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Krystal Swift’s water wings

January 9, 2018 by Elliot James 2 Comments

There’s a joke that retirement for many models is a three-week vacation. Krystal Swift took a break (we thought she had quit), returned and dropped out of sight again, and now she’s back for another spin. For how long we can’t say.

“I don’t need to draw attention because everybody knows that my boobs are huge,” Krystal told us. “I get a lot of attention every day.”

It may sound sick and perverted, but one of my favorite Krystal videos is the one she did a few years ago in which the Czech blonde is ironing a dress.

Krystal started in nude modeling after a photographer saw her. Later on…”When I saw a porn video for the first time, I wanted to try it myself. I liked it and people say I’m good at it.”

Krystal Swift has pliable water wings.


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A new girl from the land Down Under…Meet Rose Blush

July 20, 2017 by Dave 22 Comments

Here’s to Rose and her big naturals!

As Elliot pointed out yesterday when Alexsis Faye debuted, we’re having an outstanding run of big-boobed girls, naturally stacked or otherwise. SCORE Girls, V-Girls, XL Girls. Seems as if it’s feast or famine when it comes to finding busty babes, and these days, we’re having quite a feast.

The feast continues today at XLGirls.com. Dig in!

Meet Rose Blush, a sexy, funny, super-stacked natural who flew all the way from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California to become an XL Girl. That rack…holy shit! There’s an interview immediately following this swimming pool shoot.

The list of girls from Australia is short but special: Angela White, Lila Payne and, now, Rose, who just might be the bustiest of them all.

The great 1980s band Men At Work sang, “Do you come from a land down under?/Where women glow and men plunder?/Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?/You better run, you better take cover.

It should’ve been, “Where women grow.” And grow and grow. I’m not taking cover.

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The Kind Of Photo That Makes You Stop & Think…

January 8, 2012 by Maria 10 Comments
Tiffany Towers looks amazing in this pose, dontcha think?

Tiffany Towers looks amazing in this pose, don't cha think?

As an editor, I go through hundreds of shots everyday, looking for photos for the web, V-mag and our DVDs. Conducting a photo edit is actually one of my favorite parts of my job. I love the chance to look through different photo sets and see all of the big-boobed stunners that I love in different outfits and locations. Sometimes they are all dolled up in hot dresses and at a bar. Sometimes they are in sexy lingerie and on a bed. And sometimes they are in bikinis made out of dental floss and letting it all hang out on the shore of some exotic beach.

It’s also a chance for me to try and find one or two shots that are above and beyond amazing. The kind of shot that makes you stop and stare for a second because it is so visually stunning.

While a lot of photos are great and the models in them look beautiful and horny, the kind of shot I am talking about goes beyond that. It features the model in a way that I have never seen her before. It is such a strong visual that I feel as if I am seeing her for the first time.

That’s how I felt about this shot of the legendary Tiffany Towers that I happened upon while doing edits for her site. I find this shot absolutely spectacular on many levels.

The first is that Tiffany’s body looks incredible here. You can really tell how toned and in shape she was. The second is that her face looks extremely fucking horny to me. It might even be her “O” face. The last is that when I saw it, I thought about Tiffany Towers getting plowed in this position and what access to a cock this kind of flexibility would allow. That is a turn-on, right? I think so.

When a photo can inspire that many randy thoughts in an instant, then it is a great fucking photo.

What are your favorite photos? Are there any that capture your eye and your cock in one instant? Let me know because I would love to hear about them!



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Micky Bells: Wet and cumming soon!

June 27, 2011 by Maria 24 Comments
Micky knows how to cool down on a hot day in Jamaica!

Micky knows how to cool down on a hot day in Jamaica!

I love seeing a new pair of boobs. Micky Bells’ are no exception. Known predominantly as a webcam girl, we caught up with Micky In Jamaica and her big, hangin’ whoppers were a pleasure to see. She has those long, pendulous boobs that offer up loads of cleavage, AKA, dick slit, for you to enjoy. This shot features everything that is good in the world…a giant set of knockers, water and the famous SCORELAND T-shirt. Do you really need anything else for a great photo? Nah. Micky will be making her debut in V-mag very soon and you don’t want to miss it! (She even signed some of her bras for you, the fans. What a nice gal!) For now, enjoy Micky in all her wet glory. This photo makes me wanna go swimmin’ real bad.

xoxo, Maria

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Artsy and Erotic

August 5, 2010 by Maria 15 Comments
Ashley's face screams SEX, even though she is still half-dressed.

Ashley's face screams SEX, even though she is still half-dressed.

Sometimes photos don’t have to be super-porny to make me horny. (Hey! That rhymed!) Sometimes they just have to be appealing to the eye. For example, take Ashley Sage’s November 2009  V-Mag layout. We all know that she doesn’t show any pussy (and personally, I think she is hot enough to get away with it), but there is something fucking HOT about her eyes and her white skin in the water that makes me enjoy looking at her photos. They aren’t porny and overtly sexual…in fact, they are more artsy than anything else. Yet, I find her more erotic in these photos than I would if she, let’s say, showed me the entirety of her cookie, spread wide. Maybe it’s because I like to imagine that if I walked in and she was lying there naked, I would be turned on? Maybe it’s that she looks like a doll with her cherubic face and those come-hither eyes of hers? Whatever it is, THIS layout is one of my favorites, and it is also one of the most-tame I have laid eyes on in a while. Just wanted to share that and get your thoughts on artsy shots vs. overtly sexual ones. Do you really have to see it all to get off?

Curiously yours,


I don't have to see the whole cookie to know I wanna eat it.

I don't have to see the whole cookie to know I wanna eat it.

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