The three top-rated videos at SCORELAND

October 8, 2016 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Vanessa Y. leads the trio this week of top-rated videos at SCORELAND, followed by Joana Bliss and Amaya May.

Vanessa Y.’s P.O.V. “Fantasy Dream Bang” simulated sex scene, in which a realistic fake cock is substituted for a real cock, earned an unusually high number of comments, such as this one by “BigPete”: “Ok. So whoever came up with that idea for Vanessa to do that deserves a fucking medal!!! Great idea. Seeing her work that cock was amazing. I guess the only down side to that was not enough fucking. But who can blame the girl that was fucking a big fake cock?”

We don’t get as many comments as Vanessa’s video did for real and excellent hardcore scenes. Vanessa has no interest in having on-camera sex with a dude. Even so, this scene is an indication of how energetic she would be if she did.

Number two: Joana Bliss in “Joana & Her Magic Wand.” I don’t get why this is so top-rated other than that it’s fairly new. I thought Joana’s videos shot in the Dominican Republic were far superior in every way and my favorites out of everything she’s ever done.

Anyway, who am I to debate members’ ratings?

Number three: Amaya May “Serious Boobage.” This is another entry I don’t get. So many guys constantly clamor for hardcore, and Amaya has done two kick-ass scenes sucking and fucking cock. So why this solo fingering that’s 10 minutes long and was shot in August?  There are only three comments, compared to 11 for her first hardcore. Her second hardcore video got three. Seth wrote under “Serious Boobage”: “I love how she seduces the viewer with coy invites and movements. About 5 min in, she goes to that luscious box that already has the delicious white lava…awesome…and then she lays back and spreads those gorgeous legs wide.” By the way, do you want to see more of Amaya, and doing what? Make your opinion count and comment.

Amaya: It's a cliche but she really is built like a fucking brick shithouse.


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The three top-rated videos at SCORELAND, 3.9 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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  • seth

    EJ, much thanks for the quote, always an honor. I guess i wanted to chime in on the idea of one shoot getting more attention than another. I would gather that like other members, it is an interesting and kind of inexplicable process of why I end up gravitating to some shoots or models vs. others. This is probably stating the obvious; it comes down to some fundamentals: does the model and the entirety of how she is shot and showcased ignite my sense of visual attraction, dream and fantasy. Visual attraction is harder to quantify but often, for me, it anchors itself most to things like: massive and huge tits (duh), very prominent hips and ass, gorgeous legs and torso, beautiful pussy (also hard to quantify), beauty in hair, makeup, wardrobe(!), setting (!!), movements if a vid, and, poses if stills, camera authenticity in stills…if said model is getting way hot / turned on being shot, that is a very hot turn on that comes across to the reader/viewer (a subtle but important item to convey/exude) and in vids: a real and authentic vibe and feeling of drawing the viewer in and becoming increasingly turned on knowing that you, the model, is turning on a viewer/ fan….this is an incomplete list and response…but a beginningg that I am sure most will yawn at…haha….and yes, I know I am a somewhat odd duck.

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  • Pete

    Please you guys have to get Joanna to do a Tits & Tugs scene or at least a scene like Vanessa’s with a fake cock.

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  • Matador

    I like the solo videos because then I can imagine she’s looking at me, and talking to me. I just think solo videos are more intimate and therefore, sexier. Natalie Fiore is one of the best at this – so is Poppos.

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  • Jack from Chicago

    Of course we want to see the great Amaya May in many more boy-girl scenes.

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  • tony

    Vanessa Y and Joana need to finish up their billiard game, maybe a part 2 is on the horizon.

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