Can Natalie Fiore lick the competition?

December 14, 2009 by Dave 4 Comments
Natalie Fiore hopes to lick the competition in "Best of the Decade."

Natalie Fiore is going great guns in the "Best of the Decade" voting.

Brianna Costello is No. 22, Bozena is No. 21, Anna Carlene is No. 20 (an unexpected and impressively high finish), and now we’re down to the final 19 in “The Best of the Decade,” in which we’re trying to decide who is the No. 1 big-titted SCORE and Voluptuous newcomer of the decade that’s winding to a close.

As expected, the number of votes case daily is increasing now that the number of remaining girls is down, but the surprises continue. The biggest surprise? Natalie Fiore, who has never won any awards but whose natural breast expansion over the past year or so seems to have made her a favorite with voters. At the current rate, Natalie is headed for a Top 3 finish. But some of the usual suspects are starting to close in on her. Let’s see if voters target Natalie the same way they targeted Angelina Vallem a few weeks ago (at one point, Angelina had received fewer votes than any other girl; that’s not nearly the case anymore).

Now for a tease: I just finished shooting a little bit of blog video of a brand-new newcomer (never modeled, never stripped; she’s a college student) who’s 4’10” tall, has full, beautiful G-cup naturals (I think they might be bigger; she never wears a bra so she’s unsure of her size) and is also pretty and super cute. Stay tuned.–Dave

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  • viggo

    Cassandra is out at number 19 🙁

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  • Dan

    I give Natalie three thumbs up… oh wait, **that’s** not a thumb.

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  • Andrew

    Natalie Fiore has quickly become one my all time favourite models, and the fact that she’s gotten even bigger might push her to the top!

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  • Leonardo

    A little bigger.
    Mmm . . . so she is a triple M

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