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Alaura’s smiling because soon she’s gonna get it!

June 29, 2017 by Dave 16 Comments

Alaura’s lovin’ it!

The results are in from the poll in which we asked, “What’s your favorite part of Alaura Grey’s first tit-fuck and blow job scene at XLGirls.com?”

“The combined tit-fuck/blow job!” said 27%. The winner!

“Alaura’s smile as she rubs the cum into her face and tits!” said 25%.

“The tit-fuck!” said 23%.

“The glazing of her huge rack!” said 14%.

“The blow job!” said 11%.
Next Friday (one week from tomorow) at XLGirls.com, Alaura will get her sweet, tight pussy fucked on-camera for the first time. What about that scene are you looking forward to the most?
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Elizabeth, Alexa and Sandra…busty birds of a feather

January 10, 2016 by Dave 6 Comments

Sandra is very happy because she's about to stick that toy in her pink cunt.

Elizabeth Starr. Alexa. Sandra Star. What do they have in common?

Big tits.

They’re all slim ‘n’ stacked. They’re blondes.

They’re all from Germany? Nope. Sandra and Alexa are. Elizabeth is American.

Alexa's happy. You're happy. She's happy you're happy.

Elizabeth is smiling because she has a cock between her tits and she knows you're jacking off to her.

They all fuck on-camera? Kind of, but Alexa only sucks and tit-fucks (although she does both very well).

What they have in common is an air of approachability despite their magnificent bodies. They smile a lot, even when they’re fucking. They’re friendly. They not only enjoy what they’re doing; they look like they enjoy what they’re doing. And they seem so natural when they’re doing it. Getting cocks off, I mean.

Alexa and Elizabeth can both be seen deep inside SCORELAND. Sandra returns with new photos and a video today. Solo, but that’s okay. She’s great to look at, and if you want to see her in XXX action (anal, too), there’s lots of that at SCORELAND.

Elizabeth, Alexa and Sandra…big, blonde girlfriend material.

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The power of a SMILE

July 8, 2010 by Maria 5 Comments
Ashley Sage has a nice set of...teeth.

Ashley Sage has a nice set of...teeth.

Hello Boob LOVERS!

Now, I know you know that I love boobs almost as much as you do. That is a given. But here is something you may not know: I really dig a nice set of dugs framed by a pretty smile.

Aileen takes off her top with a wink and smile!

Aileen takes off her top with a wink and smile!

Don’t get me wrong, I told you in another post that I love fuck face, and I stand by that statement 100%. There is nothing like a woman who looks like she wants to go at it for hours…like she needs something in all of her holes ASAP! But as much as I love a good, horny look on a woman’s mug, I cannot stand PORN FACE. What kind of face is that? Well, I think it’s when a woman looks…serious? Angry? Aloof? Like she is thinking about laundry that needs doing or about what to have for dinner. It just makes me feel like I have no right to be looking at her. Like I am interrupting her or annoying her.

Ines knows her tits are something to smile about.

Ines knows her tits are something to smile about.

Lorna Morgan is all smiles, well, and tits.

Lorna Morgan is all smiles, well, and tits.

That’s why I love it when a woman shows me her (Tits, of course!) pearly whites. There is nothing as inviting as a pretty smile. It says, “Hi! I like you. I enjoy your eyes on me. Please, stare longer. I am friendly and I am naked.” (At least this is what it says to me.) Smiles are important! And most of you think so because according to the boob Jedi himself, Elliot, smiling is one of those great controversies discussed by the SCORELAND masses since 1992, and I can see why it’s a serious point of contention. Some of you like your gals to look serious and some of you like it when they look like they are having a good day.

Personally, I am all for a nice, inviting smile. I mean, look at the pics of the girls in this post. Who could say no to those pretty faces and those cheeky grins, eh? When it comes to faces, I think that smiles are all win! xoxo, Maria

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