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This weekend at SCORELAND: Katie and Danniella, and a new episode of SCOREtv

December 18, 2015 by Dave 6 Comments

The view from below of Danni (left) and Katie.

“I love Katie’s big boobs,” Danniella Levy said.

“Danni’s body is perfect,” Katie Thornton said.

When British birds Katie and Danniella visited the SCORE studio last month, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to take them to the pool for an outdoor girl-girl shoot.

And that shoot goes live today at SCORELAND. Photos and videos. Katie and Danniella had never met until we brought them together, but they became fast friends.

It’s Danniella’s weekend at SCORELAND. A new SCOREtv goes live Sunday, and Danniella’s one of the stars. This all-big-boobs edition also features Allie Pearson, Claudia Marie, Kate Marie and newcomer Holly Wood (officially debuting this Tuesday). Allie demonstrates how much stuff she can fit in her cleavage (a lot!). Kate demonstrates her tit-fucking technique. Holly takes us behind the scenes at the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. And Claudia’s her usual vivacious self. I sit there and gawk.

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Danniella meets Katie. Katie meets Danniella. SCORELANDers, meet Danniella & Katie

November 17, 2015 by Dave 14 Comments

Danniella (left) and Katie became fast friends.

To say Katie Thornton and Danniella Levy got along famously when they met for the first time in Miami last week could be the understatement of the century.

Katie loved Danniella. Danniella, a newcomer to SCORELAND (she’ll debut December 3), loved Katie. They’re both from the UK. They both have huge tits. They enjoyed playing with each other.

We took them to the pool. I mean, isn’t that what you do with babes like these?

You’ll actually have the chance to see some video outtakes from this shoot when SCOREtv Episode 3 goes live this Sunday. Also featured: Sheridan Love, Allie Pearson and Claudia Kealoha.

It has come to my attention that winter weather has arrived in many parts of the world. This oughta warm you up.

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Today at SCORELAND, foreplay with Sheridan Love

May 7, 2015 by Dave 4 Comments

Sheridan looks like she's ready to dive right in.

This is Sheridan Love Month at SCORELAND. On Thursday, May 14, we’ll get to see Sheridan’s first on-camera fuck photos and video. Then we’ll get to watch her fuck again on the following two Thursdays.

But today. Sheridan is in a monokini. She jumps into the water. That’s so she can get wet. But Sheridan is always wet.

Anyway, think of today’s solo photo and video posting as foreplay. It’ll get you ready for what’s to come. And cum.


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Two very good reasons to wake up in the morning (or is that four?)

August 13, 2014 by Dave 1 Comment

Jaded Dawn


Casey Deluxe

Yesterday, Jaded Dawn debuted at SCORELAND.

Tomorrow, Casey Deluxe debuts.

Life is good.

And who knows? Maybe Friday will bring good news from the busty girl who works the register at the burger joint. A spicy one, that girl. We heard she offered to take one of her co-worker’s virginity. But that’s a story for another day.

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Your date with busty blonde Tori Karsin starts now

July 23, 2014 by Dave Leave your thoughts

Tori is ready for her closeup.

Today at SCORELAND, meet Tori Karsin, a DDD-cup blonde from Houston, Texas who’s making her debut in the big time.

“Can’t wait to see my photo shoots published later this month,” Tori wrote on her blog after she returned home from her first shoot. “It was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to see the final pictures and videos. Anxious to see how it all turned out.”

It turned out great, and you’re going to get treated to a quadruple shot of this 42-27-38 MILF: photos and videos of Tori flashing her hot body all over Miami and then cooling off in the pool and showing us her big tits and sweet pussy.

“I’m really a small town girl,” she said. “I come from the suburbs of Houston. I’m impressed by Miami, the buildings, the traffic. Everybody watching me, honking their horns. When they were honking, it made my pussy wet. I like the attention my big boobs get.”

Her face, her boobs, her pussy…they’re all going to get plenty of attention, starting right now at SCORELAND.

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Big boobs in the corner pocket today at SCORELAND

March 14, 2014 by Elliot James 7 Comments

I believe that a milestone in big-boob history was made when Joana and Vanessa met for the first time in the Dominican Republic and decided to shoot a game of pool.

Are they huge-chested pool-hall hustlers?

Huge-chested, yes.

Hustlers, no.

The game falls apart as the two spokeswomen from Romania and Poland forge ahead with their summit meeting on the green felt.

There is a lot to be said for international cooperation, although what they do with their natural big boobs may violate the rules of the World Pool-Billiard Association.

Excuse me while I go play some pocket pool and watch their video again.

Joana and Vanessa rack 'em up.

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Self-sucking, deep-pussy fingering and more with the great Gya Roberts

September 24, 2012 by Dave 7 Comments

Gya Roberts with a pool cue. Gya wishes it was a cock, and I'm sure the pool cue wishes it were a cock, too.

I just finished watching Gya Roberts‘ video that went up today at SCORELAND. If memory serves, there was a pool table involved, but all I remember is, in order of appearance:

1. A low-cut, red sweater.

2. Cleavage.

3. Self-sucking.

4. Finger jamming of the pussy.

5. A lot of filthy fuck talk.

And, with this video, Gya Roberts officially moves to the top of my list of “Girls Who I Can’t Believe Have Never Done Hardcore.” Fortunately, Angela White used to be at the top of that list, and I say fortunately because she has now done hardcore, and I’m hoping Gya one day will, too.

Although, if she doesn’t, it really won’t matter much. I can’t imagine anything being hotter than Gya’s tits-in-your-face, pussy-in-your-face, ass-in-your-face, nipples-in-her-mouth, pool-cue-humping, frigging-her-pussy-til-the-cunt-cream-comes-out scene today.

Gya can really be a filthy, dirty slut, and I mean that with the utmost respect.

Gya talks about her pussy a lot. I’ve never seen a girl with so much to say about her own pussy.

And (by the way) she has slimmed down from the first time we shot her in 2011 and is now a true SCORE/Voluptuous crossover model.

Gya Roberts. What a slut goddess


This week at SCORELAND:

Wednesday: Maria with bustier-than-ever Melissa Manning in The Greatest Blog Video Ever.

Friday: Maggie Green fucks.



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Jenna Valentine kicks off “Puerto Vallarta Vacation”

August 22, 2011 by Elliot James 7 Comments
Puerto Vallarta Vacation with Jenna Valentine.

Puerto Vallarta Vacation with Jenna Valentine.

On this day, Jenna Valentine puts on and takes off her teeny weeny purple polka dot bikini poolside overlooking the Mexican resort city Puerto Vallarta in a boob-packed pictorial and video (plus candids) in Part One of “Puerto Vallarta Vacation.” Now that’s a bikini stretcher! Jenna’s boobs and bod are looking more awesome than ever. Her now-raven-black hair is very sexy, too. Mexico just got a lot hotter.

Has it been over a year since Jenna teamed with Karla James, Taylor Steele, Natalie Fiore and Arianna Sinn for “On Location Grand Bahama”? Where does the time go? Natalie rejoined Jenna in Mexico, and their new bosom buds are Leanne Crow, Hitomi and Micky. We’ll be seeing those hotties as Puerto Vallarta Vacation week continues.

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Micky Bells: Wet and cumming soon!

June 27, 2011 by Maria 24 Comments
Micky knows how to cool down on a hot day in Jamaica!

Micky knows how to cool down on a hot day in Jamaica!

I love seeing a new pair of boobs. Micky Bells’ are no exception. Known predominantly as a webcam girl, we caught up with Micky In Jamaica and her big, hangin’ whoppers were a pleasure to see. She has those long, pendulous boobs that offer up loads of cleavage, AKA, dick slit, for you to enjoy. This shot features everything that is good in the world…a giant set of knockers, water and the famous SCORELAND T-shirt. Do you really need anything else for a great photo? Nah. Micky will be making her debut in V-mag very soon and you don’t want to miss it! (She even signed some of her bras for you, the fans. What a nice gal!) For now, enjoy Micky in all her wet glory. This photo makes me wanna go swimmin’ real bad.

xoxo, Maria

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Artsy and Erotic

August 5, 2010 by Maria 15 Comments
Ashley's face screams SEX, even though she is still half-dressed.

Ashley's face screams SEX, even though she is still half-dressed.

Sometimes photos don’t have to be super-porny to make me horny. (Hey! That rhymed!) Sometimes they just have to be appealing to the eye. For example, take Ashley Sage’s November 2009  V-Mag layout. We all know that she doesn’t show any pussy (and personally, I think she is hot enough to get away with it), but there is something fucking HOT about her eyes and her white skin in the water that makes me enjoy looking at her photos. They aren’t porny and overtly sexual…in fact, they are more artsy than anything else. Yet, I find her more erotic in these photos than I would if she, let’s say, showed me the entirety of her cookie, spread wide. Maybe it’s because I like to imagine that if I walked in and she was lying there naked, I would be turned on? Maybe it’s that she looks like a doll with her cherubic face and those come-hither eyes of hers? Whatever it is, THIS layout is one of my favorites, and it is also one of the most-tame I have laid eyes on in a while. Just wanted to share that and get your thoughts on artsy shots vs. overtly sexual ones. Do you really have to see it all to get off?

Curiously yours,


I don't have to see the whole cookie to know I wanna eat it.

I don't have to see the whole cookie to know I wanna eat it.

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