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Looks like Jenni Noble couldn’t wait, either

June 14, 2019 by Dave 8 Comments

Jenni and JMac look like they’re really enjoying themselves.

Jenni Noble, who debuted at SCORELAND just two weeks ago, fucks on-camera for the first time today at SCORELAND. Photos and video, of course.

This comes just a week after Lissa Hope did her first XXX, and I wrote about how times have changed and girls aren’t keeping us waiting the way they used to.

Is that a good thing? Of course. But it also makes it harder for Elliot and me to ask you to be patient when you ask if a girl has done hardcore yet.

It doesn’t always happen this way, but when it does, I’m as happy about it as you are. Not as happy as JMac, of course. He looks like he’s having the best time of anyone.


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The big day for Alaura Grey is here. Alaura’s debut XXX hardcore scene!

July 7, 2017 by Elliot James 45 Comments

Alaura Grey’s debut hardcore scene starts today, an event many have waited for.

I’ve lost count of the times over the years that someone asked the question about a model, “What is the chance that she will do hardcore?” We got that question about Kitty Cute the other day. There’s no answer. How do you calculate the odds of it happening? It can’t be done.

Last year, none of us forecasted that Alaura would even return to pose, let alone do a Tits & Tugs and now a full hardcore scene. It’s really great.

Besides, don’t we all love a surprise? Well, most of us. There’s a lot to be said for build-up, anticipation and edge-of-your-seat expectation.

There are two videos in today’s XLGirls.com posting. One is Alaura’s scene and the second video is an interview, a boob-measuring segment and Alaura getting ready for the action. Alaura also mentions what she wants to do next and that’s a three-way with two guys. I recommend you watch the “warm-up” video first.

Today is Alaura Grey XXX day, an official holiday at XLGirls.com.

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Lars wouldn’t have been with a sex doll if he had Cat Bangles to fuck

April 17, 2014 by Dave 4 Comments

As she promised she would, Cat took every inch of JMac in her first XXX scene.

There are many reasons to look forward to Friday. Here’s another:

As I mentioned last week, Cat Bangles’ first hardcore scene goes live Friday at SCORELAND. Yes, she takes a creampie, which is going to thrill creampie lovers. As for the rest of you, you’ll be happy to know that Cat fucked two more times while she was in our studio. The second time, the guy came all over her face, and it dripped down to her tits.

The third time…well, the third time was really the charm.

If you're gonna jizz Alana's rack, you're gonna have a lot of real estate to cover.

But the first time is really good, too. JMac, who has a very big cock, bottoms-out in Cat’s tight, pink, Puerto Rican pussy.

It’s a big weekend for JMac. On Sunday, he tit-fucks DDD-cup natural Alana Lace, who’s having her face and tits jizzed on-camera for the first time at SCORELAND.

Some guys have all the luck.

Which brings me to…

Elliot is shocked by the results of the current “Blog” poll which asks, “Have you ever fucked a sex doll?” So far, 14% say they have.

I’m surprised Elliot is surprised. After all, his favorite movie is Lars And The Real Girl.

Anyway, those of you who have fucked a sex doll…can you tell us about it?


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Right now, right at this moment in our studio…

October 29, 2012 by Maria 10 Comments

The amazing and very large-breasted Roxi Red is doing her first XXX scene ever.


Yes, that’s right, Roxi Red is riding the bologna pony. Someone is inserting his Tab A into her Slot B. She is knockin’ the boots. She is playing hide the salami. She is dancing the horizontal mambo. She is going all the way. She is getting the hot beef injection. She is engaging in some hanky panky. The hands on her clock are pointing to sexy time. She is riding the one-eyed dragon. She is at the No Pants Party. She is involved in a sausage and doughnut situation. She has a one-way ticket to Pound Town. She is shaking the sheets. She is getting a deposit from the Wank Bank. She is getting plowed and she is not a field.

Yes…she is totally fucking.

I know this because my desk butts up to our studio and there is only a wall between me and all the action.

And by the sounds of things…they are going well in there, knowhaddamean? 😉

But because I am a journalist on the boob beat, I actually got an eyewitness account of what is going on in there. That witness happens to be none other than SCORE editor Dave Rosenbaum, who was actually chatting with Roxi while she, um, took a fine, young stud on a magic carpet ride.

Here is what Dave had to say about the action:

“First she did a bra show where she jokingly put on a DD-cup bra and completely ripped it to shreds.”

“She is doing her scene with Johnny Champ and she made his dick disappear between her boobs.”

“She rested her enormous tits on his thighs and sucked his cock.”

“She was in a great mood, especially when she was sucking cock.”

There you have it, folks, the real story.

So, be on the lookout for some hot new XXX action coming your way featuring K-cup queen, Roxi Red!






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Turn right at Busty Boulevard and take the Tittie Trail to SCORELAND

September 7, 2012 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Barbie Kelley, SCORE wife!

The Busty Housewives of SCORE include 2011 Model of the Year Kelly Christiansen and Jayden Prescott, ladies whose husbands are SCORE mag readers, saw our model search ads and inspired their better (much better) halves to contact us about modeling. Barbie Kelley now joins the club. Mrs. Kelley is the wife of a reader who owns every issue of SCORE and Voluptuous ever printed. They took some snaps of Barbie at home and sent them to SCOREModelsWanted.com. Long story short, Mrs. Kelley heats up SCOREVideos.com this weekend and struts her stuff at SCORELAND next week. (Mr. Kelley accompanied her to our studio.) I salute you, busty wives and your liberal husbands who buy SCORE.

Jazmine goes straight from a New Discovery pictorial to hardcore hooternanny at warp speed. She’s a single Florida girl who moved from New York to the Sunshine State. A wise decision. Now she can wear bikinis all day at the beach, as nature intended. Watch Jazmine blow the man down in her first scene. Asked to describe any special talent she might have, Jazmine replied, “I’m good at driving a stick shift.” You can see that in the pictures and video called “Jazmine & Jizzman,” an irresistible story that will touch your hearts and hard-ons at SCORELAND.

Jazmine can do all the sexting she wants.


On the subject of busty housewives, we have the President and Founder of the Busty Housewives of SCORE, Diane Poppos, who does justice to her skin-tight top and spray-on pants. A woman who brings a tear to my eye whenever I reflect upon her. Diane still has that leggy magic, too, which she attributes to wearing high heels, sometimes when she’s vacuuming the house! I salute you, original MILF of Texas.

President of the Busty Housewives of America

And now at your favorite store, the December ’12 SCORE with a bonus DVD. Visit eBoobStore.com for the full run-down and previews. If you’re into the new digital magazine format, this issue includes five embedded videos. All those cool electronic magazines predicted in the movies 2001 A Space Odyssey and Minority Report are finally here. If your store doesn’t carry SCORE, let me know and I’ll set them on the right path.

Now on sale! Get yours today.


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It can never get too overflowing and too overloaded @ SCORELAND, XLGirls & SCOREVideos

March 9, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments

Is this why oil prices have gone up?

Now at SCORELAND, Jasmine Shiraz, our resident Jersey Girl, shows how going oily to bed makes a man healthy, wealthy and extremely stiff. What Jasmine Shiraz does so beautifully: A.) Shakes her naturals up and down and side to side with exceptional skill. She could operate an Xbox Kinect with her boobs.  B.) Self-sucks and self-licks her nipples with excellent oral talents. C.) Oils herself like a Renaissance artist. I can imagine Jasmine at the New Jersey shore during the summer when she reaches for the bottle of suntan oil.

Natalie Fiore: enough sweatermeat for six so-called super-models.

Every time I see a new photo set or a video of Natalie Fiore, it’s like Thanksgiving. And her breasts just keep growing and growing. I’m in awe of that top-shelf expansion that never seems to end. Nassau, Prague, Grand Bahama Island, Mexico…every SCORE trip she takes, Natalie is bustier. She must need a full-time tailor to fit her. Any takers for the job? Take a number like I did and wait your turn for the interview. I have to throw in that Natalie really knows how to dress to impress. Her choices in tops, and everything else, are perfect. I’d love to do a tight titty-top video with her for SCOREtv one day.

First time XXX vid for Asha Marie @ XLGirls.com

She’s dressed in a tight, low-cut cardigan before the action kicks off, and there’s no better showcase than this kind to display Asha Marie’s sensational trophies today at XLGirls.com. In the video (her first guy-girl XXX) when cam-girl/web designer Asha says, “Put that cock in my tight, little ass,” the video editor should have added a majestic choral music overlay to the audio. “I love my life, and I’m not sure there’s much I want to do that I haven’t done yet but I’m always open to new experiences,” Asha revealed. “I’m happy and I like it when life surprises me. I love sex, especially oral, giving and receiving.”

Two fistfuls of Maserati

Maserati is a fairly recent arrival and someone who had to be in SCORE and V-mag. It’s rack attack time at SCORELAND tomorrow with more bumping and grinding by awesome Maserati in a hardcore special. Sport fucking. It’s the only sport Maserati seems to like. “I am a super girly-girl,” she said. “Playing sports breaks nails!” She sure knows how to put a guy’s nuts in third gear.

Lots of props come in after a Maserati photo set or video. This one by Brad was different than most. He wrote, “It seems kinda weird, but as much as I love seeing Maserati fuck, I’d love to see her in more solo scenes. Obviously, this goddess looks amazing in hardcore, but she’s just so fucking perfect, I want to worship her solo as well!” No worries, Brad. We love solos, too.

And now we come to Amber Lynn Bach, who I have always enjoyed seeing in action. Amber is Bach at SCORELAND on Sunday, and she hasn’t changed a bit since she was playing hooky at BigTitHooker.com a few years ago. What’s different in this spankin’ new scene, “Three’s Cum-pany,” is that Amber does her first threesome for SCORE, and it’s a cum-dinger. Hot, nasty and furious, the way a threesome should be. This ain’t the romance hour, and these two dudes are not bringing Amber flowers and chocolate. I have to give Amber 200% props for this one. She’s a real slim ‘n’ stacked steamer, and the way she gets her supple bod into a non-stop series of gym-nasty fucking-and-sucking positions truly impressed me. I didn’t know she was that athletic. I called it a big-boobed ballet of boning. After watching it, I called our DVD producer, E., who I knew was putting together a SCORE threesome DVD for an upcoming catalog, and urged him to add the scene to it.

You name the position, Amber Lynn Bach can handle it

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Let White light up your night. It’s only right.

March 1, 2012 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Tell me you don’t have the DVD Angela White Finally Fucks on your big-boob video library shelf.

If you don’t, my only advice is to get it now.

So “carpe diem,”  Boob Brothers. That means “Drop your cocks and grab your socks.”

It’s one of the best and hottest SCORE  has made in only the last 20 years.

How many boob-hounds do you know who would fly Angela from Australia to St. Maarten, bring along Maggie Green for the ride and spend a week following Angela with cameras rolling as she did her first hardcore-action scenes?

I’ll tell you. No one else. There is no one.

At SCORE, Angela is a VIP and she’s been a VIP since 2003.

Get yours fast and easy from eBoobStore. You owe it to yourself.

And you’ll have it anytime you want to see Angela treat the hard wood as only she can.

There’s tons of porn stars out there. Most of them look alike, talk alike, think alike, walk alike and most of them bang alike.

But there’s only one Angela White.

Why do you think Angela was voted SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year?

You’ll thank us later when you have the time.








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Sabrina Linn is “Bad, Busty & Butt-banged”

January 14, 2012 by Elliot James 8 Comments

Bad, Busty & Butt-Banged

We’ll vouch for that because it happened a few yards away from our desks. We could hear it through the concrete wall. There was a lot of screaming going on, especially when Sabrina’s partner filled her butt-hole.

Sabrina Linn‘s first SCORELAND scene is also her very first anal scene. I’m amazed that Sabrina had never modeled before. She’s a natural-born model in both solo and hardcore. I wonder if she practiced at home. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t become a porn star. Actually, she officially is a porn star, with this and her SCOREVideos.com sexing.

She’s a real MILF, too, in Texas. A swinger and a swapper. Not a fake Hollywood MILF. And Sabrina is no cum-dodger, either. Her tongue was outstretched waiting for his load, and she caught it.

I called her the “evil Morgan Leigh” even though they’re definitely not kissin’ cousins. There’s something about Sabrina Linn’s rack that reminded me of Morgan. Even though Sabrina is four inches taller than Morgan, it’s Sabrina’s sexy, slim body and big, rounded, “stick-em-out tits” that remind me of her. (Sabrina measures 40-32-39 and 40GG. Morgan measures 42-23-34 and 32J.)

They also both have very sweet personalities, are very soft-spoken and have  feminine, gentle voices. They’re both Barbie Doll-like. Sabrina calls men “sir.” She’s very polite. Not evil at all. Not bad, either. She just looks bad. And she was bad to the bone during her SCORE visit.

Back home, Sabrina walks around in tube tops and tank tops with no bra. Naturally, wives scream at their husbands when they turn around to look at her. Maybe some of these wives even clobber them.

“Half of me is a really good girl,”  Sabrina said a few minutes before her partner started motorboating her. “Half of me is a bad, crazy girl.”

I’m glad the bad, crazy girl visited.

NOTE FROM DAVE: Sorry about hi-jacking this post, Elliot, but one of my favorite moments of Sabrina Linn’s visit to SCORELAND happened when the cameras weren’t rolling. I had just finished interviewing Sabrina and was about to leave the studio when I turned around and saw Johnny (the stud in this scene) standing between Sabrina’s legs, and Sabrina was swallowing his cock. This impromptu, off-camera moment (actually, it was a lot more than just a moment because Sabrina didn’t seem to be in any hurry to stop blowing him) shows just how much Sabrina Linn loves cock.

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I was stunned and amazed…by this voluptuous babe’s decision to do hardcore!

September 27, 2011 by Dave 36 Comments
She seems to be more like herself today.

She seems to be more like herself today.

It’s always thrilling when a favorite decides to take the plunge, and that’s what’s going on this week here at SCORELAND: A girl who has been with us for a while but had never done boy-girl is going to fuck and suck on-camera for the first time.

And her name is…

I’m not telling.

But to help you out, here are some comments SCORELAND members have made about this girl:

“Choice discovery. I hope she will consider XXX action on a return trip. Don’t let this one slip away!”

“I usually have to see boy/girl hardcore action to get myself going but [FILL IN THE NAME] is so Damn Gorgeous & moans in such an
incredibly sensual way, while playing with herself in this video, that I can make an exception in just this one case.”

“[FILL IN THE NAME] is so incredibly beautiful and sexy, I would love to see her in some XXX action.”

And now, it’s going to happen. When? Friday or Saturday. Maybe. We’re working on it right now. She’s working on it right now. Right this very minute.

But you’re going to have to excuse me for a moment. I have to go see how she’s doing.

Blog Update: She did great. Cum all over her face and tits. Proof that even cowgirls get the splooge.

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This Blog post teases. Angela White delivers.

March 22, 2011 by Dave 46 Comments
Angela moves in for the cock.

Angela moves in for the cock.

She thinks she's found what she was looking for.

She thinks she's found what she was looking for.

She's got it. Now what's she gonna do with it?

She's got it. Now what's she gonna do with it?

Several comments were made last week when I asked the question, “Is this Blog post an example of me thinking out loud or a teaser?” I was talking about the prospect of Angela White doing hardcore. Nerdboy said, “I thought I heard she was going to do it sometime this May. Therefore I believe it is a teaser.” stridX said, “Hope at least a tits & tugs scene then full HC later if she wants.” Steve wrote, “Who will be the lucky one in this softcore? Juan Largo or Johnny Rodd?!? Assuming that’s true of course.” And pillcass spoke directly to Angela, writing, “Only do it while you think it is the right time. I love you. You are my idol. So I hope you only do the things you like.”

Well, I’ve known Angela since 2003, when as an 18-year-old she flew over from Australia and walked into the SCORE studio for the first time, and I can guarantee you that she ONLY does things she likes. A mercenary she isn’t. So now I can tell you that, no, I wasn’t thinking out loud and, yes, my Blog posting last week was a teaser.

Now, you might ask, a teaser for Angela’s first tits and tugs scene? Yes.

A teaser for Angela’s first blow job scene? Yes.

A teaser for Angela’s first full-on boy-girl hardcore scene? Yes.

Um, maybe even a teaser for Angela’s first GGB three-way? Yes.

It all happened on the island of St. Martin during a beautiful week in which Angela did all of the things I’ve been hoping she would do. You see, you can count me as being among the many people who really wanted to see Angela with a cock in her mouth, between her tits and in her perfect, pink pussy.

And, so, eight years after she made her SCORE debut, Angela White–the saucy Aussie, political candidate for the Australian Sex Party, star of TV shows, big-boobed college student and, perhaps most importantly, 2007 Voluptuous Model of the Year and top 10 finisher for SCORELAND Model of the Decade–finally fucks at SCORELAND. It’ll all happen over the next four weeks, beginning with a pre-interview tomorrow and her first tits and tugs scene on Friday.

Oh, by the way, pillcass: She liked it. She really liked it.

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