Starting the New Year just right with Ariane Saint-Amour

December 31, 2018 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Everything a guy needs for a private holiday party.



Ariane Saint-Amour in a tight, open cardigan and tight, clinging skirt.

No giant crowds. No cold weather.

“To make a guy feel special, I try to dress up and fulfill his fantasies and hug him all the time with my boobs,” Ariane said.

Celebrate the New Year right. Ariane’s got a spread ready for you.

Happy New Year from the staff of The SCORE Group.

Party on with Ariane.

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Starting the New Year just right with Ariane Saint-Amour, 3.9 out of 5 based on 69 ratings

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  • Pierre

    Happy new years.
    And damn, a year that start with Arianne is a year that start well.
    Wish for many of the beautiful woman in Score to return in 2018.
    And for many newcomer to arrive.

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  • Pete

    @BigFan AB
    I like your dedication to the great Alaura.
    i totally agree with you. XL @Dave
    Kindly bring that most beautiful women back….

    My sincere regards to everyone out there’ appreciating big boobs.

    VA:D [1.9.13_1145]
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  • BigFan AB

    Me too ‘ Dr. dre ‘…….

    Where are you ALAURA……??

    The Best ever XLGirl…. Her ASSETS are freaking UNBELIEVABLE and PERFECT…!!!

    Though i started Accidentally, curiosity made me continue the Side-by- Side comparisons of her photos ( taken in different angles ) with some of the best women in SCORE and XLGIRLS, which shockingly made me realize that they were no match to the mighty Queen ” ALAURA GREY “. I couldn’t even look at the ones on the other side of Alaura……

    Don’t believe Me…!! Try this Side-by- Side comparison yourself, you will definitely agree.

    Really hope SCORE (2019) brings her back for us…….Has been almost 1.5 years since she made her B/G Debut [July 2017] ( Ohh…!!! How could a guy in flesh and blood ever forget July 2017 – what a Historic moment it was for Boob-Men across the Globe) .

    By the way i tried E-Mailing her requesting for a comeback to SCORE. Let’s keep our fingers crossed…….

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  • Seth

    The high style Cosmopolitan aspect of her outfit and look in this image is truly one of my faves…. I love TSG models decked out in killer looks such as this… PURE gorgeous YUM!!!

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  • dr.dre

    2019 wishlist:
    – Comeback of Alaura Grey
    – More first hardcores

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  • Aaron

    Like always looking incredible..

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  • fred

    So classy.

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  • Bark

    Hello, is chance for Vanessa Y new scenes? Her last scene was 21 January 2018.

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  • slugworth

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to TSG and my big boob bretheren.Gotta say I started the year off in the most perfect way…with my cock nestled between my wifes big tits as we watched Granny Fuck Club for the umpteenth time since Xmas.We’re both 62 and just love everything TSG produces.
    It doesn’t get any better…heres to a bra-bustin’ 2019!.

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