’m very happy to hear that. Why would you want to see big-titted babes on a tiny screen? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose.

The current poll deals with scenarios. Elliot voted for big-boobed nurse. I voted for big-boobed stripper. What’s your fantasy?


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Big-Boob Finishing School: Eden Mor and Michelle Bond bump, grind and twerk

October 30, 2013 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Big Boob Finishing School headmistress Michelle Bond believes that pleasing men requires a great deal of study and training.

The British self-help guru, author and teacher includes lap dance instruction in her manual, “The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing Men.”

But manuals can’t take the place of real practice.

Today at SCORELAND, Michelle is going to train Israeli sweater stretcher Eden Mor in the art of lap dancing.

“Perhaps you are wondering why you are dressed the way you are,” Michelle asks Eden. “You are dressed the way you are because all men love strippers, and nothing turns a man on more than having his girlfriend or wife dance for him.”

The training begins in today’s chapter, “The Art of the Lap Dance.” Plus a behind-the-scenes video with extras and bloopers.

Big-Boob Finishing School: The Art Of The Lap Dance

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Mainstream movies would be much better if porn scenes broke out right in the middle. For example…

August 6, 2013 by Dave 1 Comment

Daphne Rosen pops Maggie's cherry in Boob Science, our version of the mainstream movie Weird Science.

My favorite scene from any non-porn movie is probably toward the end of Unfaithful, when the dude with the French accent bends Diane Lane over a table and fucks her right in the hallway of his apartment building. (I mean, did you ever think you’d hear the mother from My Dog Skip beg to be fucked? Me neither.) The scene only lasts about a minute and there’s zero nudity, but it’s still somehow one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.

Which made me think.

Imagine the hottest, sexiest scene you can remember from any mainstream movie. Now imagine the unedited porn cut of that same scene. Holy shit, I just blew your mind.

I’m all-in with Diane Lane getting it from behind in Unfaithful. Think you can beat it? (Pun intended.) Let’s hear yours. And, hey, if they’re good, maybe we’ll pick a few and recreate the porn versions just for you.

Like this shot from Boob Science.

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Whatever happened to…Rachel Rocketts?

July 28, 2013 by Elliot James 14 Comments

Rachel Rocketts in her SCORE days, 1996.

The five-time SCORE magazine and Boob Cruise ’98 model and exotic dancer from Dearborn, Michigan (October ’95; October ’96 with Candy Cantaloupes; November ’98 and other editions) has been totally off the radar for over a decade. The last time I talked to Miss Rocketts was in 1999. All I knew was that she was occasionally dancing at a club called La Chambre in Detroit, Michigan,

Then, last week, I got an email from a friend and longtime SCORE reader.

Rachel on Green Cay Island, Boob Cruise '98.

“Hey, Elliot. Interesting thing recently. I spent a weekend in Detroit and, lo and behold, across the street from my hotel was a strip club. I naturally had to stop in and check it out. While I was there, I got dances from Rachel Rocketts, of all people. She was a house dancer, not an advertised feature. She told me she had been in SCORE and done the Boob Cruise. It was a place called Bouzouki in downtown Detroit a few blocks from Ford Field and Comerica Park.

“I walked in and she immediately caught my eye. I asked her for dances and she introduced herself as Rachel Rocketts, which sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure. I named off several big-boob entertainers I’ve met and she knew several of them. She did great dances. Boobs looked pretty much the same. She had blonde highlights. Very pretty woman. If I would have been with her much longer, I probably would have cum in my pants. She said she worked there on weekends of  Tigers games. If I get a chance, I’ll go back to Detroit to see Rachel.”

So things aren’t that bad in Detroit, after all, despite the bankruptcy.

And now we know the answer to the title of this Blog.

Rachel on deck during Boob Cruise '98.


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