Warning: Do not try this in your office

May 19, 2023 by Dave

Kailani knows what she wants in an assistant.

Today at SCORELAND, businesswoman Kailani Kai is in town for a conference, so she calls a staffing service.

“I need an assistant,” Kailani tells the person on the other end of the line. “Can you please send the one with the biggest cock?”

When he gets there, she sucks and fucks his dick.


Oh. I meant, “My cock, too!”

This is the sort of request that won’t fly in today’s society, and I don’t have a problem with that. But we’re allowed to fantasize about, say, calling a staffing service and asking for a woman with the biggest tits, right? We just can’t actually do it in real life. But that’s what porn is for. Thank goodness.


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One response to “Warning: Do not try this in your office”

  1. BigFan AB says:


    What a Hot Scene and the Cumshot – absolutely SEXXY….

    No Cumshot can come anywhere close to spraying hot cum into a busty woman’s mouth whose waiting for it hanging her pink juicy tongue out.

    She shows that Cum-Coated tongue to the Camera keeping that sexy mouth wide open and the camera Zooms-in on it. Damn……!!!

    The scenes where Score CUM-FEEDED these busty women r lightyears more hotter than the others ,……Gia Costello, Brooklyn Springvalley, Natasha Sweet, Andi Peacock (but she only was Cum-Feeded once on SCORE and that’s sad coz she was phenomenal doing it).