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Amora Lee: Breast dreams come true

July 27, 2018 by Elliot James 8 Comments

“Becoming a model has made me more comfortable in my own skin,” Amora Lee told us.

A full-time nurse and part-time model, Amora works in a nursing home. I  wonder if there are any vacancies available during Amora’s shift. I also wonder what she looks like in a nurse’s outfit. Not a real nurse’s uniform. A fantasy nurse outfit.

“What gets me the most is that I get asked all the time if my boobs are real,” Amora said. “I say, ‘Of course they’re real. Where would I get the money to purchase boobs this big?’ And they’re like, ‘No, they can’t be,’ and I’ll say, ‘Yeah, they are.'”

New photo shoot and video now busting out.

Amora has a couple of points she wants to point out.


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What the peeper saw: Big tits. Hot legs. A tight butt. Alyssa Lynn. Starts tomorrow at SCORELAND

November 13, 2014 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Alyssa Lynn: From nurse to porn star.

Wearing a dress that looks like it requires a permit to wear, Alyssa Lynn (Holiday ’14, February ’15 SCORE magazine) tells a hot little story about one of her horny experiences. Everything about this newcomer, including her voice, is sexy.

Alyssa starts talking dirty as her story about a peeper spying on her gets to the juicy parts.

Her story ends with a big bang, and Alyssa is ready to reenact it with the cameras rolling.

How did Alyssa, a licensed practicing nurse for five years, move from nurse to topless dancing at Club Risque in Philadelphia to porn?

“A friend said, ‘You should get into porn.’ He knew I was good at giving head. And he said I had the body for it. I thought about it. And I was already dancing. I was a good fuck, I guess. And body-wise, too, he said. He said, ‘I don’t think you’re giving yourself enough credit.'”

So Alyssa eventually followed his advice. “I’m still experimenting so I’m still open to new fetishes and sex tricks,” Alyssa said. “I’m still licensed. I can go back to nursing. I never thought I’d be doing this.”

"What I do on-camera is what I like," Alyssa says.



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Big boobs in a star-spangled bikini and more: Meet slim & stacked Alyssa Lynn

July 3, 2014 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Alyssa Lynn makes her SCORELAND debut today. Alyssa was a cheerleader and soccer player in school. Now she has a different set of pom-poms to play with.

Alyssa was a licensed practicing nurse for five years. She started lap dancing when she was 21. Her home club is Club Risque in Philadelphia. Is there anyone who has contributed more to the well-being of American society than a lap dancing nurse? I think not.

“I take it as a compliment if the guy cums in his pants, but I’ve had guys literally just run out in the middle of a dance,” says Alyssa. That’s really coming and going!

Today, two sets and two videos of Alyssa. It’s star-spangled bikini time!

Alyssa makes her SCORE magazine debut in the Holiday ’14 edition, now heading off to the printers.

Alyssa Lynn sets off the fireworks.


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The cure for the Affordable Health Care problem: Joana’s big boobs

November 22, 2013 by Elliot James 2 Comments

If there’s a nurse anywhere in the world who’s as stacked and as pretty as fantasy nurse Joana, our people at SCOREModelsWanted.com want to talk to her about modeling.

Joana may not be the answer to America’s health care crisis but she can make the suffering easier to handle.

On the other hand, if all nurses looked like Joana, the hospitals would be overwhelmed with patients, most of them goldbrickers.

See Joana tomorrow in a fresh set and video at SCORELAND.

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Calling Nurse Sha Rizel

June 13, 2013 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Now on-sale at your favorite mag shop.

“Calling Nurse Sha Rizel!”

“There are a few thousand patients waiting for your attention.”

That’s what a hospital’s public address system would be blaring if Sha Rizel were actually a real nurse.

So maybe Sha is better off being a now-famous SCORE model and TV celebrity than toiling in hooter hospital.

But patients and aspiring patients can dream.

Starts tomorrow at SCORELAND.

Where does it hurt?

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The answer to better health care is Nurse Terri from Emergency Ward K

May 30, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Ready for an exam? Nurse Terri Jane is ready when you are.

Our friend Terri Jane may not succeed in recruiting more nurses to this noble profession, but tomorrow’s SCORELAND examination definitely will inspire a wave of potential patients to check into Terri’s Emergency Ward K, drop their drawers and cough.

As soon as Terri says those five magical words, “It’s getting hot in here,” you know that all those exorbitant health insurance payments you’ve been making into the system are worth it. It’s called Bosom Care, and the US Congress is actually supporting this one despite the fact that Terri is English.

The problem is, Terri will put more guys into the hooter hospital than discharge them.

On the other hand, that may not be a problem with most of you as long as she’s head nurse.


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Helloooo Nurse!

January 22, 2012 by Maria 12 Comments

Renee Ross is built for some serious T.L.C.!

We have spoken to you guys about nurses before. (Trust me.) You can type NURSE in the search bar over there —> and you will see how many different nurse blogs we have written.

But this blog is about my favorite nurse…Renee Ross.

Renee is a special nurse for a few reasons.

The first is that she looks hot in a nurse’s uniform, and really, that should be, like, a requirement at nursing school.

The second is that she is really a nurse in real life, so she might actually take care of you in a hospital some day and her tits might actually be THISFUCKINGCLOSE to your face.

The last is that the nurse fantasy is what I like to call an oldie but goodie and in this layout of Renee from the Holiday 2011 issue of V-mag, she plays a “school” nurse.

Yes, the school nurse…the woman who was responsible for bandaging your ouchies and taking your temperature. (Although I am sure that the sight of Renee in this outfit could give anyone a fever.)

This shot got me to thinking about how many of you have nurse fantasies and then I wondered, “Have any of us actually fulfilled this fantasy?”

Well…have you?

I know that while I have harbored a few crushes on some of my doctors, I have never actually fucked one in the exam room of his private practice.

Nor have I ever had sex with a nurse in a supply closet of some hospital, either.

But I am thinking maybe someone out there has? And just that thought, that somewhere out there people are fucking nurses in closets and cumming all over their uniforms…well, that thought gives me hope.

So while I have yet to go the route of nurse fucking, if you have, I would like to hear about it…

because smut makes me happy. 🙂 It makes everything all better.

Chime in!





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Speaking of MRI machines and busty nurses…

January 11, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Slugworth mentioned in yesterday’s Blog about jacking in an MRI machine that if Cherry Brady or Renee Ross were there in nurses’ uniforms, he would make an effort.

Agreed, although we’d all rather be jacked than jack in that situation.

Nurses may be angels of mercy, but then there are some bad nurses out there, too. Really bad.

Not bad as in badly trained. Bad as in bad.

Presented to the court as evidence is this quartet of now-legendary bad nurses, responsible for more health crises than for alleviating them.

In their defense, this group is good at reducing the swelling…after they cause it.

Denise Derringer as the bad-ass nurse from Busty Dildo Lovers #5.

Cindy Cupps from the November ’07 SCORE. What does a nurse need a riding crop for?

Sarah Sunshine from Tits & Tugs #6, one of the hottest nurse scenes I’ve ever seen because of Sarah’s dirty talking.

Kianna Dior from BigBoobsPOV.com extracting semen samples in a non-prescribed technique.

A couple of years ago, a SCORELAND poll asked who your favorite fantasy girls are. A healthy 33% voted for the sexy nurse. But 47% voted for the sexy teacher. My own vote goes to the sexy nurse. In how many professions is there actual touching?

Denise Derringer: how bad is bad?

Denise Derringer: How bad is bad?

Cindy Cupps: good for what ails you.

Cindy Cupps: good for what ails you

Sarah Sunshine: nasty-talking nurse.

Sarah Sunshine: nasty-talking nurse

Kianna Dior: sperm sample extractor.

Kianna Dior: sperm sample extractor

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Health care SCORE-style with Nurse Lana Ivans

September 9, 2011 by Elliot James 3 Comments
Our answer to the health care crisis.

Our answer to the health care crisis.

Poor Barry. He’s gravely ill. Thank heavens (the hooter heavens) for this heavenly visiting nurse who looks suspiciously like little-but-stacked Lana Ivans.

She will bring him back to health with the advanced medical techniques this chesty nurse has become expert in.

Like checking his temperature by engulfing his meat thermometer with her mouth.

This miraculous healing event can be seen step-by-step at SCORELAND right now. Nine out of 10 doctors would recommend you see it. The tenth doctor was out playing golf.

And while she is revitalizing this poor boob, she doesn’t forget to extract a sperm sample in the form of a hot-jizz injection.

That’s why the title of our SCORE medical story is “The Cream-Filled Busty Nurse.”

By the way, what is the biggest-selling fantasy costume of them all in North America?

According to a recent survey of costume and adult lingerie shops, it’s the nurses’ outfit, sold in a variety of styles from Halloween-party costumes to the only-for-the-bedroom look.

Lana wears hers proudly.

When I’m an 85-year-old geezer, I hope my visiting nurse will look like Lana Ivans.

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Nurse Kelly on call!

February 18, 2011 by Elliot James 3 Comments
Hooter Hospital. The waiting list is huge.

Hooter Hospital. The waiting list is huge.

Nurses. Where would we be without them? Nowhere, my friends. Nowhere. Here is the ultimate answer to America’s health care crisis. She’s right here only at SCORELAND tomorrow, and her name is Nurse Kelly Christiansen.  When a nurse fills out her uniform the way Kelly can, there is no medical problem that can’t be solved. She is a busty angel of mercy. The schmuck shown here desperately needs a brain transplant. While that is beyond even Nurse Kelly’s immense capabilities, she can reduce the swelling.

There have been many warm-hearted, stacked nurses at SCORE’s Hooter Hospital over the years, their overflowing bras bringing joy and happiness to all they bump into. Caring, nuturing nurses who will not stand by filing their nails apathetically while men suffer the heartbreak of blue balls. Sperm sample extraction is Miss Christiansen’s specialty and this blonde head nurse has the advanced titty therapy techniques to do it. Society is all the better for her skills. Relief is only a click away. Thank you, Nurse Kelly. May we have another?

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