Today at SCORELAND, Patty Michova gets DP’d

June 30, 2017 by Dave 4 Comments

Did Patty Michova grow a tail? No. Is that tail attached to a butt plug that’s stuffed inside her ass? Yes!

When Patty Michova walks into a room, most guys look at her tits, but Kristof is curious about whatever’s protuding from Patty’s cute little behind. Is that a tail?

Well, yeah. Kinda. It’s a tail that’s attached to a butt plug, and what’s holding that tail in place? Well, the butt plug is stuffed inside Patty’s ass.

What follows is one of the hottest double penetration scenes you’ve ever seen as Steve and Kristof have their way with Patty’s tight, stacked body, taking turns on her mouth, pussy and asshole before filling her pussy and asshole at the same time.

In the scene, Patty is a maid, and as the great Steven Sondheim wrote in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, “Everybody oughta have a maid.” For just this reason. Check it out today at SCORELAND.

Saturday at SCORELAND, Erin Star, one half of the busty sister act of Erin and Helen, returns. These girls are developing quite a following.

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Today at SCORELAND, Patty Michova gets DP'd, 2.9 out of 5 based on 18 ratings

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  • sean

    I did see Sydney on social media a while back but I think she may have dropped out of sight as you say. Too bad as her boobs were huge a few years ago.

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  • Elliot James

    Sydney dropped out of sight around 5 years ago. You know where she is?

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  • BigFan AB

    Dear Dave, Requesting to check out a beautiful performer named SYDNEY JJ from uk.

    – Gorgeous woman with fantastic Boobs and Booty.

    – Her Nipples are literally ‘ mind-blowing ‘ .

    – Has a super-sexy UK accent and does the filthy talk so well that she can give Daniella Levy and Bambi Barks a run for their money.

    – Have done B/G Scenes before.

    If things workout well an ‘Queen’ is a GUARANTEE…..!!!

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  • viJhon

    This is just getting better & better.wishing do from SheridanLove, Milly marks, Paige Turner, nila Mason… & real hardcore from Allie Pearson…

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