Red-haired Barbie

November 2, 2023 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Farmer’s daughter Helena Hope mentioned that she was introverted when she was growing up. Things change.

The younger Helena would not recognize today’s Helena.

Helena likes to walk for exercise. Like all SCORE Girls, she’s a human traffic hazard when she walks.

“It’s just funny when you see them looking and they’re with their girlfriends or wives,” Helena said. “She’ll just slap him. That’s happened before. I pay attention. I try not to sometimes, but it gets really overwhelming when I’m in a crowded area. But I like it. I just love the attention I get for my big boobs. But I’m also the same way with looking at other big-breasted women. It’s like boob envy.”

New scene today.

Helena likes to go for walks. We’d like to watch her walk.

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