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Whatever happened to…Rachel Rocketts?

July 28, 2013 by Elliot James 14 Comments

Rachel Rocketts in her SCORE days, 1996.

The five-time SCORE magazine and Boob Cruise ’98 model and exotic dancer from Dearborn, Michigan (October ’95; October ’96 with Candy Cantaloupes; November ’98 and other editions) has been totally off the radar for over a decade. The last time I talked to Miss Rocketts was in 1999. All I knew was that she was occasionally dancing at a club called La Chambre in Detroit, Michigan,

Then, last week, I got an email from a friend and longtime SCORE reader.

Rachel on Green Cay Island, Boob Cruise '98.

“Hey, Elliot. Interesting thing recently. I spent a weekend in Detroit and, lo and behold, across the street from my hotel was a strip club. I naturally had to stop in and check it out. While I was there, I got dances from Rachel Rocketts, of all people. She was a house dancer, not an advertised feature. She told me she had been in SCORE and done the Boob Cruise. It was a place called Bouzouki in downtown Detroit a few blocks from Ford Field and Comerica Park.

“I walked in and she immediately caught my eye. I asked her for dances and she introduced herself as Rachel Rocketts, which sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure. I named off several big-boob entertainers I’ve met and she knew several of them. She did great dances. Boobs looked pretty much the same. She had blonde highlights. Very pretty woman. If I would have been with her much longer, I probably would have cum in my pants. She said she worked there on weekends of  Tigers games. If I get a chance, I’ll go back to Detroit to see Rachel.”

So things aren’t that bad in Detroit, after all, despite the bankruptcy.

And now we know the answer to the title of this Blog.

Rachel on deck during Boob Cruise '98.


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