What’s the Fourth of July got to do with it?

July 3, 2019 by Dave

Sofia Deluxe is the first girl from our most-recent week of photo shoots in Colombia. Another new Colombian babe is coming to SCORELAND Saturday.

Let’s see if my reasoning makes any sense:

• Christopher Columbus discovered America when he sailed the ocean blue in fourteen-hundred and ninety-two.

• Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, Independence Day in the United States.

• If not for Columbus, there might not be a United States as we know it. Therefore, no Fourth of July as we know it.

• Newcomer Sofia Deluxe is from the Caldas region of Colombia. She has huge, natural tits. That second sentence has nothing to do with Colombus.

• According to Lonely Planet, one of my favorite travel resources, “Colombia is named after Christopher Columbus, even though he never set foot on Colombian soil. It was Alonso de Ojeda, one of Columbus’ companions on his second voyage, who was the first European to set foot on the land in 1499. He briefly explored the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and was astonished by the wealth of the local Indians and the big tits of the local girls.”

I made up that last part.

Anyway, since Columbus discovered America and Colombia is named after Columbus, even though he never went to Colombia, and Sofia Deluxe is from Colombia, it seems symbolic that Sofia should make her debut at XLGirls.com today, the day before the Fourth of July.

Got it?

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8 responses to “What’s the Fourth of July got to do with it?”

  1. sg says:

    Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Trent says:

    She’s really Colombian? Miami as stated as her location on her twitter.

    • Dave says:

      She’s Colombian. We wouldn’t have gone all the way to Colombia to shoot her if she wasn’t.

  3. tux says:

    Will you go to Brazil and Argentina?

    • Elliot James says:

      We went there years ago. No plans to return unless we find someone who’s the right fit.

  4. Rooster 9 says:

    Viva Colombia! Some of the hottest women on the planet. Thanks for bringing these sexy women to your pages and screens. Hace calore!

  5. Al says:

    Seems that name Sofia is very popular in Colombia.

  6. eddy says:

    Very nice.