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Yes, Amora, we did notice that you also have a great ass

June 29, 2018 by Dave 7 Comments

Even when we’re admiring Amora’s very nice ass, we can’t keep our eyes off her tits.

Amora Lee, another of about 200 girls who I think belongs in V-mag‘s Top 25, returns to SCORELAND today with new photos and an interview. Amora was married for a while to a guy who didn’t even notice her tits. He was an ass-man. I just don’t understand that. You can be an ass-man and still appreciate Amora’s rack, can’t you?

So, you were married.

Amora: I was.

To a guy who didn’t like big boobs.

Amora: No, he was an ass guy.

What a waste.

Amora: He didn’t like big boobs, and then I showed up. We lasted for 13 years.

Did he ever play with your boobs?

Amora: No, never.

Did you want him to?

Amora: No. He never did, and I guess because I knew they were there and with me always trying to hide them, I was like, “Don’t play with my boobs.” But now that I’m a little older and not married, I’m like, “Oh, wow, this is great!”

Did he ever tit-fuck you?

Amora: No.

Have you ever been tit-fucked?

Amora: No. Never.


Amora: Ever. Never, ever in my life.

A guy’s never asked?

Amora: Never.

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Hitomi…Little waist, boobs all in your face

August 25, 2011 by Maria 27 Comments
Hitomi fills out the SCORELAND uniform quite nicely, dontcha' think?

Hitomi fills out the SCORELAND uniform quite nicely, dontcha' think?

Hitomi puts her own spin on how to hold the mic when you Kareoke.

Hitomi puts her own spin on how to hold the mic when you Karaoke.

Next up to bat in the “Puerto Vallarta Vacation Special” on SCORELAND is the Asian sensation Hitomi. If you haven’t already fallen in love with Hitomi…well, something is wrong with you. lol With her tiny waist and boobs all up in your face, Hitomi is what I like to call a “keeper.”

While she was in Mexico, she entertained the staff with her excellent Karaoke skills and by having fun with the other models. She tried on different outfits for them and even donned a SCORELAND tank top and danced around. While there were obvious language barriers, we like to think that Hitomi communicated with the other models through the International language of tits! (And what a glorious language that is.)

And speaking of tits, (when are we not speaking of tits, eh?) Hitomi’s tits look absofuckinglutely spectacular in today’s posting. She starts off in a tube top and removes it to reveal a tiny bikini top. Then she removes the top and reveals…HER TITS! (If there would have been another top under there, it would have been overkill.) She does a sexy, slow striptease eventually showing off her egg-shaped bush and her asshole. (Like most Japanese models, she doesn’t show off her, um, fortune cookie. It is a cultural thing.)

The best thing about this set, at least to me, is that it was shot out on the balcony overlooking lush greenery and a bunch of other houses and resorts. Maybe it’s my inner pervert, but I like to imagine that most of the people in those surrounding houses were tearing their homes apart looking for a set of binoculars to get a better look at the very naked, very busty Asian next door. lol

Hitomi has excellent side boob capabilities.

Hitomi has excellent side boob capabilities.

Hitomi's hangers make me so horny.

Hitomi's hangers make me so horny.

Luckily for all of you, you don’t need a pair of binoculars to see just how naked and giant-boobed Hitomi really is. And for those of you with logins to SCORELAND, you can see her video for this posting, too. Membership has its privileges, after all. But not to worry. I am posting a couple of photos of her posting, because big tits are meant to be shared.



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