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Alice Wayne: double-dipped & double-nutted

February 1, 2019 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Like Chloe Lamoure, Alice Wayne is a wild one who likes exploring her sexuality. She’s one of the girls who has started out by doing the hottest sex on-camera right off the snap.

Today, Alice gets double-penetrated by two of the regular stunt-cocks at SCORELAND, Tom and Steve Q. The guys are done renovating the bathroom, but Alice is eager for overtime and some extra pipe-fitting.

Pretty Alice used to work at a call-center. It’s not an exciting job for a horny girl with big tits. Getting yelled at by angry strangers on the phone for minimum wages is no fun. So Alice quit and checked out adult modeling. She has a Naughty Neighbors, girl-next-door personality and style that was just right for her to play busty coed in her first two XXX scenes.

In a separate video that’s almost 20 minutes long, Alice goes back to the gym to try on bras…while bouncing on a workout ball. I’d like to see more of this kind of fitness video with other girls.

Alice’s handymen get hands-on and go into overtime. We advised Alice to check their work before she pays them.


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Chloe Lamoure: Busty & Bad Biker Babe

January 31, 2019 by Elliot James 2 Comments

We had Chloe Lamoure. We had the bike. The weather was cooperating.

Chloe changed into a tank top and denim shorts and sponge-bathed her busty body more than she did the bike.

Chloe was a skinny girl growing up. She’s added considerable curves since then.

“I used to do a little power-lifting,” Chloe said. “Now I am doing bodybuilding and fitness three times a week. I am a really strong girl.”

Bad to the boner, Chloe showed us how strong she is in her recent video that left porn stud Steve Q. exhausted. The photo set also has close-ups of Chloe’s big clit.

A babe, a bike, big boobs and bubbles.

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Guess whose hairy pussy?

January 26, 2019 by Dave 8 Comments

This hairy pussy was recently fucked on-camera. Really, could I have made this any easier?

Here’s a game we’ve never played before: Guess Whose Hairy Pussy? Usually, we play Guess Whose Tits?

Here’s a clue (as if some of you actually need one): I cropped out the one portion of this photo that would have made it a dead giveaway. Can you guess what portion that is?


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SCORE CLASSICS: Lorna Morgan in Portugal

January 25, 2019 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Once upon a time, a group of big-busted British girls traveled to a SCORE magazine shoot at a villa in Algarve, Portugal. They included Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Jessica Turner, Adele Stephens and Jade, We’re approaching the 20th anniversary of that week in 1999.

On one of those days, Lorna Morgan and a photographer went to the beach for this photo shoot. At the time, this beach was one of the most unpolluted in Europe. It had a prehistoric look. A dinosaur in the background wouldn’t have been out of place. This shoot is now on

Lorna told me about her Algarve experience.

“So that I wouldn’t frighten any children, all the beach shots were taken really early in the morning. There were lots of suspicious elderly people on the beach at seven a.m. They stayed put and watched all the shoots. Sometimes they came really close for a good look and I would just carry on regardless. I had to be up at five a.m. and be in full make-up no later than six. Luckily, I shared a room with Kerry and we are exactly alike when it came to going to bed or waking up. We would fall into bed and go to sleep identically. It was uncanny. I really enjoyed our trip. I often wonder why I bothered to catch the plane home.”

Portugal was only the beginning of Lorna’s group shoots. She sailed on Boob Cruise 5 in 2000, traveled to Key Largo, Florida for On Location Key Largo and then Eleuthera in The Bahamas for Big Boob Paradise. Our team went to the UK when she was pregnant. There was also a foxy boxing and workout shoot in London in 2000 with Linsey, Kerry Marie and “Russian” Kathy. But that’s another story.

Sea, sand and Lorna Morgan.

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Talia Amanda breaks in a new bra tomorrow

January 24, 2019 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Talia Amanda began modeling only two months before her Christmas video was filmed. A friend suggested she contact SCORELAND.

Talia enjoys posing. “I like to look pretty and I like the attention. I once wanted to be an electrical engineer,” she said. “Now I am exploring modeling.” She looks very comfortable on-camera.

Very photogenic, Talia likes biking, playing tennis, table tennis and does a lot of fitness training.

We have a second bonus video of Talia chatting with her photographer. Talia has a charming voice and friendly personality.

That shirt looks a wee bit small for Talia.



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Hot button topics: tattoos

January 23, 2019 by Dave 18 Comments

Some hot button topics, like pregnancy and pierced nipples, always stay hot. Close to ten years later, more adult entertainment models than ever have tattoos. How many tats on a girl are enough? Or not enough? Years back, girls got tramp stamps on their lower backs or simple tribal bands on their arms. Today some models are covered with them. Tats over pussies might be the hottest of the hot button tat topics. What about tats on tits?  That was discussed in a separate blog post. Why do so many Americans have tats now while many of the Europeans girls we shoot don’t? Have your attitudes about girls and tats changed?-Elliot


Donita should be an inspiration to all women who are thinking about getting their cunts tattooed.

This blog by Dave was originally written on January 8th, 2010.

All I am saying is give tattooed pussies a chance.

We’ve been through this before, and sometimes I must sound like a broken record, but let’s face it: Those of us who love porn pretty much love the same thing over and over, as long as it’s done well. And I know that a lot of you guys don’t like tattoos, but stay with me for a minute.

The subject: Tattoos on a girl’s pussy mound, like the ones Bunny, Donita and Friday are sporting.

My opinion: Totally hot.

Why? Glad you asked. Consider the process.

1. Girl thinks, “I’d like to put a tattoo on my pussy.” Why does she think this? To call attention to it. Because it’s a part of her body that a lot of people see. In general, people don’t put tattoos where they’re not going to be seen. So when a girl tattoos her pussy mound, she’s sending the message, “I fuck a lot.”

2. Having made the decision to tattoo her pussy mound, she now must go to a tattoo parlor. In preparation for the tattooing, she must shave or wax her pussy very smooth. I love the idea of a woman in the shower, shaving her pussy and thinking, “I’m getting ready to have my cunt inked.”

3. She gets to the tattoo parlor. In my fantasy, the tattoo artist is a guy (acting as a surrogate for me). She says to the artist, “I’d like a tattoo.” He says, “Sure. Where?” She says, “On my cunt.” Instant hard-on. But he has to be a professional about it.

4. She gets up on the table, takes off her panties, spreads her pussy and prepares to get freshly shaved mound inked. While she’s getting inked, her pussy is gushing, and the tattoo artist has to say to her, “I’m sorry, but your pussy juices are mixing with my ink and making it watery. Can you stop juicing?”

5. Of course, she can’t, so he fucks her for a while, just to get all the juices out of her pussy and onto his cock. While he’s fucking her, he continues working on the tattoo.

6. Newly inked and fucked, the girl wants to take every opportunity to show off her new work of art. But to do so, SHE MUST KEEP HER PUSSY COMPLETELY SHAVED AT ALL TIMES! Otherwise, she’ll obscure the artwork. Her pussy mound has become the canvas, and you don’t want to obscure the canvas.

7. And from now on, every guy who is about to fuck her for the first time and sees her decorated cunt mound will think, “I’m about to fuck a slut.” And you know what? He’ll be right. A super-slut, actually. A woman whose pussy is the center of her universe.

Thanks for hearing me out on this. I hope I changed your mind.

LATE ADDITION: Rich brought up Claire Dames as a girl with a tattooed pussy. I think we might have to go to the judges on this one. That tat might be above her pussy, not on it. I think if Claire grew her hair in, we’d still see the tat. I do, however, appreciate Claire’s invitation to “hit it harder.”

Bunny De La Cruz’s tattoo contains an invitation.

Friday told us that the “F” on her pussy stands for “fuck.”

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So you want to be a SCORE photographer?

January 20, 2019 by Elliot James 19 Comments

How many of you at your jobs stop working and wonder, “I’d rather be working as a SCORE photographer?”

Let me explain. It’s not all high-life, jet-setting and attending black-tie parties.

The life of a SCORE magazine photographer is a hard life. He must spend all day in the company of sexy, hot girls with big tits who are completely naked almost all of the time. There is no getting out of this. He must photograph them with hardly a minute for coffee or lunch for himself since he often has to do technical work during the models’ breaks.

He often must ask these special girls the most intimate of personal questions on-camera for interview purposes, questions of a sexual nature he would be too shy to ask his own spouse, girlfriend or mistress or all three.  Questions that would get coffee dumped on his lap if he asked the waitresses at his local diner. His face is regularly within inches of their pussies, wet from the excitement of exposing themselves to this strange man they have never met before. Their tawny nipples are usually dangling before him…not to mention their rounded ass cheeks.

These neglected men have a new pussy and a new pair of tits a foot away from their faces every day. Can you imagine telling girls you never met before, and may never see again, to spread their pussies and suck on their nipples, and the girls do it? And some girls will ask him if they’re doing it right, their eyes glowing with reverence and love. The photographers wake up in the morning and that’s what they have to look forward to.

Yes, it’s a difficult, demanding job, often unappreciated by the public-at-large. How these men have the strength and the stamina to drag themselves to work every morning is a testament to their job dedication and their fortitude. I salute them.

If you still want to try for this impossible job after reading this, enroll in a photography course and learn the technical basics first. Taking photos with your fancy-schmansy smartphone doesn’t count. There may be local photo clubs that hire models so amateur photographers can practice. This will cut down the cost of hiring your own model. Taking photos of a girl from outside her bathroom window doesn’t count, either.

In the words of one of our now-retired photographers: “I’ve always found that a professional attitude works the best. If you go in like a slobbering pervert, drooling over a naked woman, the girl is going to run like the wind.” Personally, I think some drooling is acceptable.

The guys on the front lines, dedicated to their craft. Longtime SCORE Man Jose photographs Alexya and Sha for On Location North Coast.


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The next wave of Colombian naturals is here. Meet Sofia Damon!

January 19, 2019 by Dave 20 Comments

Sofia’s big unveil happens today at SCORELAND.

Remember last month when I mentioned that we had five shoots with five brand-new naturals on the calendar, two in the Czech Republic and three in Colombia? And I asked you to cross your fingers in hopes that all five would happen? Well, they did, and today at SCORELAND, we get to see our first new Colombian girl. Her name is Sofia Damon, her tits are huge and she’s very happy about showing them off for all the world to see.

Sofia used to sell cellphones. What a waste of talent. Now she’s doing what she should have been doing all along,

“I love to show off my bust,” Sofia said. “I like to be admired.”

Sofia, get ready to be admired like you never have before!


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From restaurant hostess to slim ‘n’ stacked XXX hottie

January 18, 2019 by Dave 7 Comments

Amber has to be thinking, “This beats working in a restaurant.”

Slim ‘n’ stacked Amber Alena hated her job as restaurant hostess, so she quit and became a stripper. Then she became a webcam model. And today, she’s fucking on-camera for the first time at SCORELAND. Photos and videos plus an interview. Amber is a slim ‘n’ stacked blonde in the SCORE tradition. The sky’s the limit for her.

Amber hating working in a restaurant reminds of a scene in the Woody Allen movie Deconstructing Harry. Woody’s character asks his hooker if she likes her job. “It beats waitressing,” she says, to which Woody’s character says, “Every hooker I ever speak to tells me that it beats the hell out of waitressing. Waitressing’s gotta be the worst fucking job in the world.”

Fucking on-camera for SCORELAND is one of the best jobs in the world if you’re beautiful, stacked and love sex, as Amber does. Enjoy Amber’s first time. She did.



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