Bullet-bra babes

December 5, 2021 by Elliot James

There’s a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Big boobs. Girls with big boobs. Girls who like to show their big boobs.  And, before they slip my mind, big boobs.

I was watching some older movies and TV shows and most of the actresses wore bullet-bras under their sweaters and tops. (Perry Mason on MeTV is loaded with women wearing bullet-bras.) Those bras with cone-shaped cups created such forward thrust that even small-chested women looked very busty. Motivated and appreciative, I searched through our sites for our contributions to this once-popular fashion statement.

A similar photo of legend Lisa Phillips rocking a bullet-bra under a tight top was used as a cover shot for an issue of the now-defunct Gent magazine when SCORE‘s founder John Fox was its editor-in-chief.

Cherry Brady is a major fan of bullet-bras and retro underwear.

Katie Thornton’s bullet-bra freed the nipples.

Mischel Lee added old-fashioned stockings and underwear to her bullet-bra look.


Our friend Hitomi wore a bullet-bra under her sweater in this work of art photo.



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  1. Rooster9 says:

    Love ya Cherry!