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Roxi’s super boobs in time for the Super Bowl

February 4, 2018 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Nineteen years ago, the Tesco supermarket chain asked its suppliers to grow smaller melons. Psychological experiments revealed that people subconsciously bought melons based on social trends in boob sizes. Smaller breasts were popular at the time. Melon sales soared.

Roxi Red came back from the store with melons but not the size she was looking for. She couldn’t find any melons that measured up to her own enormous, juicy tits. Three of the melons she bought could fit into one of Roxi’s bra KK-cups.

Damn those scientists. Farmers don’t grow ’em big enough anymore to keep up with Roxi.

Melons–or footballs–don’t come close to the size of Roxi Red’s breast fruits.

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Katie Thornton and her “Melons In The Sun” at SCORELAND

September 25, 2015 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Katie'smelons brighten up any picnic.

We have joy. We have fun. We have Katie’s melons in the sun.

Katie Thornton heads outdoors for a snack, bringing along her picnic basket of watermelons.

On her blanket, Katie quickly sheds her clothes except for her go-go boots.

“I think my boobs are about a 32 double-G but they might be bigger because my bras don’t fit,” said Katie (Holiday ’15 SCORE).


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Terms of bodaciousness

October 28, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Anjii Ross is back on October 30.

Jugs, melons, tits, hooters, bazooms, knockers, headlights, boobs and sweater stretchers. Just a few beloved slang terms for female breasts.

What do they call boobs in other languages? I have pondered this subject for a long time.

So I hit the books and did my research, coming up with this compilation of titty terms from around the globe. And globes is yet another boobish word, come to think of it.

Afrikaans: bors

Arabic: biz

Chinese: nu nu

Finnish: rintas

French: poitrines; seines; mamelles

German: mopse; titten

Hungarian: cici; didi; didko; mell

Indonesian: dadas

Italian: zinne

Japanese: oppai; kyonyuu (huge breasts); dekapai (huge breasts described in a dirty way)

Macedonian: cicki

Norwegian: brysters

Portuguese: peitos

Polish: cycki

Quebecois: boules

Romanian: tites

Russian: siski

Spanish: chichis; repisas; tetas,

Swahili: kifua

Swedish: tuttar; brosters

Swiss-German: chabis

Yap (Micronesia): thuuth

So now we can all say knockers in Yap. Who says we are not in search of academic excellence at SCORE?

If  SCORELAND Blog readers know of any titular expressions in other languages, feel free to comment below.

And happy birthday to:

Maxi Mounds, born October 25

Karen Fisher, born October 26

Alexis Silver, born October 27



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50 shades of big boobs

September 23, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments

At The SCORE Group, we know no discrimination. Breast fanatics and boob addicts are like that.

All big tits are welcome regardless of skin color, flesh tone, race, nationality and ethnic background. An unlimited rainbow of colors and hues.

I don’t have the space for 50 shades of boobs, so let’s settle for 20.

Looks at the colors, the shades, the variations, the tints and the hues.

All of them beautiful.

How good is your Boob Q?

Can you ID the owners of these topshelf tatas?

The answers will be added to this posting on Monday.


The answers from left to right:

Top row:  Angel Gee, Arianna Sinn, Ashley Sage Ellison, Camille Morgan, Chaka T.

Second row: Jade Feng, Janet Jade,  Jasmine Shiraz, Jenna Valentine, Kristina Milan

Third row:  Minka, Natalie Fiore, Natasha Dulce, Nancy Navarro, Renee Ross

Fourth (bottom) row: Romina Lopez, Terri Jane, Valory Irene, Eva Notty, Hitomi


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Fruit…it’s good for you!

July 22, 2012 by Maria 3 Comments

Lately all anyone can talk about is how every one needs to eat organic and healthier. And according to the USDA, the average man and woman should get at least two cups of fruit a day.

Of course when I hear the term, “two cups” I automatically think of bras, but you know that’s just me because I am a perv and I love tits. Go figure.

So, I figured I would help you guys get a kick start on being healthy by suggesting some good servings of fruit that you would enjoy on a daily basis.

So check out the servings below and get your fruit on…because they are good for you.


You’re welcome!



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Apples and oranges? No, we’re talking melons here. Voluptuous Lola’s big, juicy melons.

May 11, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Her name is Lola. She is a showgirl, not a fruit stand owner.

Dave blogged about Lola last January, and it’s safe to say that he was impressed. So was I and so was Maria, who put her in the Holiday ’11 V-mag. To prove that absence does make the hard grow harder, Lola’s back at SCORELAND with fresh photos and a video.

This time, Lola put on a fishnet dress and got into a bathtub with a bunch of floating green apples. Maybe the photographer couldn’t find melons that morning. Or the apples were meant to be photographically symbolic of something, like Eve and the apple.

Lola’s full name isn’t Lola Apples like our American dancer/model Candy Apples. Maybe Lola just likes apples. Aroma scientists claim that the scent of green apples reduces stress and headaches in women. Maybe Lola likes the scent. But vibrators can do that, too.

Anyway, a couple of things are 100% certain and provable. Lola has a beautiful face and body and spectacular, homegrown melons. She’s very sexy and she’s always smiling. She has mad toy skills.

I admit that the Czech Republic can chalk up another victory in the International Boobs Race (IBR) thanks to Lola, a race America is clearly losing to east and west Europe and England.

This really burns my bacon. Where are all the American challengers to Czech girls like Lola? How can a tiny nation of 10 million people produce so many top-notch busty girls who enjoy nude modeling while my country hopelessly lags behind in a recessionary period of big-tit growth? American girls with E-cups and bigger need some kind of wake-up call. And the Czechs make better beer than we do, adding insult to injury. I need to get this country back on top in the IBR.

All I can say is, American woman, Be A SCORE Model.

A SCORELAND member named Basenji1 will be very pleased to see Lola back again.  “She has the full package,” he commented back in January. “She ranks along with Arianna Sinn.” Praise doesn’t get any higher than that. Hopefully, we’ll connect again with Lola.

I may not be a poet. But when it comes to apples and melons, I know it.

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The psychology of melon-buying

September 29, 2011 by Elliot James 4 Comments
Karina has the best, juiciest melons.

Karina has the best, biggest, juiciest melons.

One of the biggest supermarket chains in Britain has their fruit suppliers grow melons no bigger than one-pound, three-ounces instead of the earlier two-pound, two-ounce melons. The bigger melons sold worse, and a retail psychologist assigned to investigate theorized that female shoppers subconsciously compared melons to their own boob size, leading them to purchase the smaller size. Seven out of 10 female shoppers who filled out his survey believed that boob size was “the most likely subconscious factor when selecting size of melons.”

When the chain first introduced the smaller melons, they sold more than a million in two months.

In America, bigger melons are actually more in demand except by urban female shoppers who don’t want to carry a lot of heavy items from the store to their apartments.

Junk science? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t think guys buy bananas with the same attitude.

There’s an Italian sex researcher who claims he can accurately analyze a woman’s personality from the size and shape of her breasts compared to different kinds of fruit.

But that’s another story.

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