“Pretty 20-year-old with natural H-cups busts out of her bikini. Film at 11.”

Enjoy the view.

It’s always breaking news when a pretty girl with huge naturals comes to SCORELAND. And, actually, the film is at four o’clock EST. That’s the time each day that we update SCORELAND. Saturday at 4 p.m. EST, Milly puts on a poolside bikini show.

Every Milly solo show seems like a countdown to her first boy-girl scene. It’s coming. I promise you. But Milly is going to tease us for a while first.

I’m still having very pleasurable flashbacks about walking into that house in Miami last week and seeing Milly playing with her tits. The girl is a bundle of tits and personality, and she loves modeling. It shows in her photos. I also grabbed a peek at the photos of her boy-girl scene with JMac. I have to say, she did everything a 20-year-old could do to get all of JMac’s cock down her throat. Here’s to youthful enthusiasm!

Here’s to youthful tits…big, firm and natural, riding high on her chest, barely a trace of sag.




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Minka moves next door. What would you do?

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 20, 2017 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

It’s moving-in day for the amazin’ Minka, and when her new next-door-neighbor Peter sees and recognizes her, he goes nuts.

He hurries over to tell Minka he’s a neighbor and a huge fan. She amuses herself by seeing his reaction when she lifts her tank top.

Minka could use a cock break, so she tells Peter to sit on the couch.

“Your brain is not here,” says Minka, pointing at his head. “Your brain is down here,” patting his package.

Then Minka tells him to get out of his clothes. Peter whips off his clothes like Minka set his shirt on fire. If she told him to run down the street naked, he would do it without hesitation.

Starts today!

In a few seconds, the oxygen deprivation effects kick in.

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Posted by Elliot James on Jan 19, 2017 in New at Scoreland, newcomers

New Codi Vore right now.

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Just in case you needed additional proof that Miosotis has huge tits…

Posted by Dave on Jan 17, 2017 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

Exactly how large are Mio's naturals?

I’m always interested in photos that illustrate visually how big a girl’s breasts are. For example, when a model leans forward just a smidgen and her tits brush against her inner thigh. When she can tit-fuck herself with her forearm and make her arm disappear.

This is one of those shots. It’s of Miosotis, and it was taken in the Dominican Republic. Juan, the guy behind her, is not a small guy. He’s over six-feet tall. He has big hands. But look at his hands compared to Miosotis’ giant naturals. They get dwarfed. Look at where Mio’s tits start and where they end. And where’s the rest of her arm, the one that’s nestled under her rack?

Photos and videos from this scene, remastered and a lot larger, are live today at SCORELAND. The super-large versions of these photos have to be seen to be believed.


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Who can have road rage when Milly is showing you her 20-year-old naturals?

Posted by Dave on Jan 14, 2017 in Behind the Scenes, New at Scoreland, newcomers

Tits marks the spot.

I was driving down to Miami Thursday morning, and, man, did the traffic suck. The more I sat, the more pissed I got. It seemed as if the traffic would never break. Road rage was setting in.

But you wanna know the cure for road rage?

Big, fat, young tits.

My destination was a house in North Miami, and when I finally arrived and walked in, there was 20-year-old newcomer Milly Marks smiling wide and showing off her big, fat, firm, young, natural H-cups for the camera.

And life was good again.

Yes, I spent my Thursday morning with Milly. I got to watch her model for a photo set. I got to watch her play with her tits and pussy. I got to watch her self-suck her nipples. Milly posed in front of a sliding glass window that looked out upon a canal off Biscayne Bay, and I’d swear the lawn guy was taking a little more time than he should have to trim the bushes. Can’t blame him.

Anyway, by the time I left a few hours later, the weight of the world was off my shoulders.

Thank you, Milly.

She’s quite a girl. Born in Florida, lived in Philadelphia for a while, now lives in Texas, planning on moving to California. She’s a part-time house dancer at a topless club in Dallas, and she lives with a bunch of other house dancers. They’re all into tits and pussy, so they have fun that way, too.

Milly’s into girls. She’s into guys. She loves eating pussy and having her pussy eaten. She’s into big tits. Her favorite way to have sex? Well, it’s not exactly sex.

“I like to lay next to a guy, and we both masturbate. He gets to play with my tits if he wants, of course.”

But of course!

Milly has never had a threesome with two guys. I think that’s about to change. She used to play flag football. Then her tits started getting in the way.

I’ve conducted some enjoyable interviews; my interview with Milly was one of my favorites. And Milly learned something, too. She was a little apprehensive about JMac picking her up and fucking her, so JMac picked her up and had her wrap her legs around his body. Milly thought that was great. He also taught her the piledriver position.

Hey, did I just give something away?

Milly returns today at SCORELAND.


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Skeet for Sweet

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 13, 2017 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

Natasha Sweet is a demanding boss to work under. Her executive secretary Thomas is up for the job. As all of us would be. You’d work for minimum wage for this chick.

Natasha might have the biggest natural tits in the international business world. Being the company owner, it’s her way all the way, and if you don’t like it, then don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

As Natasha said when she debuted at SCORELAND, “I like very active and polite guys who can be good slaves. They have to be good at sex and know how to manage big boobs because I have a lot to manage.”

Starts today at SCORELAND. Apply here.

Natasha likes men who are suckers.

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Breast sex dream girl

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 12, 2017 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

J.H. writes, “Danni Lynne really does it for me. She reminds me of former Spice Girl Scary Spice (Mel B.), currently a judge on America’s Got Talent, only taller and with a much more stacked ‘n’ packed body. She has a perfectly proportional, symmetrical, slim ‘n’ stacked body.”

I don’t see the Mel B. resemblance. I did agree with Dave saying that Danni has some Pam Grier going on. Pam Grier’s the great action-movie star (The Big Bird Cage, Friday Foster) who started in the 1970s. In her interview, Danni said, “Pam Grier. I get that a lot. I first heard that a couple of years back from a kid who was younger than me. I said, ‘How do you know about Pam Grier?’ I started looking at her and I thought I do look a little bit like her.”

Danni’s back for round two with JMac in “Tit-Fucker’s Dream Girl,” and she really is a dream girl. There’s a lot of tit-fucking after Danni stuffs her 36EEE naturals into various bras she’s brought along. Those boobs could make any salami disappear. Then she and JMac bang each other senseless in bed. It’s the right thing to do.

She's a magician! What a disappearing act.

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What’s so great about Christy Marks? Really, does anyone have to ask that question?

Christy has always had a very flexible way about her.

I’m working hard and hard at work on the 25th anniversary issue of SCORE, and I keep coming across great pictures of Christy Marks. It’s enough to slow a guy down. This photo is from the Big-Boob Paradise shoot in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, in 2007. I’m happy to say I was there with Christy, Lorna Morgan, Terry Nova, Angela White and Gianna Rossi. What a house of big tits!

This week at SCORELAND: Danni Lynne fucks JMac today.

Newcomer Stefania Thursday.

Newcomer Natasha Sweet fucks on Friday, and I can’t wait. This girl is great.

Newcomer Milly Marks (no relation to Christy but a member of the big-boob sisterhood) returns on Saturday.

And here I am, stuck on Christy Marks, our Model of the Decade for 2000-2009.

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Milly Marks is making her mark in a SCORELAND takeover

Posted by Elliot James on Jan 8, 2017 in modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, newcomers

“I used to play flag football for fun,” said newcomer Milly Marks. “I wasn’t good at it but it kept me active. Now I’m scared to join a sport because I don’t want to get hit in the face with my giant boobs.”

That’s an image to wrap your head around. I’ve always been big on busty girls running–dressed, topless or naked. One of my favorite SCORE visuals of girls running naked was from the 2007 group photo shoot in Eleuthera, The Bahamas.

SCORE’s head honcho told us, “Schedule another Milly scene ASAP!” so Milly’s back in her second photo shoot to show off her 36HH natural wonders and 20-year-old pussy.

For which I’m extremely grateful.

I was watching some old movies on Turner Classics and it seemed to me that Milly resembles a young Elizabeth Taylor.

By the way, the countdown to Milly’s first boy-girl scene is about to begin. Details to follow.

What scenic background? Where? I just see Milly.

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Dulcinea is no fantasy. She’s real and real hot

Dulcinea was Don Quixote’s fantasy woman and is only an ideal in Cervantes’ book, but this Dulcinea is incredibly real.

I recommend that you call yourself an art collector, like Brick. It seems to work for scoring hot chicks. A beret and a fake goatee are not necessary but might be helpful. When Dulcinea rents a house from him, she begins bouncing on his lance of love within minutes.

I asked Dulcinea about tit-fucking.

“Tit sex is like my signature move!” she replied. “And I’ve met so many men that have never done it, which blows my mind. I’m always like, “Okay, you’re going to want to sit down for this,” and then I absolutely rock their world! My favorite position is on my knees with their cock between my tits. That way, when they cum, it shoots up all over my face!”

Dave blogged yesterday about Elle Flynn’s return. Dulcinea wasn’t out of sight as long as Elle and the circumstances are different, but this is still a week of comebacks.

“I used to be so self-conscious of my body and my own sexuality,” Dulcinea said. “After coming here and being treated like a queen–getting my hair and makeup done, being styled, and getting to fuck insanely hot guys!–there was no way I could go back to being quiet, bashful little ol’ me! I’m much more confident approaching people now because I see myself as sexy.”

Hold it right there, Dulcinea!

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