Want some? Well, yeah, I’d like as much of Billie Jean Austin as I can get

March 1, 2024 by Dave 3 Comments

Don’t you wish that Billie Jean were your lover?

The most famous lines from the Michael Jackson song “Billie Jean” go, “Billie Jean is not my lover/She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one/But the kid is not my son.

But the lines from the song that best apply to SCORE Girl Billie Jean Austin go, “She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she caused a scene/Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one/Who will dance on the floor in the round.”

Forget dancing. I’d rather fuck her. Although I’ll dance if that means fucking later. Or if I can just grab her tits. Or brush against them.

In the photo above, “Billie Jean seems to be saying, “Want some?” And, indeed, that’s what she is saying because seconds later in her scene today at SCORELAND, she’s getting her tits handled by a lucky guy and sucking his dick.

Now I can’t get that fucking song out of my head.

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3 responses to “Want some? Well, yeah, I’d like as much of Billie Jean Austin as I can get”

  1. bob says:

    You fixed the blog? Nice

  2. ( - )( - ) says:

    Sorry Dave, Elliot and TSG… above post was meant for Feb 3rd…sorry

    Buy Billie Jean is fine AF!!

  3. ( - )( - ) says:

    Great post… And I love the humor, “I might watch it again just for that reason…”… Adrienne Barbeau, great throwback reference… But I guess I thought Meathead’s wife was sorta fine…. Either way, growing up in the 70s was a blessing due to what became termed, “Jiggle TV”… I was off to the races of massive boob adoration never flinching in the search…. Kinda like Marlin Perkins for every exotic animal… The hunt for “big and huge” never takes a holiday. If you are born of late 60s, child of 70s, we/I lived for Charlie’s angels, love boat and fantasy island…. Some off shoots as well; Dallas (Charlene Tilton) and dynasty, with Joan and Morgan, but they don’t really fit the criteria, but they ate me up a bit too …. And those shows were one of the best spots to hope for a bout of “Big and Huge”… A rare sighting to be sure and ever the daydream of amazing when it occurred. In the never ending quest to find “big and huge”, after those weekend shows, I would be scanning the back row of the magazine racks where those gorgeous big P publications resided; all the while hoping month to month might avail “big and huge”… I have always been a ardent devoted fan…. So much so I can’t even really express it… Sophia V has a killer look and, for mainstream, yeah, she qualifies as “big”… And definitely FINE AF… Same for Joan from madmen…. My undying love of ‘Big and Huge’ has always lead here to, TSG… So thankful for that… As well, after half a century of a patient and quiet life long search, I have the unbelievable fortune of some big and huge in my life… The hope and dearly held wishes of big and huge have delivered and every bit of what I thought and hoped was true…. and it’s far better than I even thought or dreamed… I am still absolutely head over heels deeply in love with the XL and Voluptuous form, lines, shapes, nuances, and unending beauty of big and huge… It has made many decisions in my journey and may the stables of TSG always be big, huge, and full of mind bendingly gorgeous models.

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