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A beauty named Sigal

May 31, 2019 by Dave 7 Comments

Sigal gets our hearts beating faster.

A spectacular year for newcomers keeps getting better this weekend, starting today when beautiful Sigal Acon debuts at SCORELAND with photos, a video and a video interview. A picture is worth a thousand words with Sigal. Make that a million words. There’s nothing I can say to make this stunner any greater than she already is.

But I’ll try.

She has G-cup naturals.

She says that when guys pay attention to her chest, “It makes me smile inside.”

That’s great to hear. Obviously, Sigal does not have “My eyes are up here” T-shirts.

And she’s slated to be the covergirl of the issue of Voluptuous we’re working on right now (Vol. 26, No. 5). That’ll make her the third newcomer to land the cover this publishing year. She’s making double debuts in SCORE (Vol. 28, No. 5) and V-mag. But those issues won’t be out for a while.

Okay, guys. Welcome Sigal like only you can.

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You can bet on Talia Amanda

May 30, 2019 by Elliot James 3 Comments

This is a win-win, so place your bets. Talia Amanda uses the gaming table as a stage. The deck is stacked and so is she.

“I enjoy being a model,” Talia said. “I like it a lot. It’s fun and I can do as I please when I want to.”

Talia said she has never been tit-fucked. Amora Lee said the same thing, and Amora had been married.

Talia’s main goal in life is to meet Prince Charming, get married in a church and become a mother and sexy housewife. I like a girl who plans ahead.

Let the chips fall where they may. Like on Talia’s nipples.


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At, east meets breast with Minka & Asia Carrera from 1996

May 26, 2019 by Elliot James 18 Comments

Asia Carrera licked and sucked the famous giant boobs of the bustiest Asian woman in the world, Minka. And then they went below the belt. Photographed in January of 1996, Minka and Asia played with toys in the unedited video that goes with this photo shoot. The pictures have no toy play in keeping with the print magazine distribution policies of that time. (In some countries, even exposed pussy is still censored today.) offers videos digitized straight off the master tapes without added music and edits. All of the bloopers, retakes, phones ringing, the director’s voice and everything that an editor would normally cut or erase are kept in the SCOREClassics videos. In the 1990s, big, heavy Beta tape cameras were used. Today’s videographers have it easy.

Most of you know that Minka is still very active today. Asia began in porn in 1993 and retired in 2003 after a very busy career (over 400 videos!). She still runs her website but said her time in porn is long over. Asia is also a musician and a member of MENSA with an I.Q. of 156.

Asia Carerra has her hands full of Minka.

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Today is Lissa Hope’s debut day at SCORELAND

May 25, 2019 by Dave 20 Comments

Reason to Hope.

Three weeks ago, I sat in a house in Miami, Florida with newcomer Lissa Hope and interviewed her. I tried to maintain eye contact with Lissa, but I failed miserably. My eyes kept wandering down to her big tits. Yes, Lissa is very pretty. Yes, she has beautiful eyes, but those tits….Listen, there are a lot of very pretty girls in the world, but there aren’t a lot of girls with big, natural tits like Lissa’s.

She was sitting just a few feet away, tits bulging out of her overwhelmed bra. Finally, after about 11 minutes, I asked her to take her tits out. She happily complied, and she kept her tits out for the remainder of the interview (about 13 more minutes).

Now, Lissa (her name is pronounced like the last two syllables of Alyssa) is 19 years old. I’m 59 years old. That means I’m old enough to be her grandfather.

But did old-man me feel guilty staring at a 19-year-old’s tits? No. Why should I? She seemed to be so happy to have her tits out, and she even learned some things (like that big-boob lovers adore big areolae; Lissa’s are very big).

Lissa debuts at SCORELAND today with photos, a video and a video interview. Don’t feel guilty! Look! Jack! Enjoy!



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“Hello. My name is Anna, and these are my tits!”

May 24, 2019 by Dave 14 Comments

Anna is coming to SCORELAND in more ways than one.

Continuing yet another great run of newcomers, Anna is just two weeks away from her SCORELAND debut.

Anna is only 20 years old and hails from Tacoma, Washington.

She lives in Los Angeles.

Her tits are DDD-cup naturals.

She enjoys art and music and is a talented singer.

She sucks cock and fucks.

She doesn’t mind if you watch her do it.

Coming June 8 to SCORELAND.

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Casca scores big

May 23, 2019 by Elliot James 41 Comments

Casca Akashova said she found out about SCORE by word of mouth. After some research, she made contact.

Casca’s comfortable on-camera and has a sexy, soft-spoken style. She enjoys being photographed, isn’t shy about showing her body and wanted to see what a SCORE shoot was like first-hand. Her first scene was a bikini and oiling shoot at poolside. This time, Casca is indoors wearing one of her sexy, tight outfits over a bra and panties.

Casca said she doesn’t like to wear bras. That said, her big tits look great in this style of bra.



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It’s Katy Ann’s time to shine at SCORELAND

May 18, 2019 by Dave 12 Comments

SCORE perfection.

J-cup Katy Ann, whom we introduced to much acclaim on the Blog three weeks ago, debuts at SCORELAND today with photos and video. This girl has everything you’d want in a SCORE Girl: blond hair, big tits, beautiful face, small waist…she’s the epitome of a SCORE Girl.

We shot her out in California, so I didn’t have the opportunity to interview her, but Jose, our photographer, did.

SCORE: So tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from?

KATY ANN: I live in Texas. I’ve been webcamming for about eight years, and I kinda kept it under wraps. It was my dirty little fetish secret that I would do, and I had a regular life. I did some regular modeling, but I would go home and do dirty webcam shows for fun. Some people might know me from Streamate, but I’ve decided to branch out more. SCORE actually found me on Twitter. I’m Twitter friends with Amber Alena. She let me know that an editor liked my looks and wanted to know if I’d like to pose for SCORE. And you invited me to shoot, so here I am, and it’s been so much fun.

SCORE: What got you into camming?

Katy Ann: I guess I started off with a little pictorial for Playboy. They were doing a little casting, and I did “Girls of New York” there. It didn’t go anywhere, but I had a little feather in my cap and bragging rights to say, “Oh, yeah, I was a Playboy model” for a little bit. But that was about it. I kept it under wraps. Nobody found out about it. People always say, “Oh, if you do this, everybody’s gonna find out.” Nobody found out what I did. So it’s just more exposing myself to the world, literally and figuratively.

SCORE: We’re so happy you’re exposing yourself to the world. So what made you decide to make the transition from camming to shooting for us?

Katy Ann: I just felt more comfortable with it. I feel the world is becoming more accepting of people doing this. I’ve done it for almost a decade now, and this is gonna be a career for me. It’s something that I really do enjoy doing. It’s not just a little fetish secret where I say, “Oh, when I’m 80 years old, I’ll think about all the erotic times I had on-camera.” I want more of that. I want it to be my life.

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Amber Alena: First threesome

May 17, 2019 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Ultra-babe Amber Alena did her first on-camera XXX at SCORELAND.

Now Amber does her first on-camera threesome with pro studs Sam Shock and Codey Steele.

First, Amber talks to the director about what’s going to happen. She’s wearing the perfect “too” dress: too tight, too short and too low-cut.

Amber loves sex and it shows in her facial expressions, her eye contact, body language and how she moves.

I asked Amber how different on-camera sex is compared to everyday sex.

“To me, sex isn’t different on-camera versus everyday sex if two people are comfortable,” Amber replied.

Amber looks very comfortable in this threesome.

Amber gets Codey and Sam boob-drunk.

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