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Bare feet vs high heels: finding the right fit

September 19, 2018 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Better like this?

As Sherlock Holmes used to say, “The game’s afoot, Watson!”

In the September 15th blog posting about Annabelle Rogers, Steve commented about Annabelle wearing shoes throughout the shoot. This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten comments, letter and emails about the topic of shoes vs. bare feet. It’s been one of the top five topics for at least 17 years, along with tattoos, toys, bushy pussies and pregnancy. In the polls we’ve run about shoes versus bare feet, the voting is almost always split down the middle. I did one recently on Twitter and the result was 56% for heels and 44% for bare feet.  I’d also like to add that we generally pass along feedback about certain topics to our studio, and the shoes versus bare feet has been one of them for years. The following two emails from the early ’00s are perfect examples.

“I subscribe to Kerry Marie as well and she has beautiful feet. Yet every single picture has her wearing some kind of slip-on shoe, even on her back in a bed or on a couch. They distract from the rest of her and need to go. I’m not a foot fetishist, but I love a nice pair of them. Sure, the legs look better in the shoes when they are standing but not lying down or on all fours or on their stomach. I’m suggesting use the shoes for the standing shots, but lose them when lying or doggy-style shots. I’m willing to bet a lot of other members feel this way.”–M.G.

“Although I don’t consider myself as having a kink for them, I most assuredly have a healthy, lustful attraction for a nice pair of high heels on their pretty feet.”–X.D.

As Dave says, “It’s impossible to make everyone happy with this one. The best thing to do is have a combination of both.”

Better like this?



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Jessie Simmons: Young & Tight

November 19, 2015 by Elliot James 3 Comments

New outfits and new shoes make a girl happy and horny. Or so it is written. Jessie Simmons  is happy and very, very horny. Now Steve is horny and wants this foxy, young piece of ass under him. Jessie wants his cock hard and deep. It’s great how new shoes can create this wonderful bond.

Jessie is young, tight and ready for a hot night.

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Down on the farm, go down on Larissa Linn

September 9, 2015 by Dave 20 Comments

These are Larissa's work boots.

Did you know that farm girls wear fuck-me shoes around the barn?

I didn’t, and that’s one of the things that makes this picture (and today’s posting) of Larissa Linn special. Larissa isn’t worried about getting her heels stuck in the hay. She’s more interested in going for a roll in the hay. Or a hay ride. Or making hay.

By the way, other photos in this set prove, once and for all, that Larissa is built like a brick shithouse. Of course, there’s video proof, too.

Today at SCORELAND. Tissues not included.

Before I leave you for the day, a question. According to the current poll, 5% of you don’t masturbate. Just wondering: Why?



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Sha Rizel’s big-boobed “Body Magic” today at SCORELAND

March 26, 2015 by Elliot James 3 Comments

There’s a new interview with Sha Rizel in SCORE Theater today along with a new pictorial and video called “Body Magic.” Sha’s voice is as sexy as every inch of her body.

It puzzles me why eastern European SCORE Girls have few super-slim and naturally stacked counterparts from other countries. Sha, Valory, Merilyn (all Ukrainians) and Venera have their closest equal in Japan’s genetic super-girl, Hitomi. Both Angela White and Micky Bells have slimmed down but still sport big boobs. Where are the Americans? The Canadians? The West lags badly.

Please note the star-spangled shoes Sha is wearing. Very American footwear.

Sha's new scene posts today.

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What is it about this photo?

April 15, 2014 by Dave 1 Comment

For the feet men, it could be the shoes and Elle’s toes poking out of them.

For the leg men, it could be the fishnet stockings.

For the pussy men, even though no pussy is exposed, it could be the unsaid invitation.

For the boob men, it could Elle’s DDD-cup naturals pouring out of her bra.

For the slut men, it could be that Elle always has a look on her face that says, “I just fucked,” or “I want to fuck.”

Which one is it? Or is it something else?

The rest of this set is live today at SCORELAND.

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They’ve got big boobs. And legs. And butts. They’ve got everything.

February 2, 2013 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Spring 2013 Leg Sex is here to heat up the chill of winter.

What do Siri, Rachel Love, Bella Blaze and Amber Lynn Bach have in common? Besides being SCORE Girls?

They’re starring in the latest edition of Leg Sex magazine, now on-sale at your favorite store, or get it direct from eBoobStore.

They have sexy minds that match their sexy behinds.

“I love the taste of pussy,” says Rachel.  “I especially like the taste of my own pussy,” Rachel said. “Not all pussies are the same.”

“If having sex and loving it makes a person a slut, then I am a slut and so are 99% of men. But it shouldn’t be a bad thing,” Siri informed us. More power to her. It’s been almost a year since Siri arrived to bring the joy.

“I’m tough to keep up with sexually, only because I like it so many different ways,” sporty and athletic MILF Amber Lynn explained. “Sometimes I like it soft and romantic. Sometimes I like to be just pounded the shit out of. And then there’s other times when I like to be tied-up, blindfolded and fucked.”

“When I was working as a waitress, a guy dropped a sugar packet and said, ‘Here, you dropped your name tag,'” said Bella, who was also a bartender in the midwest before shaking it up here.

Gia Giancarlo, Carrie Romano, Jenna Ross, Larkin Love and Lily Love bring up the rear and spread their hot legs to flesh out this edition.

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Legs? Tits, yes. Ass, yes. Pussy, yes. But I didn’t even realize Rachel Love had legs!

January 23, 2013 by Dave 1 Comment

This set of Voluptuous and SCORE great Rachel Love went live yesterday at SCORELAND. It came as a big surprise to me. I’ve spent so much time looking at Rachel’s tits and ass, I didn’t even realize she had legs.

Is there a SCORE Girl or V-Girl who you’ve had that reaction to? A girl who you’d looked at for months or years, then saw just the right photo of and said, “I didn’t even realize she had [FILL IN THE BLANK] until I saw this photo”?

And then, it was almost as if you were looking at a brand-new girl.

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Birthday bliss, plus big-boob debates that never get old

December 8, 2011 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Big birthday shout-outs to Toppsy Curvey (Dec. 9), Kerry Marie (Dec. 9), TracI Topps (Dec. 10),  Casey Cleavage (Dec. 12), Angelina Vallem (Dec 12), Kitty Lynxxx (Dec. 12), Becky Sunshine (Dec. 12), Kellei G. (Dec. 12), Bella Blaze (Dec 13) and Carrie Ashton (Dec. 14). They proved that the earth was not flat.

I was reviewing several older “Scorecard” pages, and when I got to 2002, I found this group of letters that shows no matter the year, some topics have no expiration dates. I’m sure that in 10 years from today, the same issues will be brought up. Some subjects seem to be eternal, and I enjoy reading the different opinions about them.

“As far as I’m concerned, I would rather see all your models without clothing of any kind. Anything that covers up a model’s assets is boring and does not promote the model in any way. I don’t care if other readers think it is ‘sexy’ or not. As I have said, if readers are into models with clothing, they can check out Victoria Secrets or Fredericks of Hollywood or the Sears catalog if they are that hard up. Sears will provide all their needs in the bra and panties section. Please! As for Crystal Gunns seducing me in a tight top, no thanks! She came into this world without a stitch on, and that’s exactly how I want to see her! Why men want to see women back in clothing is beyond me, especially on an Internet site. I mean, it took how long to get them out of clothing? How long did we have to wait for hardcore, then I suppose somebody is going to suggest doing away with that? Let’s go forward, not backwards in our thinking!”-R.D.K.

“I would like to see models posing in more lingerie and sexy clothing like short skirts with hose and garters and cleavage revealing tops. I say that lingerie is incredibly sexy and allows more imagination. Please consider my proposal and keep up the good work!”-Van.

“I have to voice off on recent comments about SCORE models wearing clothing. I enjoyed Kristy’s pictures because of the dress. I like the idea of these busty models wearing tight-fitting clothing and slowly disrobing. Your strip sets are the best! It’s quite titillating to see a woman in provocative, sexy clothing before seeing pink.”-A.G.

“Take a look at photos 11-14 in the set of Ines Cudna [SCORE Studio Gallery 50]. What is missing? Look closely…she is not wearing any shoes! Can you look at that and honestly tell me the shots would’ve been better had you placed a pair of those ridiculous pumps you make the women wear? She looks so sexy and fuckable! The shoes would’ve distracted from the shot as they do in all of the sets in poses like that. Sure, the legs look better in the shoes when they are standing but not lying down or on all fours or on their stomach like Ines is doing. I subscribe to BustyKerryMarie as well, and she also has beautiful feet. Yet every single picture has her wearing some kind of slip-on shoe, even on her back in a bed or on a couch. They distract from the rest of her and need to go. I’m not a foot fetishist, but I love a nice pair of them. I’m suggesting use the shoes for the standing shots, but lose them when lying or doggy-style shots.  Bad enough you apply so much makeup to these women that many would be unrecognizable on the street, but a naked body with just shoes on? It is so unrealistic! Yes, I have had my women prance around a little in heels and nothing else, but when it’s time to hit the bed or couch or kitchen table or wherever, the shoes come off! There is the tendency lately in porn and mags to ‘glam up’ the models with a ton of makeup. Personally, a little more natural look is much more desirable.”–M.G.

“Just read a letter from a guy who’s anti-heels. He’s entitled to his opinion, but, personally, I look at it as an escape from reality and that often involves seeing these fantasy ladies decked out in heels, hose and all manner of trashy lingerie. I’ve always believed that such apparel serves to enhance and accentuate a model’s natural assets. High heels in particular cause a woman’s ass to jut out all the more and who doesn’t love the sight of tits straining against or busting out of tight, sexy tops? I have a particular thing for shoes so I hope you’ll continue to feature them heavily, not that I think you ever wouldn’t.”-K.S.

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These Boots Were Made For Walkin’…

August 27, 2011 by Maria 4 Comments
One of these days Elaina's gonna walk all over you. (Hopefully in this outfit.)

One of these days Elaina's gonna walk all over you. (Hopefully in this outfit.)

We often talk about models’ bras, their panties and their outfits here on the blog. We discuss whether we like certain colored bustiers, if a chick should wear slutty garb or sweaters and even if we like her in body-stockings. But what about her footwear? I am not talking about all footwear because who wants to talk about shoes? I am talking about boots.

To me, boots are–with the exception of fuck-me-pumps, of course–some of the sexiest things a chick can have on. I am not talking about those UGG things, either, because those are about as sexy as a pile of blankets. I am talking about high-heeled, mid-calf to thigh-high boots. The kind that hookers wear. (Well, the hookers in my imagination, at least. In my mind, all hookers wear boots. I blame this on my love of the Julia-Roberts-As-A-Hooker stereotype in Pretty Woman.) I enjoy a stacked chick in boots. I am not the only one, either. Our pal H.D. from Germany draws all of the busty babes of SCORELAND in boots.

Look at Elaina Gregory’s boots from her first SCORELAND posting. Oh, fine. Look at her magnificent tits first. Okay, now look at her boots. Those boots have presence. They give her a little bit of oomph, don’t you think? I see a babe in boots and I think to myself, “Man, that chick must be a hooker.” Oh, okay, maybe I don’t think that she is a hooker, but I totally think she is into sex. I also think that she is going to keep them on during sex, too. And that she is not going to be getting fucked, oh, no. I think that she is probably going to be doing the fucking. And hey, that’s cool with me because who doesn’t want to see a model on top, naked and wearing boots, riding a stiff one? I know I do. In fact I want to see it all the time.

Don’t you guys?

I mean, I am not talking about having a shoe fetish. I am talking about being into a chick in tall boots based solely on the “She Looks Extra Slutty” factor, which is always good.

What say you, boob lovers? Are you into the puss(y) in boots thing or once you see a girl’s tits, you forget she even has legs? lol Let me know because I, for one, would like to see more of these thigh high boots in future postings and in V-mag.

xoxo Maria

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Stripper shoes. I like to see girls wear ’em!

February 11, 2010 by Elliot James 8 Comments
Bebe Cooper puts her best foot forward.

Bebe Cooper puts her best foot forward.

One of our prolific Voluptuous fans known as “The Feetosopher” is probably going to comment negatively about this topic because he’s a 100% barefoot and sole lover, but here goes. I love to see a girl wearing those skyscraper-heeled open-toed shoes affectionately known by pervs like me as “stripper shoes” or “F-M shoes.” Some examples are shown here. Even if a SCORELAND model doesn’t wear a pair in her pictorials or videos, I guarantee you she’s got three or four in her closet at home, whether she’s a stripper or not. I’ll bet that the girls who read our blog have plenty at home.

Linsey Dawn: you couldn't pull stripper shoes off her feet if you tried.

Linsey Dawn: you couldn't pull stripper shoes off her feet if you tried.

When I see a girl who would never even think of being a stripper wearing stripper shoes , I want to applaud her. When a girl says she wears them around the house, I want to give her an award. Linsey Dawn McKenzie used to practically live in these things. (I think I once dubbed LDM the Imelda Marcos of stripper shoes. ) Now a lot of guys don’t like them because they don’t like strippers or they just think they look stupid or trashy, and so do many girls. Not me. I’ve always believed that they give the ass, leg and foot incredible, super-sexy shapes. I’ve spent many a happy hour in a trance at strip clubs, slack-jawed, eyes glazed over, gazing at the dancer on stage, starting with 1) her tits 2) her feet if they’re in stripper shoes 3) her face 4) her legs 5) her ass and then back to the tits and feet again. I’m pretty sure my ancestors did something similar. (I stopped going to strip clubs some years back but that’s another story.) When I see a red-hot busty model wearing boring pumps or “glamourous” (ugh) shoes that a woman would wear at a wedding party, I’m disappointed if not despondent.

Faith's choice of footwear proves she's a top model.

Faith's choice of footwear proves she's a top model.

As far as Hollywood celebrities, Jessica Simpson, who has her own shoe line, is on the right track a lot of the time. She’s definitely into the F-M stripper shoe mindset. Victoria Beckham thinks like that also and so does J-Lo. The best kind of TV for stripper shoe fans is Latin TV. On stations like Gala or Univision, babes of all ages are perched on chairs with crossed legs, dangling their shoe like Katie Couric used to do. Googlize “stripper shoes” and a zillion stores appear. Many outlets like Wicked Temptations or Flirt specialize in them and the number of styles, some really off the wall, is amazing. So a lot of people like them. And yes, I like bare feet too. In Bebe’s pictorial, she’s bare foot in the second half of the set. It was the best of both worlds. Stripper shoes. I like ’em and that’s final.

I believe that Eva Notty wears stripper shoes around the house instead of fuzzy, flat slippers with bunnies on them.

I believe that Eva Notty wears stripper shoes around the house instead of fuzzy, flat slippers with bunnies on them.

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