Sports and stacked girls: busting moves

January 12, 2013 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Karina starting a racket.

We posed the question in a recent SCORELAND survey: Do you like sports themes in videos and photo sets?

Before I get to the results, here’s my thoughts as a long-time boob man, a DVD and mag buyer (and VHS tapes before that) and a boob-spotter watching TV, especially Latin morning TV shows like Un Nuevo Día, where the busty hosts are constantly jumping up and down, dancing or trying exercise routines in very sexy outfits.

Boobs were made to jiggle, bounce and shake. And get sprayed by a water hose. And I was made to watch that happen.

This is what it’s all about for me. This is how it’s always been.

This is not always possible with augmented boobs. However, after years of watching tit stunts in strip clubs (like beer cans crushed inside giant cleavage or tits slammed on a guy’s face), I am comfortable with contradicting my previous statement. It all depends on the girl and her boob comfort zone.

Daphne Rosen can really handle balls.

So anyway, I love seeing busty girls on trampolines, using hula hoops and workout balls, jumping up and down in swimming pools or at the beach, rope jumping, swimming underwater, running and playing soccer, tennis and volleyball.

I want to buy that vibrating Shake Weight for the studio so I can observe and study the girls’ boobs trembling as they hold it. I can just picture Melissa Manning trying it.

Now for the results:

38% like seeing sports themes.

31% don’t like them.

31% don’t care either way. This is the indifferent crowd who at least overcame their indifference long enough to click the “Don’t care” button.

What have we learned today? I can say with complete confidence that the odds of starting a SCORE soccer team and making a video out of it do not look good due to lack of interest.

Yet, The Mega-Boobs Olympics DVD remains one of our breast-sellers, and that’s all about boob games.

So go figure.

And now I’d like to replay some monumental videos I cherish. Cherry Brady hula-hooping and Renee Ross jumping rope for Maria followed by the girls getting titty with it on Grand Bahama Island. Thank you, and I recommend using a snorkel if you plan on doing any motorboating.


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  • Truk

    Thought I’d follow up five years later. With the abundance of natural talent out there these days, an All Natural Mega Boobs Olympics just makes sense. And with stars like Codi Vore and the Star sisters who have already done FANTASTIC videos like this, finding a few more girls to join them would be amazing. The jumping jacks competition alone would be worth it… P.S. I hope you didn’t pass up the obligatory topless Baywatch beach running scene in North Coast – always a fan, Truk

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  • Truk

    You can DEFINITELY count me in the 38 percent group. I could watch Autumn Jade’s trampoline video all day long. And with all the bouncy natural talent out thete, it seems a waste to let that trampoline gather dust…please don’t stop shooting this kind of video!

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  • ca united kingdom

    have to say i do like a sports theme with tennis being a favourite,, lets face it if tits are bouncing then i wanna see it and any sport can do that for a busty chick… the cherry clip is killer and just look at the way Karinas knockers sit in that tennis shot… fucking sweet……..

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    Rating: -3 (from 11 votes)

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