Blast off to Polly Rocket

June 18, 2021 by Dave

High on my wish list these days are professionally shot photos and videos of Polly Rocket, a cam girl from the UK. Polly is a blonde (although sometimes she’s a redhead) with a beautiful face and huge tits. Her sex drive is off the charts, and she does some pretty wild things. Polly has over 80 scenes in eBoobStore‘s clip department, and I’ve watched all of them from beginning to end because I happen to have the job of reviewing clips before they go live. Like I’ve said before, it’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it. Polly loves adorning her curvy body in fetishy outfits. She also has a thing for simulated blow jobs and fake cum bursts coating her body. And she enjoys fucking her pussy with odd objects. So, yes, although this might read like an advertisement for our clip store, believe me, you’ll thank me.

In other news, Winter Rae, who shot a bunch of BG and solo scenes for us during the lockdown, recently super-sized her tits, and we’re working hard on getting her into our studio. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and one more thing: Annabelle Rogers. Red hair. Slimmed down but still curvy. Body looking spectacular. She’s also in the clip store. In my opinion, she’s never looked better.




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One response to “Blast off to Polly Rocket”

  1. Rob B says:

    I would love to see Winter Rae’s giant, pumped-up tits feature in a future SCORE Mag. Following Ricki’s fab comeback, I feel like we’re entering a renaissance for big, beautiful enhanced knockers – wooh!