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How to make a model with Noelle Easton

April 25, 2014 by Elliot James 6 Comments

The life of a men’s magazine photographer is a rough one. You don’t believe me?

These men spend all day in the company of beautiful, hot girls who are completely naked almost all of the time.

They must photograph them all day with hardly a minute for coffee or lunch.

They often must ask the model, on-camera, the most-intimate of questions for interview purposes, questions of a sexual nature they would be too shy to ask their own spouses.

Their faces are regularly within one foot or less of the girls’ glistening pussies, which are wet from the excitement of being exposed.

Yes, it’s a difficult, unheralded demanding job.

How these men have the strength to drag themselves to work every morning is a testament to their job dedication.

See this new Noelle Easton scene today at SCORELAND and you may find a fresh appreciation for the sacrifices these photographers make to bring you the entertainment you seek.

Men's magazine photographers are unheralded heroes.

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The rise of the selfies

May 13, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

A selfie is a photo from mild to wild that a girl takes of herself with a digital camera or phone, then invariably posts it on some social network site.

There are two kinds of selfies. Sometimes the selfie is taken in a mirror; other times when the camera is at arms-length. Then there are the double selfies when the photographer and her friend are in the shot.

Selfies came into their own when cell phones began adding camera capabilities around 2004 but they really took off when smartphones hit in 2007.

Girls could have been taking selfies for years but they didn’t. If I had told a girl in school to take a self-shot of herself, she’d have thought I was nuts. They never thought of it for a second. And there was no internet. Who would see them?

Cameras the size of smartphones and smaller have been around for decades but the exposed film needed processing and that was 24 hours at the quickest, although Polaroid cameras produced instant prints.

Ease of use and immediate gratification is what attracts girls to selfies plus the websites to show themselves to the world. The latest digital cameras and smartphones can even show the subject what the picture will look like before she takes it.

Today, girls are camera-crazy and the smartphone is responsible for it.

Social scientists are just now beginning to study this exploding phenomenon.

I like seeing SCORELAND models’ selfies. It’s just not easy for them to get their boobs in the shot.

Krystal Swift pops a selfie.



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You can call it SCORELAND Remastered. You can call it SCORELAND Lite. We call it SCORELAND2.

May 4, 2012 by Dave 9 Comments


Linsey's first fuck is one of the scenes Elliot and I selected for your viewing pleasure at SCORELAND2.

The other day, I mentioned that we were in the process of launching a new big-boob website that would be of interest to many of you. I also mentioned that the new website is a labor of love for me and Elliot James. Well, after months and months of planning and preparation and video editing and website building, the new website has finally gone live. You should know that it’s also a labor of love for SCORE chief John Fox. But more on that later.

The new website is called SCORELAND2, but it could have been called “The Best of SCORELAND Remastered.” It consists of some of the greatest scenes culled from SCORELAND, SCOREVideos.com, XLGirls.com and many of our single-model sites, all brought together in one place. Solos, lots of hardcore and even SCORE legends. Photos and videos. It’s a labor of love because Elliot and I hand-picked all of the scenes (and wrote all the copy based on our personal experiences with the girls). SCORELAND2 is like having access to the editors’ stash of go-to scenes.

Elliot and I had several guiding principals when choosing the scenes. 1.) The girls had to be great; 2.) The scenes had to be hot; 3.) None of the scenes could have been originally posted on our websites within the past two years. So, no newcomers, no new scenes.

Now, I’m sure after reading those last two lines, you’re thinking, “Two years? No newcomers? No new scenes? What the fuck?”

$9.99 a month. $89.99 for a full year. Updated five days a week. That’s what the fuck.

Basically, if you’re looking to jack to high-quality big-boob videos on the cheap, this is your place.

Janet Jade is one of my go-to girls.

The entire movie "Angela White Finally Fucks" makes SCORELAND2 worth the price of admission just by itself.

Which brings me to the part about this being a labor of love for John Fox. I think it was two or three years ago when John first brought up the idea of SCORELAND2. If I remember correctly, he had been watching too much HBO2, and that got him to thinking, “If there can be an HBO and an HBO2, why can’t there be a SCORELAND and a SCORELAND2?” The thinking was that there had to be some kind of middle ground between $29.99 a month for SCORELAND and free for crap. A big-boob website for people who, well, to be honest, couldn’t (or didn’t want to) cough up $29.99 a month for SCORELAND but wanted something better than…well, you know what.

But the idea was put on the backburner for a while. And then, last summer, it resurfaced. And now, it’s a reality.

If you’re looking for new girls, new scenes and the most girls, photos and videos of any website out there, there’s still no substitute for SCORELAND.

But let me tell you something: Right now at SCORELAND2, Linsey Dawn McKenzie is fucking, and Janet Jade is fucking her pussy with a power drill and–GET THIS!–the entire DVD Angela White Finally Fucks (all one hour, 44 minutes of it) is streaming.

And it’s all only $9.99. As the great Alfred E. Neuman said, “Cheap!”

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And now, one of the greatest displays of cleavage in the history of the world…

February 6, 2012 by Dave 15 Comments

I didn’t think anything could take my mind off the Super Bowl. But then I saw the photo set of Micky Bells that’s posting today at SCORELAND (with the video to follow tomorrow).

There are football games, and then there are football games.

There’s cleavage, and then there’s cleavage.

Micky Bells has more cleavage than 99.999% of the women in the world have total tits. Micky Bells is the Cleavage MVP. Micky Bells’ cleavage can almost make me stop thinking about the Super Bowl.




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Girls holding their magazines, part deux

January 3, 2010 by Elliot James 7 Comments
Back in Germany Annina, Annina held her first SCORE mag, May '08.

Back in Cologne, Germany, Annina held her first SCORE mag, May '08.

When I did the first “Girls holding magazines” BLOG article, Jack commented: “I agree that having a model hold up her SCORE pictorial brings everything full circle. Interesting to see that each model is smiling and proudly displaying her pictorial. I believe this brings back the human element and establishes the sense of realism. I hope you keep doing this practice. Just call me old school.”

Down under, Angela White holds Voluptuous down under.

Down under, Angela White holds Voluptuous down under.

Emily Cartwright in Preston, England with Oct. 08 V-Mag.

Emily Cartwright in Preston, England with Oct. '08 V-Mag.

For this blog, we go full circle, to use Jack’s term, with another collection of SCORELAND babes holding up their stuff with a look in their eyes that says, “I did that!”

I have to say that I’d rather see the girls in this kind of picture wearing a sexy, low-cut top or dress rather than naked. I know that sounds crazy. Yet there’s something really beyond words about a photo of a naked woman, like Brittany O’Neil here, happily holding up a magazine with a picture of her with a cock thrusting inside her from the movie SCORE Xtra #10. She looks proud. And I’m happy she’s proud.

Who holds the record for the most photos of holding up stuff?

Brittany O'Neil at SCORE with May '04 SCORE.

Brittany O'Neil at SCORE with May '04 SCORE.

Renee in the SCORE Studio.

Renee in the SCORE Studio.

It’s probably Angela White, shown above with the December ’04 Voluptuous. Since the beginning, she’s sent us photos from her crib in Australia holding mags, DVDs, her 2007 V-Mag Model of the Year award, shirts, all kinds of goodies. Hey, Angela, how many magazine covers have you been on since 2003?

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Boobs win by a foot

July 28, 2009 by Elliot James 5 Comments
All of Melissa Mandlikova

All of Melissa Mandlikova.

A while ago, we received an email from a regular who wanted to see more feet in the pictures, specifically bare feet. His email was gigantic, so I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version: “I go nuts for your gorgeous, big-titted, all-natural models, but I also want to admire their bare feet in all their glory. I am not asking for weird stuff like bondage or peeing. I am not asking for more preggers or hirsute models, who always cause raging debates. I am not even asking to get rid of all the shoes, sneakers, socks, hoses which you (or your readers, or both) seem to adore. I am just asking you to not despise so systematically a beautiful part of every model’s body, which is so readily available: her feet, bare as they come in many real-life situations.”

Melissa footloose. Which do you like better?

Does this change your opinion of the photo?

We actually did a poll on SCORELAND about this issue, and the feet were defeated. Only 23% said they like to see both boobs and feet while 52% said feet are unimportant in big-boob photography. The remaining 25% like a mix of both. Personally, I like to see a model’s feet in the shot but I prefer seeing them wearing heels. (Stripper shoes are the best in my book.) When I’m outside and looking at girls, first I look at their chests, then I look at their feet. But I have to admit, that poll carried a lot of weight with me. The majority are just not into de feet.

Where do you stand on feet?

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