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But if you ask me, they’re all winners

January 4, 2014 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Bella French is one of the rare Canadian SCORE Girls.

Now that the balloting has closed at SCORELAND for the 2013 SCORE and V-mag Awards, it’s time to start counting votes. That’s easy with the Internet votes; they were automatically tallied each time someone voted. But it’s more difficult with the paper ballots from magazine readers because they have to be counted by hand. Which is what we’re doing now.

So, I’d like to say that a clearer picture of who’s going to win has emerged, but that’s only half true. Very often–for example, with the “20 for 20” voting a few years ago –the magazine and Internet people have different opinions.

But, having looked at the SCORELAND vote and glanced at the magazine ballots, here are three early observations:

1. Sha Rizel’s lead for SCORE Newcomer is not as big as I thought it would be, and Bella French still has a chance, especially when you consider that the magazine voters (many of whom have been with us since the 1990s), tend to like the slim ‘n’  stacked girls like Bella. So although Sha is a likely winner, it’s not over yet.

2. I think something special might happen in the V-mag Awards, something that’s never happened before.

3. Daylene Rio has become one of the most-popular SCORE Girls. I’m not saying she’s going to win anything (she’s up for SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year, which she won in 2012, and Model of the Year). But her popularity has grown along with her tits and her ass.

Okay, one more observation: I think V-Men have decided, once and for all, that Hitomi is a genuine V-Girl.

Did you vote? If so, who did you vote for and why?

Will Daylene Rio win Hardcore Performer of the Year again?

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SCORELAND asks: Do you go with your wife, girlfriend or lady friend when she goes bra shopping?

October 19, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Yes, we would go bra shopping anywhere with Terry Nova. Even in her closet.

We asked in a Poll, “Do you go with your wife, girlfriend or lady friend when she goes bra shopping?”

Most guys have to be dragged along on any kind of female shopping safari. “Can we go home now?” is a familiar lament heard in malls and stores around the world.

However, for this all-important garment, so dear to our hearts and so near to their hearts, the answers were different.

Our survey revealed that:

19% said yes.

33% answered yes and said they offered feedback on her choices during bra selection.

44% said no.

3% said their girl buys her bras on-line, not at stores, depriving them of the pleasures of sitting near or even in the dressing room of the ladies’ lingerie section, depending on how liberal the management is.

So the yeas beat the nays.

Going along on a bra-shopping trip is a healthy activity for men.

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Blog readers love Christina Hendricks, DP and a pretty face. Girl-girl? Not so much.

December 13, 2012 by Dave 6 Comments

Holly Halston takes two at SCORELAND and in the DVD My Wife, Your Meat!

SCORELAND Blog readers love giving their opinions (which, I guess, is what blogging is all about). Here are the results of recent Blog polls.

First, one of my favorite polls:Which busty mainstream celebrity would you most like to see in a fuck film? Christina Hendricks, the only good reason to endure the plot-less TV show Mad Men, is the winner with an astounding 53%. I think Dexter is one of the best shows on TV. If Christina Hendricks played Dexter’s sister (rather than the spectacularly flat-chested Jennifer Carpenter), it would be the greatest TV show in history (surpassing the episodes of Maude when busty Adrienne Barbeau showed up wearing tight tops). Dolly Parton tied for second with 14%, pretty impressive considering she’s 66 years old. Sofia Vergara also had 14%. Then came Mariah Carey and Salma Hayek. I would have included Jennifer Tilly in the poll, but she’s been faking cleavage and big tits for years (although I certainly appreciate her efforts).

Several months ago, we asked, “What do you like most about women’s bodies after big boobs?” And the winner was…pretty face at 37%. Who says we men are shallow? “Nice pussy” didn’t even finish in the top three (although great ass did at 22%). I asked Elliot this question and he said, “Their brains.”

Just kidding.
After watching Stephanie Stalls getting double-pounded at SCORELAND, we asked, “What do you think about DP in girl-boy-boy scenes?

Back in the day, Sierra and Autumn-Jade hooked up in one of the greatest girl-girls ever.

Well, talk about a split-decision…41% said they love it. 35% said they hate it. But 17% also said they like it once in a while, so the majority (58%) wants to see some DP. We’ll see what we can do. Not all girls will do DP. Most girls won’t even do anal.
And, finally, the age-old question, “Do you want to see more girl-girl at SCORELAND?”

You know, I’m always getting letters from guys asking for more girl-girl. And whenever I do, I think, “Unless times have really changed, these guys are in the minority.” Well, they are because 58% turned their thumbs down to more girl-girl.

So, to recap, most of you would like to see Christina Hendricks getting DP’d. I’m definitely in favor of that.

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The world’s a-Twitter. Scoreland’s a-titter.

October 25, 2012 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Stephanie Stalls is all a titter.

A few weeks ago, I asked SCORELAND members if they go on any social networks. There are hundreds of these sites, and many countries have their own home-grown versions in their own languages. (Weibo is huge in China.)

But the current leaders in North America are Facebook and Twitter. Once king of the hill, MySpace is in the dumpster (which is where Facebook stock shares are currently residing).

The results were:

Facebook: 63%
Twitter: 10%
Google+: 5%
MySpace:  2%
Not listed: 20% (which seems to indicate that they don’t bother with them, period)

So why should you go on Twitter?

Two words: SCORE boobs.

Twitter isn’t just for smartphone users, although it was originally created for 24/7 phone users.  A person can go on Twitter on any desktop, lap top or tablet and communicate in short bursts of no more than 140 characters.

Maria is in charge of the SCORELAND Twitter site, where you can find the latest updates about who’s shaking their big boobs here, SCORE news, events, photos, new models, video links and other good things to keep abreast of. Lots of SCORELAND and XLGirls models follow us, too. You might meet some of your favorites.

I say join in and follow us.

Stay twitillated, my friends.

What else did I want to mention today? Oh, yeah. Sarah Rae’s got her Finger In The Pie over at XLGirls today. XLGirls.com is not responsible for seizures when you see her huge 38J boobs unleashed once again.

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No Stalling around. Stephanie Stalls goes for the whole she-bang tomorrow

July 18, 2012 by Elliot James 1 Comment

If one picture is worth a thousand words, writers would be writing captions only.

And if one pic is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video clip worth?

While pondering these Zen-like statements, please also ponder the amazing sight of Kentucky kutee Stephanie Stalls as she shuts off her brakes and goes for total wildness with two eager fellows.

Stephanie’s huge, 40 inch, 34F tits will also weigh heavily upon your mind as you ponder this subject.

As Dave wrote last week about seeing a girl get double penetrated, there are good things (wild and crazy sex) and bad things (way too much guy-ass).

Only a tiny handful of SCORE Girls have done DP in 20 years.

In a poll currently on the SCORELAND home page, only 31% like to see DPs while 36% would rather see two-girl/one-guy threesomes.

The only SCORE Girl I’ve ever met who absolutely loves double-penetration was Annina.  “Me riding the man who is in my ass reverse-cowgirl and the other man in my pussy, or with me on all fours riding one man while the other is in my ass,” Annina told me when I asked her which positions she prefers.

Look out for those couch burns.


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What’s going on behind the scenes at SCORELAND? A lot!

May 1, 2012 by Dave 15 Comments

Brandy Dean returns Friday in XXX action at SCOREVideos.com, then later in the month at SCORELAND.

There’s a lot going on here at The SCORE Group. Of course, we’re always excited about putting out the monthly mags, but these days, there’s a lot of website-related excitement in the air. Now, I know that a lot of you are going to want specifics, and you can ask for them all you want, but…well, let’s just say that there are some things I’m at liberty to reveal and some things I’m not at liberty to reveal. So here goes:

1. COMING SOON (very soon, I think): a new model-related contest for SCORELAND members. This one will be similar to “The Best of the Decade” voting we did a few years back and it will be tied to SCORELAND‘s upcoming celebration of SCORE magazine’s 20th anniversary. Of course, you must be a SCORELAND member to vote.

2. ALSO COMING SOON: A brand-new website. Yes, a brand-new big-boob website, and this one is going to be of interest to a lot of Blog readers. I’m not going to tell you anything else about it. I am going to tell you that it’s in its final testing stage right now. I will also tell you that it’s a labor of love for me and Elliot James.

Coming soon: Cum inside Eva Notty

3. ALSO COMING SOON (although not soon enough as far as I’m concerned): New Brandy Dean! Yep, the creamy skinned, huge-titted, red-haired country girl recently walked into our studio for the first time in nearly four years, and I gotta tell you, she looks sensational. I think she’s gotten bustier. She disagreed. I pointed out to her that her tits were destroying the bra she was wearing. She pointed out that her DDD-cups were being squeezed into a C-cup bra. I stopped asking questions.

4. AND COMING EVEN SOONER: Eva Notty, 2010 Model of the Year and one of our favorites here, gets her pussy creamed for the first time on video. I’m talking about a creampie, of course. Now, I know a lot of you guys are into facials and cumming on tits, but I’m telling you, Eva’s creamed cunt is worth viewing.

That’s all for now. Of course, there’s lots more, every day, but I just thought you’d like to know.

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You’re not going to believe this, but we think about big tits a lot around here

April 21, 2012 by Dave 15 Comments

Did you know that we recently passed our 10,000th comment on the SCORELAND Blog? I’m not sure if that’s a lot or a little (it sounds to me like a lot, especially considering that during the early days of the Blog, comments were merely trickling in), but I do know that it’s 10,000 more comments than we would have received if there was no SCORELAND Blog. As this is being written, the official number is 10,114 (not counting the trash our spam filter gets rid of).

From the beginning, the idea behind the SCORELAND Blog was to bring together a community of like-minded big-boob lovers, and I think we’ve done that. And when examining the results of recent Blog polls, it’s obvious what Blog readers are always thinking about: big tits.

For example, we had this question: What do you think about creampies in big-boob XXX scenes? The most-popular answer: “They’re okay, but I’d rather see the pop on her tits, mouth or face.”

Well, how about that? Tits, mouth or face? We asked, “Given the choice, would you prefer the pop shot in a big-tit XXX scene to land on the model’s face or on her tits?”  Ffity-eight percent said “her tits,” which is not surprising except for one thing: In almost all of our videos, the pop shot lands on the girl’s tits…and you guys obviously aren’t getting tired of that at all.

And most-recently we asked, “What’s your favorite part of a big-tit girl-girl scene?” The most-popular answer by far: boob mashing and sucking, way ahead of pussy-eating, kissing and strap-on fucking.

I’m not even sure why we bothered asking, “Other than breasts, what is your favorite part of a woman’s body?” The No. 1 answer by a lot was ass, which isn’t surprising because some psychologists theorize that tits are ass on a woman’s chest and ass is tits at the top of a woman’s legs.

Me? I haven’t thought about it that deeply. I’m just wondering how the Blog video below didn’t make it onto Maria and Elliot’s Top 5 of all-time.


width=640 height=360]


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There are times you want to fuck and times you just want to watch people fuck…as long as those people are porn stars

February 21, 2012 by Dave 2 Comments

Fact: Porn studs get to do the things most of us don't get to do, like fuck two girls like Daylene Rio and Sara Jay at the same time. That is a fact, right?

The most-recent “Blog” poll asked, “Given the choice, would you prefer the pop shot in a big-tit XXX scene to land on the model’s face or on her tits?” Fifty-eight percent went for tits and 42% went for face, which is pretty consistent with the results the last time we asked this question a few years ago.

This made me think about how different porn sex is from the sex you and I have in our regular lives. It made me realize that although reality porn is the big thing these days, there’s a thick line between porn sex and real sex. For example:
1. In your personal life, where have most of your cum shots landed? I’m guessing that most of you will say, “In the woman’s pussy” or “In the condom that’s in the woman’s pussy,” or “in the woman’s mouth,” not on her tits or face.
2. Really, truly, have many times have you piledrive-fucked a woman? I’m talking about turning her upside-down so her head was on the ground, grabbing her by the legs, spreading ’em wide and fucking her pussy or ass?
3. How many times have you fucked a woman’s face? I’m not saying just having her lie back with her head off the end of the mattress so you can stick your cock in her mouth. I’m talking about her lying down and you standing over her and throat-fucking her from above.
4. How many times has a woman blown cum bubbles or played with your sticky nut sauce?
5. How many times has a woman sucked her own pussy (or ass) juices off your cock?
All of these things are, in my opinion, pretty hot. And the fact that some (most?) of us have never done most (all?) of them in our personal lives doesn’t make them any less hot. In fact, that makes them hotter.
Where am I going with this? Well, the other day, I was reading a bio sheet that one of our models filled out, and under, “How often do you masturbate?” she put, “I don’t masturbate. I have sex.”
And I was like, “What does one have to do with the other?” And, at least to me, that’s a good thing.
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Wild, nasty fuck talk, or silence is golden…which do you prefer?

February 5, 2012 by Dave 10 Comments

If you were fucking Kerry Marie, would you be okay with it if she suddenly let loose with, "Oh, fuck my big tits! Slam your cock in my dirty whore cunt"? Or would you just be happy that you're fucking Kerry and you wouldn't give a fuck what she said?

The poll currently running at SCORELAND asks, “Who does the best dirty (or erotic) talking out of this list?” The choices are Christy Marks, Crystal Gunns, Eva Notty, Kelly Christiansen, Kerry Marie and Stephanie Stalls.

This is an interesting list that Elliot has compiled. I have to admit, I normally don’t think of nasty fuck talk when I think about Kerry Marie and Kelly Christiansen, but Elliot did add the “erotic” disclaimer. A lot of other girls could have gone on this list, but Elliot wasn’t try to publish a phone book. Several months ago, I pointed out that Gya Roberts said, “I want you to fuck me on the floor like naughty, wild animals. I want all the neighbors to hear us, baby. I’m going to suck your cock so bad. I’m going to suck it with my mouth on it and then put it between my breasts.” Pretty good stuff. And Sonja Haze, an XLGirls.com newcomer, followed up a torrent of “fucks” with, “Oh, fuck my dirty whore pussy!” As sex talk goes, it doesn’t get much nastier than that.

Elizabeth Starr can also unleash the fuck talk, throwing out the filthy words almost non-stop in a XXX video that’s airing at SCORELAND. “Oh, fuck that pussy! Oh, now you’re trying to play with my asshole, aren’t you? You know how to fuck that pussy, don’t you? Fuck that pussy! Hold that ass!”

Damn fine stuff.

Some guys like the “lady in the boardroom, whore in the bedroom” thing. I kinda go for the “whore in the boardroom, whore in the bedroom” thing, but that’s a matter of personal taste. I do like it when a girl who seems shy and demure starts screaming the “F” and “C” (cock, cunt, cum) words like an out-of-control slut. It’s so unexpected.

So, here are my questions for you:

1. Who are your all-time greatest fuck-talkers among SCORE Girls?

2. Do you like when a woman keeps it kind of demure, like, “Oh, fuck my pussy!” or do you like it when she goes all out, as in, “Oh, fuck my dirty whore cunt!”?

3. When you’re having sex in your personal life, do you like when your partner unleashes the fuck talk? If your wife or girlfriend or whatever said, “Slide your big, greasy rod in my needy cunt,” would that turn you on or get you soft? Or does it depend on the situation?

Of course, I ask these questions for research purposes only, but I kindly ask that you answer them…you dirty, sleazy, fuckin’ Blog readers!


NOTE FROM ELLIOT: I apologize for hijacking Dave’s Blog but I have to include a SCOREVideos link to a girl I am convinced has one of the dirtiest mouths of any SCORE model of the last ten years, Dolly, a very underrated brunette from the northeast . Listen to the filth Dolly says in these two clips. Sheer poetry. Pure magic. Total enchantment. The torrent of dirty words is non-stop in the video she did for us. It was a very long video, almost 40 minutes, and she doesn’t stop the fuck talk for a second. The quality of Dolly’s voice is very sexy too. I’d have chosen different clips myself for this sampling but you’ll get the idea. Here’s the link.

Then there’s Dolly Delight, the Brit blonde who recently traveled with the SCORE peeps to Montego Bay, Jamaica. She’s got her nasty rap down very nicely too, in an English accent. Props to her also. I love potty mouthed girls. Click here for this Dolly.

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Face it: When it comes to guys in XXX photos and videos, who knows what we want?

October 11, 2011 by Dave 13 Comments
It is impossible to show a photo of a girl smothering a guy's face with her tits without showing his face. Or at least the part of it that's not smothered, in this case by Destiny Rose.

It is impossible to show a photo of a girl smothering a guy's face with her tits without showing his face. Or at least the part of it that's not smothered, in this case by Destiny Rose.

Few debates are more contentious around these parts than the one over whether we should show a guy’s face in XXX pictorials and videos…and, if we do, how often. You know, there used to be a time in XXX videos when the camera would cut to the guy’s face all the time, which could get kind of frustrating when you were just about to shoot your load, couldn’t hold back and suddenly saw the guy’s face filling the screen. This doesn’t happen anymore–at least not in SCORE Group scenes–but totally eliminating the guy from a XXX scene is just about impossible. I mean, somebody has to be fucking the girl, right?

Anyway, we recently asked, “Should we show the guys’ faces in XXX pictorials?” And your answers were:

Who cares? 28%

Only when the guy is eating pussy or sucking tits, or maybe if the girl is sitting on his face. 24%

No, never. 22%

Yes. Two people are having sex, and I want to see both of them. 14%

Yes, but we don’t need to see the guy’s face when he’s cumming. 11%

So about half of you are in favor of seeing the guy sometimes, another quarter don’t want to see him ever and 28% just don’t give a shit.

Which means we’re right back where we started.

Here are more results from recent Blog polls:

Have you ever written a letter or email to an adult magazine or website?

No, but I might one day. 40%

Yes, several times. 24%

No, and I never would. 19%

Yes, but only once. 17%

GGB three-ways are very popular with Blog readers. This one with Eva Notty and Sarah Satori goes live this week at SCORELAND (photos and video).

GGB three-ways are very popular with Blog readers. This one with Eva Notty and Sarah Satori goes live this week at SCORELAND (photos and video).

What’s the hottest sex position to see a big-boobed girl in?

Cowgirl 28%

Doggie 26%

Reverse cowgirl 24%

Missionary 13%

Piledriver 3%

Sideways (spoon) 6%

What is your favorite piece of warm-weather clothing for a busty girl to wear in public?

Bikini top 42%

Tank top 20%

Tube top 16%

Halter top 11%

T-shirt 10%

Of the following types of XXX scenes, which is your favorite?

Anal 29%

Tits and tugs 27%

Creampie 14%

GBG 3-way 13%

Interracial 9%

BGB 3-way 8%

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