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Lipstick nipples & cookie cupcakes

October 12, 2017 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Today at SCORELAND, Star sister Helen prepares herself for your pleasure.

Wearing only a red bra, panties and high heels, Helen examines her makeup in her bedroom mirror and primps, making her lips a deep, glossy red. Her bed is her stage in this scene.

Red: the sexual color.

At XLGirls, we have the amazing Georgina Gee. One of the things Gina does is mash cupcakes on her plush pussy. I wrote about this kind of food play years ago in Naughty Neighbors magazine. It’s called sploshing, wet & messy or splodging and is a particularly British fetish.

Two fantastic girls with fantastic faces and fantastic bodies. Tomorrow: Danielle Derek does double-penetration at SCORELAND and Samantha Sanders bangs a shy guy senseless at XLGirls.

A cupcake-covered cookie.

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Tit tricks are fun for everyone!

March 15, 2010 by Maria 13 Comments

If there is something that I can declare with certainty (and quite a bit of joy, actually), it’s that boobs are FUN. I’m not talking about your average, ordinary kind of fun, either. Boobs are, like, a really fucking AWESOME kind of fun. There’s so much you can do with a pair of boobs. You can pull ’em, pinch ’em, twist ’em, lift and weigh ’em, slap ’em, squish ’em, lick ’em, suck ’em, bite and fuck ’em. You can sleep on ’em, lay your head to rest on ’em, wrap them around your face and warm your ears with ’em, and you can cum on them. A lot. Repeatedly.

Tits. They can take a dickin’ and keep on tickin’, ya know what I mean? 😉

That’s why I get so excited when a model does some tit tricks for me. Because I know the magic and fun-potential a nice pair of tatas can bring. In fact, I revere that potential. I believe in it.

It is the fuel of my boobsistence, if you will.

So, when Lady Spyce was in our studio (I introduced her to you in a previous blog!), I was more than happy to ask her to demonstrate her tit trick prowess for me. And she did. She wiggled and jiggled the hell out of her titties and even sucked them for me. And I’ll be honest with you, nothing blows my whistle more than when a lady sucks and suspends her tit in mid-air. It’s a rare thing. A thing to be cherished. It sure as hell makes me want to applaud and giggle like a schoolgirl. 😀

And because sharing is caring, I’m posting it for you. You can check it out below.

Spyce’s XXX scene just went live inside of SCORELAND this weekend, and if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you take a moment to see this caramel stunner in all her fucking and sucking glory. Check it out and give Spyce the good ole’ tubesteak salute!



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