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It’s the Angel Wicky big-boob workout

April 16, 2014 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Work-out your arm with Angel.

It’s an Angel Wicky workout session this weekend, and even though the back of her tight shorts warn that Angel’s trouble, it’s the kind of trouble that’s always welcome. I asked the ever-smiling, beautiful Angel about her own personal fitness routine.

“I prefer to relax at home, but I like running, swimming and exercising in fitness centers. Plus I get a lot of cardio during shooting, posing and making photos and movies. Healthy eating is also very important. I love lots of fruits, vegetables, home-made fresh juice, nuts and seeds, fish and quality proteins. And because I’m a woman, quality chocolate for sure. Most importantly, mix it with lots of sex.” If you’ve seen Angel’s videos and photo spreads at SCORELAND, you can tell she’s a foodie.

I was curious about Angel because her very first boy-girl was a double-penetration. Most porn stars ease into that and most SCORE Girls don’t do DP, if they do threesomes at all.

Annina, the German porn star, told me that she loved double penetration by two men best because she feels she is totally dominated by the men. What is Angel’s favorite thing about double penetration?

“I’m a bit different in that I prefer to be the dominant one. I feel better and I enjoy it more. I love about DP the feeling that I’m full of two big cocks and I can have and feel two guys. You know, as a present, two guys for me when I have a cock in my pussy and one cock or a dildo in my ass. It adds more excitement and feeling. So it’s a new, erotic feeling, and for movies and photos, it’s really sexy! I like to watch movies with DP.”


Angel sizes up the men folk in her first SCORE DP.

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A soft Rain cummin’

November 7, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Jolie Rain: army vet, gamer, tank commander.

It’s been a few years since bouncy girl-next-door Jolie Rain bounced her away across SCORELAND and other TSG sites. Where has she been? What has she been doing?

Serving her country.

Jolie went to an army recruitment office, enlisted and went to Iraq, where she served for a couple of years.

Jolie served her country well, and now she’s back in the States and back at SCORE starting tomorrow. Instead of jumping jacks, the redhead from Cajun country will be jumping something else.

She’s brought her stacked rack back from Iraq and she’s ready for a tit attack.

And Jolie’s tits are bigger. That’s always a good thing here. Bounce, baby, bounce!

I could definitely see a nose-art pin-up of Jolie painted on a military plane. But they don’t do that anymore.

Click on her rack and welcome her back.


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