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What were your five favorite big-tit events of 2017?

January 3, 2018 by Dave 17 Comments

Alaura’s return was a big reason 2017 was special.

2017 is over, but it will be remembered as a great one for big-boob lovers. What were your five favorite big-tit events of 2017? Here are mine, in no particular order:

• Alaura Grey not only returns with bigger naturals but does her long-awaited first hardcore scenes.

• Nine months after returning from a long hiatus, blonde fuck doll Danielle Derek super-sizes her tits and does her first mega-rack DP.

• Our first naturally stacked sisters, Erin and Helen Star, debut at SCORELAND and in SCORE and Voluptuous.

SCOREClassics.com, the ultimate website for those of us who have very fond memories of the big ’80s and ’90s (and, in some cases, the ’70s), makes a smashing debut. John Fox’s idea of using the natural, original audio, including the exchanges between the photographers and the models, instead of wiping the audio and adding canned music is brilliant

• And here’s one that’s kind of personal and exclusive to me, the photographer and the makeup artist on the shoot: Meeting newcomer Amora Lee during her first-ever nude modeling shoot on December 22. This beauty has one of the best natural racks I’ve ever seen, and she’s coming soon. She’ll help make your 2018 great (and I’ll have a photo very soon).

There’s my list, and I’m not even including the sight of Mariah Carey, desperate to impress, freezing her tits off on New Years Eve in Times Square.


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The latest at SCORE Classics

September 20, 2017 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Tracy West takes time out from her desk job. Tracy didn’t model much but she made her mark. Still set and video at SCOREClassics.com

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The girls you’ve never forgotten, at SCORE Classics

July 21, 2017 by Elliot James 8 Comments

Do you remember Lisa Phillips?

Before the internet, social media sites and DVDs, we went every month to the newsstands and magazine stores to check out the latest big-boob issues and see who was the newest girl to bust out. Some of us subscribed by mail instead of the monthly visits. We bought the latest VHS tapes by mail-order to see our favorites in solo or hardcore action. It was a slower, more leisurely pace of life. Part of that pace was the anticipation, the increasing excitement and the build-up. It took time to get a new girl to the newsstands once she was filmed. The web changed all of that. Today, the internet has created a frantic need for instant gratification in just about everything. Every day is information overload day.

Which brings me to the new website SCOREClassics.com. The girls we waited monthly for in the late 1980s and early 1990s are the reason it was created. Girls who were the cover stars and busty sensations of that time, such as Lisa Phillips and Tracy West. Many of them were British or European naturals. Then the super-sized Americans arrived and began to outnumber them. The Yanks were exotic dancers filling the strip clubs of North America. The Brits and Europeans were more often than not students or held ordinary jobs.  Suzanne Brecht worked in a bank. Do you remember busty legends Cathy Patrick, Jeannine Oldfield and Debbie Jordan?

So what makes SCORE Classics so different?

Whether you bought those VHS tapes or have seen the digitized videos on the web in recent years, you saw the video after an editor erased the original audio of the directors and girls talking, removed bloopers, errors, camera movements as the photographer shifted his angles and re-takes, and added music.

The videos here are uncut and raw, struck from the tapes they were shot on with the original audio intact, depending on the physical condition of these decades-old videos shot on UMatic or Beta tapes that were stored away for years. One box of these big, heavy tapes weighs about 30 pounds. (Photographers today who just slip a tiny memory card into their digital cameras should thank the unknown tech geniuses who created these advances.)

You will hear the photographers directing and talking to the models, hear the voices of the models and the background sounds of the studios and locations.  We see the bloopers, the re-takes and the mistakes. No one outside the studios and editing rooms of that time has ever heard or seen these raw videos until now at SCOREClassics.com.

Do you remember Tracy West?



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Now showing at SCOREVideos.com: Minka in Tit Attack

August 8, 2012 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Minka in Tit Attack. Certified SCORE gold.

Here’s a hot movie that’s a go-to for many and still a steady seller on DVD.

Tit Attack with Minka, Lisa Lipps, Dee Dee Deluxx and Brittany O’Neil.

Minka’s impossibly gigantic breasts provide extra fantasy fuel for cruising tit-men as she walks the streets. Kinda like in that Sting song.

Dee Dee Deluxx is a cheating wife with a lover under the bed.

Lisa Lipps meets a tit-happy photographer.

Brittany is a big-boobed psychiatrist, a healer of minds. Our favorite kind of doctor.

Tit Attack‘s been reformatted for the SCORE Classics section of SCOREVideos.com.

The No-Tell Motel is the place where Minka provides expert full service, and more than just lip service, for guys who love Asian tail.

“How much?” asks one horny SUV driver.

“I charge a lot!” Minka answers with a smile, bending over and thrusting her massive melons into his passenger window. They almost don’t fit.

She knows all the right places. Kinda like a tour guide.

“Wow! Those are some huge tits! Hop in the car,” he tells Minka.

“You’re gonna love them,” murmurs Minka and you know she’s not kidding around.

“You fuck between my tits, get sucky-sucky, fucky-fucky. I fuck you long time.”

Matt turns out to be a fussy and demanding customer once they get busy in the motel room, and he gives Minka more cock thrusting and crazy fuck positions than she bargained for.

This scene was originally shot for the movie Busty Hookers but was later added to Tit Attack instead of a proposed “Busty Asian Hookers” DVD.

It’s Minka’s nastiest sexxx session, in my opinion.

It was shot in a real, themed motel where all kinds of couples go in and out all day, put a few dollars in the vibrating bed and bang for an hour. The mirrors on the ceiling are a nice decorator’s touch.

The place smelled like raw sex. You know what I mean?

The box cover art for Tit Attack.

During the shooting of the opening sequence with Minka in this napkin-size dress on the sidewalk, her jawdropping presence on the gritty street drew the attention of a lot of horn-blasting drivers.

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SCORE Girls then & now: mammaries are made of them

October 23, 2010 by Elliot James 1 Comment
Angel Eyes gets her copy of February '98 SCORE.

Angel Eyes gets her copy of February '98 SCORE.

Gorgeous Angel Eyes debuted in our November ’95 issue. She became a popular star on the strip club circuit and could be on the road dancing up to 46 weeks a year. Angel did very little photo and video modeling. She sailed on Boob Cruise ’98, the biggest cruise of the five voyages. A rare video for SCORE Xtra 2 (later re-edited into the DVD, SCORE Classics) drove guys crazy as Angel stripped, oiled, fucked her pussy with a huge vibrator and put a butt plug in her ass. Her last formal pictorial was a pairing with Lovette in June 2000. In October ’01, Alyssa Alps devoted her entire column “On The Road” to hanging out Angel who was getting into real estate. She retired not long afterwards and became a successful businesswoman.

Bre was never a benchwarmer on our team.

Bre was never a benchwarmer on our team.

Last seen in November ’03 SCORE. Georgia hottie Bre was a 19 year-old college co-ed when she started posing, eventually appearing in a total of ten pictorials for SCORE, Voluptuous and SCORELAND. She also chatted about herself in a video interview. “The thing is, I’m open to just about anything,” Bre said. “I like to have fun in bed. I like my body and I want men to enjoy it. I like my boobs and I want men to enjoy them, whether they’re just looking or playing with them. That’s one of the reasons I decided to pose.” She is a true girl-next-door. Today, Bre works in sales.

Kitchens were never dull with Ariana around.

Kitchens were never dull with Ariana around.

Ariana‘s Afghani heritage gifted her with a doe-eyed, sultry look that melted guys in her line of sight into puddles of goo. After sailing on Boob Cruise 2K in May ’00, exotic dancer Ariana went to a Mexican resort in August ’00 for the SCORELAND special On Location Puerto Vallarta. “She flirts a lot with her eyes and uses a lot of eye contact,” said her SCORE photographer. “She was doing this at the hotel in Mexico and practically had the male employees drooling.” Ariana’s first appearance in SCORE was the cover of July 2000, dressed as a belly dancer. Ariana also did a very hot girl-girl with Adina for the video Busty Auditions but never boffed any guys on camera like Adina did. The guys who sailed on Boob Cruise 2000 with Ariana still avidly talk, and ask, about her. Ariana, who lives in LA, never modeled for anyone after us.

Adina beached it on exotic islands with the Boob Cruisers.

Adina beached it on exotic islands with the Boob Cruisers.

The very sexy Adina appeared in four issues (July ’00. Holiday ’00, May ’01 and June ’01) and the DVD Boobs Ahoy! Boob Cruise 2000. She also boffed the cableguy in the Best of SCORE Xtra, her only XXX DVD. Originally a web-cam girl, Adina never posed for any other big-boob mags or video companies. “I found SCORE on the Internet, and it took me two weeks to think it over,” Adina told us in 2000. Adina was a dental tech student at the time of her SCORE debut. We remember her bringing her textbooks on the Boob Cruise clippership but how much studying she got done, we couldn’t tell ya. Adina quit modeling a couple of years after the Boob Cruise and didn’t pursue her dentisty studies but opted for a regular job in the nine-to-five world.

Lacey Legends could probably bench you.

Lacey Legends could probably bench you.

A bodybuilding champion, roller-skating champion, erotic boxer-wrestler and exotic dancer, Lacey Legend’s association with SCORE began in the Nov. ’92 issue in a girl-girl with Deena Duos (who made her covergirl comeback in July ’07). Always in fantastic shape, Lacey returned to SCORE at the age of 51 to pose for Sept. ’99 and later for April ’00 and August ’01. Not interested in hardcore action, Lacey appeared in the DVDs The Greatest Big-Bust Video Ever and Busty Dildo Lovers 1. Lacey left the scene in 2004, closing her website and trading in her lap dancin’ heels for a new career as a businesswoman. She gave a great lap dance so that was a sad day, for us anyway. “The look I like is both healthy and athletic,” Lacey said. “It’s fun acquiring and holding that look. However, you have to want that type of look. Some women want to carry it further than just toning their bodies. I was one of them.”

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