Is the great Janet Jade hard at work or hardly working?

September 4, 2023 by Dave 7 Comments

Janet takes a well-deserved break.


Either way, Ms. Jade is making us hard while she’s at work. Happy Labor Day to all those who work, whether or not you keep your clothes on while doing so.

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  • Reyrey

    I miss Janet Jade, I would be extatic completely blown away if she would come back for another round of photos, my dream would be complete. On that note imagine if the rest of that time frame came back for a reunion?
    Janet jade, Nicole peters, LDM, nadine Jansen, devon daniels (I know she’s a few years earlier), Lizzy mills, sharday, crystal gunns, definitely autumn jade, dawn stone,Kelly kay, Angela white, Ines cudna, have I made my point hahaha the list goes on and on.
    I’m probably just dreaming, I guess a man can dream eh? Thank you to all the ladies and the crew at scoreland for the great memories

  • Bill

    Thank you Busen !!!!! Is ca United Kingdom still around?

  • PeteUK

    Janet is one of the all time greats. I’d love to see her again. Any chance it might happen?

  • Busenfreund

    Bill, look her up she is doing cam shows these days.
    She still is beautiful.

  • Rooster9

    More busty black women please! Ms Jade is beautiful

  • Bill

    what happened to Janet Jade? hope she is well. happy labor day to all you score guys. great day to open up a mag.


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